Zero Punctuation: Spore

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Next week is Force Unleashed - god that sets up some great puns

Finally, a review I agree with!

Jumping from stage to stage really disrupted the flow of the game. One minute I'd be playing a WOW-esque game where clicking on someone makes them die, and then suddenly, I'm swept into a totally different RTS type game...which is annoying!

Still, Spore is probably the only game that will ever let you create a race of purple dildo-shaped creatures, so arguing that the game isn't unique is pointless. It is unique, but the blatant ripping off of so many different game types just doesn't suit me. I'm not buying it, I'll just mooch of the version my roommate bought (sucker.)

What i liked:
- the genghis joke
- the US foreign policy joke
- the first nooooooooooo
- the calm, professional tone

What i didnt like:

- a bit too many dick jokes
- some more detail about the actual gameplay, i never played the game and my knowledge of the sims is rather limited, i want to know exactly how it plays, what kind of target audience is it intended for etc..

some detailed description about it would be nice (like your painkiller, the witcher and sim city societies reviews)

Everything said in this review basically confirms what my friend said a week ago when it launched. Here's a prime lesson in why you should ignore hype, everyone. Because nothing EVER EVER EVER lives up to it.

I thought Spore was an "alright" game, though its flaws definitely did outdo its pros.

The review was good, as always, and I laughed so hard when he did that really long "nooooo...". And all I can say is at least he has a really good habit of not treading on old jokes so much. If all he did was call Wright "pants-on-head retarded", I'd probably have not laughed as hard as I did.

Hehe, I waitedfor this xD This might get us another 'Mailbag Showdown' vid again

This wasn't one of his better ones. As much as I hate this game I was really hopping he'd rip it apart like he did with too human. Maybe his intentions were such that the game was so terrible it didn't deserve a proper sodomizing?

Ps. Yahtzee, I watch your reviews because they're intellectually stimulating.. That 'nooo..' gimmick was not amusing.

Well I'll keep this as short as Yahtzee's review. When I saw the time of the video being six minutes I honestly was hoping for some incredibly interesting information being spewed out of every orifice. What we got was a recap of how great The Sims was (It was incredible don't get me wrong, I'm waiting for The Sims 3,) and a half-baked pro-war anti-American seminar. To be honest it doesn't matter what type of creature you are in the cell stage. Cover yourself in spikes and your fucking invincible. Another thing is the fact that he didn't even touch upon the Omnivore creature type in the cell and creature phase or the Herbivores in the Civilization stage. All in all it seems like he woke up on Sunday and realized "Oh shit I have a review due in a couple days" (I've been like that for various other things...)picked up Spore, played through it really quick, and figured "Eh they won't know the difference." Well meh to you Sir Yahtzee! Meh!

I could have done without the long "no".

That being said, I like Spore. I like that each stage has different gameplay from the last. It makes it more exciting. I definitely agree that it's more difficult to be an herbivore, but really only during the cell stage, and then later on in the civilization stage when your religious vehicles hurt like nothing and some other guy's military vehicle is one-shotting your entire city.

All in all, it was a poor review. I don't care if Yahtzee doesn't like Spore, it's not going to change my mind about the game, but it wasn't a very well done review.

First of all let me point out that anyone

Spore lasted on my machine just four days Before I felled it with the stone axe of uninstallation.
For me, the problem with Spore was that having had the Creature Creator to tinker around with for a few weeks previously, I'd already gotten my fill of nearly half the 'game.' -And the better half, at that.

Once i'd played full game for a while, it felt more like I'd installed an expansion pack or a sequel. The change between stages is abrupt and jarring, plus after about half and hour swanning around space I suspect I may have seen everything the game has to offer. There was an overwhelming sense of "Oh. -What, is that it?" Like going to a fireworks display which starts with one huge, colourful rocket that lights up the night sky with explosions and effects for a few seconds. It was ace, so you wait for the next firework to be sent up. And you wait. And you wait. .....And you wait.
There are no more fireworks, kid. -GO HOME.
This however suggests that maybe further expansions could save it, but which way to go? -More gaming complexity and a smoother transition between stages, or a more versatile, complex creature editor with a less direct control, like nurturing a bonsai? A twist here, a snip there? -Or will they just add more eyes and snouts?

-It seems that it's too much to ask developers to flesh out and improve the entire game.

There's load's more I could say but I'm not a reviewer.

So, I'll put this question out on the table:
Could an update improve Spore?

Ps. Remember; I asked 'Could', not 'Should' ;)

This was the assessment that I'd made about the game months ago.

Your reviews seem to be padded with a lot of "I don't have much to say, so I'm going to try to be funny" lately. The long "Nooooo" in this one and the absolute lack of content in the Too Human review are really detracting.

I'm sorry, I missed the part where Mr. Croshaw were personally beholden to you. Some people just have off days. I'm sorry to tell you this, but Yahtzee is a people.

Well played fella, the calmer and less ranty style makes an interesting change.

...oh, and I still like the theme music. Are we even discussing that any more?

i knew spore was going to be boring before it was released. this review while its hits the nail about whats wrong with the game. its not as funny as other reviews.

I don't make it a habit to post in Zero Punctuation threads (for fear of catching the fanboy virus) , but this time I just wanted to say , that I didn't like the "long answer" bit at all.
Still I really liked the way you made fun of all the people who like make willy monsters, that was nice thinking.

Was this a funny 0Punctuation? Short answer: Yes.

Long answer: Y- about Spore, then: it took me exactly one trailer to find out that no time needed to be wasted there. -eeeessssssssssssssssssssss.

The quip about the 8-year-old was particularly apt, as that is who is the primary Spore player in my house. He is currently flying around in space in a ship that looks remarkably like my MP3 player. I, meanwhile, finally managed to get my little herbivorous blob out of the primordial ooze and onto land, then eventually learned to build a fire before getting eaten by some giant monster that appeared out of nowhere. I'd probably like the civilization stage (if it really is like the Civ game) but I think I'm going to have to start over with some creature that is a little more fierce to get there...

i like spore as a thing to go to wen I'm bored but i must say the thing about it being hard no it is ridiculously easy until the space stage and being nice in the tribal phase is easier than waring it out and what happened to the fun this review was almost boring sadly i want the fun back the randomness that made me laugh even when i disagreed bring that back

to be honest i think spore is quite a good game, n plus we all kno the sims have many and i mean MANY expansion packs so mabey there will be spore expansions, like makin fish n stuff like thatspore is repetative but arnt most games?? i can name a dozen and probs more than that

Hold on, that isn't Batman.

Oh, my apologies, I meant:

Ah Yahtzee, you video game reviewer equivilent of Edmund Blackadder, you've done it again!

...and yes, I just registered to post that comment.

Spore appealed to the artist and world-builder in me. Its replay value comes in me being able to go back again and again and make lots of critters and the entire world they live in. I had no problem with the changes in gameplay, because I found it neat that a game integrated so many genres into itself.

That said, I think it was just too easy. But it wasn't meant to appeal to the experienced gamer in the first place -- and I think that's why people here don't like it. If you play RTS, the tribal stage is ridiculously baby-level compared to, say, Starcraft (to pick an RTS just about everyone has played). If you played Civ and really got into it, the Civilization stage just isn't going to do it for you, because it's simple. Spore appeals to Sims players who honestly just want to create critters and make them do stuff. This is fine. It just shouldn't be expected to fulfull the role of ultra-strategic RTS plus revolutionary civilization game plus Eve-Online space world, etc. I didn't have those kinds of assumptions, so I'm happy with what I got.

I do agree that herbivore is a path to total destruction and really binds your hands. Then again, if you didn't want to kill other creatures, well, you got what you wanted. Everything knows you're an herbivore and tries to kill you, much like in real life. I haven't played a game where diplomacy is a better/more fun way to do things than killing everyone, except maybe Alpha Centauri to a minor extent.

Then again, I just like killing things in games. ^_^ My allies betrayed me too much in Centauri anyway.

The end of the video (After the boogying) should have been about five seconds of "...-ooooooooooooooooooooooo....".

Good review as ever. I just got the game today, looking forward to testing how much of the critique is bang on, and how much is typical Yahtzee hyperbole.

A well done review, if a bit short. I especially appreciate the apparent drop in "FUCK YEAAAA GUITARRRRRRRRR!!!" volume, and although it might sound strange, the return to earlier near-monotone presentation. Not that I feels that style is necessarily better, but there seems to have been a lot of bleeding-heart soapbox reviews, which are fine, but not every new game has to be a metaphor for the end of the western world. Although I imagine that will be back soon with the apparent mess that is "The Force Unleashed", and how annoyed everyone gets when George Lucas so much as thinks about creating anything again.

So good job, well presented perspective, and good performance. Keep it up.

HaHa, except you can't make penis monsters or vagina monsters because EA fucking bans you for it. Fuck EA.

Wow, an America insult, what a suprise. Yes we get it Yahtzee, how about less Political Pundit and more Game Reveiwer? I feel like the show,weekly, whatever you would call it, is going downhill at this point. We had an entire episode devoted purely to bashing a certain webcomic under the vauge guise of every webcomic, and generally I fell like I'm hearing less about games and more about the Croshaw Manifesto.

I've played the game, and only the creature stage really appealed to me...

Not if you don't upload them online. But yes, fuck EA, esp with this Registration Code bullshit, where you can only put it in 3 times and then you have to deal with the morons at customer service to get it renewed. HOw exactly does this stop game thieves? Oh sure, everyone and his brother might not post serial codes, but people are thieves, they'll find a way.

Eh inject politics if you want, says I. This is your soapbox. Plus there's a larger audience who hates the US than Likes it.

Especially in the US citizenry demographic.

Oh, did you actually make an Imp species? Because if not, then I feel obligated to buy the game to do simply that.


Awesome review tho-

Spore definitely needs more Batman...

He was right on what he said in at first, you know. If you make something superb, you'll always be compared to that and it will be very difficult to reach to that level, unless you truly are a prodigy or something.

PS. The long, long 'nooo' was funny for the first three seconds.

Still going to get it, in fact once I get a better graphics card to play it on..

But, Spore... so fun... but Yahtzee, so funny.... oh god don't make me choose! *BANG*, *thump*

Not rly as great as say the one last week (even though I didn't even play that game) but certainly the right sentiment.
The game is fun for a few hours... after that it's ass.
Oh and it also has 0 replayability like say... in the Sims, you have to go through the same boring stages over and over again to end up in space fighting against the Groxx.
Nonetheless everyone should meet Steve xD

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