Zero Punctuation: Too Human

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Oh my god, a hammer made out of wank. The line slaved me. I nearly fell off my chair. Catchy.

From the first mention of the chars name I say the Baldurs gait or gate thing coming...

while you say this game is bad and i agree with almost everything you say
I cant help liking it
I'm not saying ill replay it as the last level was poorly designed and very tiring

I thought the environments were cool and it had a pretty cool story

I also love Norse mythology

I didnt like the death system (there was a slight penalty it caused your equipment to decay) and the death scene pissed me off

It was also a little to hard to play without just kamikazie-ing and hurting as much as possible before dying (maybe thats casue i was a berseker though

I have found that the only video game that the right analog stick is able to successfully control combat is Monster Hunter.

liked the look of it a shame it isn't as good as it could have been.

Oh my god, a hammer made out of wank. The line slaved me. I nearly fell off my chair. Catchy.

Yeah. Best end to a ZP video EVER!

This review did inspire me to try out Eternal Darkness. I have to 2nd Yahtzee's comment about why they possibly would NOT want to make a sequel to it, and I've only been through 3 hours of it.

Wow i can't agree with you more Yatzhee. Too human is...bad. nothing good about it, nothing to say "Wow you can do this?" No the game is just some exuse for a...well game. A game WHICH TOOK 14 YEARS TO MAKE MIGHT I ADD! Yes 14 long years to make this game its just bad and if a secuel were made i would just play it to see how long it takes the valkery to safe me.

Lol the Norse God of being a total pussy...How do you make a hammer out of wank?...No, on second thought, I don't want to know.

Great review of Too Human.

I couldn't stand the demo of it when it came out. I keep moving the right analog stick around, and i couldn't figure out why I was attacking.

My favorite part has to be the christanity bit at the beginning. Interesting point...

Why did haven't they made an Eternal Darkness 2: Mantoroks revenge?

yep, you'll die so often that you may think the player character was TOO HUMAN...
sorry, had to pull that out of my bum.

well yeah, didn't buy it, but then again, I don't like to play buggy, graphically enhanced reasons to hate cutscenes

The name was misleading, it implied some moral debate when it was just one Norse god with a technologically advanced warhammer beating another and their army of robot goblins >_<

That said, i enjoyed the game a little.

Ok that white Knight thing made me think that Yahtzee goes to I actually at one point made a troll stopping post series named, you guessed it, The white knight. Freaked me out!

there is actually a game called baldurs gait..... or is it gate........ hmmmmmmm.....

Wow... Baldur's Gait... that's amazing...

Thank you zero punctuation for raping this game as it derserves to be. Too Human SUCKED!!!

My girlfriend had to calm me down after just the demo. I wanted to kill everything. Everyone. I wanted to kill the norse for giving Silicone Knights something to rip off. Everyone. God this was aweful.

It's "Allah u akbar" by the way.

Is a hammer made of "wank" formed from dick or spunk? I'm a little confused as to my Anglicisms.

I had to come back and post here after a reference to this being the worst game he's ever reviewed in a later video. Several portions of this are funny every time I rewatch it, the whole death animation critique sequence is especially fantastic.

I know this is old, but I remember when this game came out and how excited I was for it. Then I played the demo.
Not unlike the first time I ever tasted Stephen Segal's "Lightning Bolt" energy drink (it does exist), my first thought as I played through the demo was "oh, christ. This is *really* bad."
When a player outside the project...even a casual player like me...gets that feeling in the first ten seconds, you know that something has gone terribly, terribly wrong.
The melee combat Yahtzee said. It flows like a river of bricks.

Oh Silicon Knights. Since you made Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain and Eternal Darkness there is nothing good left on you isn't it? i wish that at least Eidos and Crystal Dinamics didn't kicked to the trash all your ideas for the sequel to the first Legacy of Kain game and instead we got what Crystal Dinamics shat out as LoK: Soul Reaver 1 witch was incomplete and most of its voice acting scenes seemed to anemic compared to the other games (however there is no shortage of block puzzles in SR1.....dear god there is a single frame that isnt block puzzles) And its was eventually revealed that the game content was cut short for time constrains they are still on the CD if you can hack your way into it.
In short, it exist only to have the crowing gem that is LoK: Soul Reaver 2 where the story get so compelling and makes so many references to the other games (timelines) to spin your head around. But it would have been nice to see what Silicon Knights planed for the original game and also have a re-mastering for Soul Reaver 1 made by Crystal Dinamics but this time with ALL the content accessible this time. Because free will and fighting destiny its is core theme of these games, they should allow the choice of making the events flow to make Soul Reaver 2 happen or they could end just like Soul Reaver 1 was intended, all the fans will love it and you will have more money on your pockets for making a re-mastering of this game (they should use the Playstation 2 graphics because the body language in cutscenes and actions felt more organic than in LoK: Defiance)

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