Zero Punctuation: Too Human

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I doubt Yahtzee is going out of his way to flip off a huge 'Screw You' to EA, but he sticks to his guns - if he doesn't like a gae, he tears it a new arsehole.

Was that a Freudian Slip?

I seen Yahtzee accused of being racist before, now he's homophobic?

Distant quote is diastant.

And no, that wasn't a Freudian slip, that was me without sleep and with access to the Internet. Trust me - I'd be the last person to accuse Yahtzee of being homophobic. I'd strip-mine his seam of sex in a heartbeat.

In other words, I'd rape him with heavy-duty excavating materials and gelignite.

I know not to bother with this game now. Not that I was going to buy it anyway but I might have shown a general interest next time it came up in conversation. A couple of Joker references in there, made me sit up and rewind to check if I was going mad or not. I get the feeling that 'a hammer made of wank' may have integrated itself into my vocabulary by tomorrow.

Balder's Gait= Best pun ever!

Nailed it again. Spot on Yahtzee. Too Human is a horrible game and Denis Dyack needs to be slapped in the face for it. 4 years in development (not 10 as the lunatic fanboys like to point out as if it somehow makes a difference anyway) and the game is toss, one of the worst on the system. Kung Foo Panda looks good compared to this garbage.

Ok, that one was very funny, but I must say, unless you honestly enjoy playing a bad game (if only for the pleasure of ripping it to shreds later, which if I were in your situation, I could see myself developing), why would you subject yourself this, over a safer option like, say, The Last Guy or Quest for Booty.

Wow, this one made me laugh pretty hard. Recently Yahtzee has been 'blessed' with games that weren't total crap. Except for EVE. This was a welcome pile of dog poop.

I pretty much whole heartedly agree with this review.

Too Human was an over-hyped turd.

Next week, Yahtzee plays Spore, and tries to be as awful to his creations as the game will allow.

He's right, it is better when he reviews terrible games over somewhat good games. That way, instead of a short tirade interrupted here and there about how some parts were good, we get a full-length rant about how much the game blows, and it's a lot funnier. One of my favourite lines is probably: "Because while your enemies are running up to you your auto lock-on will have you shooting at a vicious looking ceiling tile."

And yeah, the Baldur's Gait joke really made me laugh for some reason.

he should review You Are Empty

As soon as a heard his name was "Baldur", I knew a pun was coming up sometime in the review.

And what's with the Warhammer ad, man! It took up half the video! I thought I was in for a really long review. D:


I can't view the videeeeeeeeeeeeeeooooooooooooooooooooosssssssssssssss

the combat and camera are not that bad and i know how to kill the exploding enemy's without getting hit and i love too human attack me if you want it just means you have nothing better to do long live rpgs western or eastern

Good review, I will know to avoid that game.

But... please. Put down the ads and WALK AWAY. Do you realize that video was well over HALF ads?

Seriously, the only reason I come here is for Zero Punctuation and I made an account just to comment on this. Enough with the ads!

Pretty good, I'm gonna have to use that argument next time someone thinks a conversation about religion is a good idea.

You know, there is such a thing as a fear of success, and when a company that copyrighted "videogame insanity" switches to something like this, I think this MUST be the reason.

Though I havent played the game, the review was good and funny enough to convince me in never trying it either.

You'd think cyberpunk meets norse mythology would be a surefire winner. Needed more battle axe and better dialog.

I like Too Human, but I still agree with a lot of the things that Yahtzee says.

welll, i was actually considering this game.
but thank you! now i don't have to waste my money ^^

I'll probably be forced into trying it out with my brother... or maybe by some sheer force I'll be spared!

But at a punt I would say a Warhammer Online review is coming up... if escapist is putting up adds for it, they're certainly going to buy it for him ;)

Too Human sucks

Video isn't working for me in FireFox still, so I haven't seen the video.

Still, I skipped most of the comments and wonder if anyone has actually played the game? And I don't mean the two minutes you spent on the demo and then judged the game because you were actually playing it wrong (trust me, you were).

Ugh. Nevermind. Not even going to bother arguing. All I have to say is this only further confirms to me that gamers are their own worst enemy, and only have themselves to blame when developers do nothing but rip each other off. The ones that try to do something new are taken to the slaughter.

EDIT: Ok, video worked for me.

On melee: maybe it's because I play the Berserker class, one designed specifically for melee, but I found that pointing a stick at the enemies I wanted to bust up to flow incredibly smoothly. Not to mention making intelligent use of some of the abilities to create some nice combos.

If I didn't know better I'd insist that Yahtzee played the demo and nothing more.

On death: they actually did place a consequence. Your equipment slowly deteriorates, which causes it to slowly get worse. Of course, it isn't very noticeable and you'll be switching out so much equipment that the small amount that it decreases doesn't matter.

There's a lot that Yahtzee is correct about, but there's a complete lack of addressing what the game did right. Then again, it is clear that Yahtzee will never like a game that is dedicated to good combat.

And because the combat was designed to be something DIFFERENT as opposed to constantly clicking on an enemy, naturally gamers will hate it. Because it's new.

I thought I was going to be the only person on The Escapist that actually liked this game.

Actually you have a tendency for posting my opinions before I get a chance to. Although I don't hate on people as much for not liking Too Human. I mean the game frustrated the living shit out of me (so does Ninja Gaiden, a brilliant game) but I'm still enjoying it overall.

You have to REALLY get into this game to get into it. Kind of like with Chrome Hounds and Monster Hunter, 2 other fun but flawed co-op games I really like.

I wonder how many people who've played this game here know that you can adjust the camera to give you a better more Diablo-like view? Or that hammer's juggle large groups of enemies? Or that you can decrease the cost of Ruiner usage by doing it in the middle of a slide?

The developers don't put enough Tutorial in to really get players started, although I don't know how many players would want to sit through a tutorial of such length. It would have been nice if this info had been in the MANUAL at least, but ah well...

As far as the controls go, I would be a bold face lier if I said I thought they were perfect. But I can't really think of a way to improve them, which isn't as bad as it sounds really. I mean botching a control scheme (Alone in the Dark) and using a less perfect control scheme because it works better in the context of your game (Resident Evil) are two different things.

Good Review Yawhtzee, see you next week! :)

PS: Less annoying death penalty would be nice(XP loss instead of long death scene), although many people who enjoy the game like using to that time to take a sip of something, cool down or eat a chip. I may not be one of them but maybe some of you will be. Adios!

im drunk, english is my second language and i didnt understand shit

but i know im gonna love it tomorrow

I'm disappointed there was no mention of any of Dyack's rantings on how "great" this game is. That was a ton of the fun in watching this game fall.

I really liked too human, i know Yatzee tends to never like games cept portal and prince of persia, but for this game i disagree with his points. I enjoyed the difference in meele combat and breaks the norm. I did find it a bit short but its huge amount of weapons, armour and other areas have kept me playing. A demo is never a good thing to go on, it wont give you a good picture and doesnt really allow you to connect with the game and its controls. With the auto aim ther are a few annoying times wher it focuses on a dead goblin/elf instead of one rushing you, but that is easily sorted. He mentions the stalling between combat?? play bezerker there isnt any stalling and jumping from one enemy to the other i never have hesitations.

Totally agree with this review. Terrible game, excellent review.

rofl! baulders gait

i wondered that 2

Arg! I... Can't Resist... Telling you what to review next! Well....

Okami! I need to see your review of it I just have to!

Okay I'm better now. I loved this review, I hadn't checked this game out yet. For some odd reson I thought it was said to be good. Well that sounds like a game intended to just steal the time of your life, litterally. I think this game was made not by humans, but Thoronicsons, they make games that take so much damn time without you even playing it with cutscenes and huge manuels then feed off the time of your life that you used rtying to figure out the damn thing. Damn you Thoronicsons, you got another one.

I really liked too human, i know Yatzee tends to never like games cept portal and prince of persia, but for this game i disagree with his points. I enjoyed the difference in meele combat and breaks the norm.

Stop, just stop right there. Analogue stick combat uing swords is not new, I saw it in the final levels of MGS 2. It sucked there, and its a ripoff suck here.

In the past week I played Prince of Persia 2, Ninja Gaiden 2, Devil May Cry 4, followed by the Too Human demo. I loved the reference to Devil May Cry here, and you'll see why...

THEY'RE ALL THE FUCKING SAME GAME! "Oh wow, here's a sword. Go kill a bajillion ugly things." Prince of Persia and Devil May Cry at least had some style. Too Human just has the whole "interesting universe" aspect.

Why couldn't the developers be polite enough to let Too Human die after one game? The game is not "new". Why a trilogy? Oh the humanity.

Good review if not picking a somewhat obvious target.

On another note, is Yahtzee selling out a bit? The video now loads about 10 minutes worth of video 4 of which was his review and roughly 6 being advertisements. Guess that's expected in capitalist society.

Good review if not picking a somewhat obvious target.

On another note, is Yahtzee selling out a bit? The video now loads about 10 minutes worth of video 4 of which was his review and roughly 6 being advertisements. Guess that's expected in capitalist society.

Blame The Escapist for that kind of crap. Eh, they'll probably ban me for this post. Communists.

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