Zero Punctuation: Spore

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Eddy for Short:
Not if you don't upload them online. But yes, fuck EA, esp with this Registration Code bullshit, where you can only put it in 3 times and then you have to deal with the morons at customer service to get it renewed. HOw exactly does this stop game thieves? Oh sure, everyone and his brother might not post serial codes, but people are thieves, they'll find a way.

There is already a way, it's called teh torrentz

Hilarious as ever, and unlike what I had expected, not as cruel (towards Spore).

I had Spore preordered for the last two years (or like amount) and while it was fun to a degree, it was oversold in my opinion. Yahtzee, while usually brilliant, fails to diss the game hard enough in my opinion. The game as played was less than what was shown in its first introduction. Where the fuck was the underwater multicellular level? I was looking forward to that and with the idea that if you decided to keep yourself in the water that your civilization would go along with that. Did I just read that into the game or was there a memo that I missed? You got more points befriending creatures than hunting them so the quickiest way to get through the game up until the civilization point was to be omnivoric in th e cell stage, friendly in creature, than peaceful in tribal. I found that during the civilization stage you could buy people out with little trouble and once you'vr gone long enough who ever is a close ally to you in towards the end just suggests that we should just truely join forces. While I'm quite happy to see that Wright isn't a commie, why didn't anyone catch on that I had a habit of buying their cities out from them? Why also would a convert function lead people to attack you?

And it wasn't that the space stage was too large, it's that it's bugger-all loopy. I can get that there are going to be other space races out there, it makes sense given earlier stage appearances of space craft, but you'd think that there would be more variance among the levels the other races would have. It comes out looking as if the Grox had gone out of its way to enforce a Prime Directive capital offense in which it destroys races that mess with prepubescent cultures, which makes them look as if they might have otherwise been the best possible ally when you've just come out of that stage after the other races have been abducting life from your planet and playing with your DNA if it hadn't been the preset overarching enemy in the game. The only real enemy.

And what was up with all the tutorials? I can see why it be a good idea in the easy course, but why is it also in the hard? And what was up with the epic creatures? Why would your creature put a nest so close to a creature that would walk right through the nest at any given time? What was up with the point function for that matter? Or getting parts from bones? Why would evolution end after the creature stage (outside the fact that they change the time changes in each part of the game)? I swear from the look of it, the game was completed entirely by the first introduction and they made us sit around waiting for it to ensure we would be properly stoked for its release.

Overall though, its worth the wait if you want to wait for it to drop to $20 or lower, but I'd wait to see if there is a Spore 2 or a game like Spore that lives up to the hype.

I'll just stick with my Creature Creator.

QFT, that's the best thing on Spore.

Meh review, some funny bits, still the crap intro and even the outro seems forced now.

Someone give him a JRPG to review.

Been taking comedic inspiration from Family Guy? Not a good idea really.

This episode is a relief for me, in that it's good. The last few episodes have been gradually getting worse, so much so that I even stopped watching them twice after the first time. So of course I was afraid this would be more of the same. But, this one was pretty funny. Not as good as the best, of course, but a relief none the less.

The concept of the elongated no was funny, but it went on for a little too long.

The review was still funnier then anything I or anybody else on this post could ever write though.

shark = jumped.

you kinda got distracted with self referancing, but you recovered. the long no wasn't too good.

Well, he was right. I bought it but as soon as you get to the final frontier then you've seen pretty much everything.

The review was great and hilarious as ever, gotta love the NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...and Batman.
I like Spore myself, some of it got a bit repetitive, but its still fun.

I'd say he about summed it up with that one.

Hilarious stuff, however I've realized a logical fallacy, namely a Brit blasting the US for their foreign policy (which as an American I realize is complete and utter bullshit) when the British "Empire" was doing the same for about 500 years.

Until we helped get them stop because apparently it was our turn or something.

Amused the hell out of me, but then again I largely enjoyed the SCIV review despite loving the game and fighters in general. I put Spore on my 'avoid at all costs' list as soon as I discovered that it was:
a) Hyped up to the hilt
b) One of those games which is actually several not all that well related mini-games glued together. 99.99% of the time, they suck.

And as for those who feel the need to complain about the 'Nooooo' or other factors- Youtube is that way, go do better.

Hmmmmmmm, I'm off to play Sim City now.

I mostly agree with Yahtzee but think he really missed a few points here. For starters Spore is arguably the first GAME (or mini-game collection) Will Wright had designed. Will Wright is known for developing entertainment simulation software. The distinction being that in most of his games like The Sims, Simcity, or Sim(whatever), there isn't really a point other than any goals you set for yourself. There is no real endpoint. Spore is differant given that there are clear goals (Evolve, and dominate the galaxy) and a point where everything ends.

Given his EVE Review, Yahtzee should know this. He himself talked about the differance between a game, and an executive toy for those who don't play games, and you run in the backround and tinker with occasionally. That's more or less what the overall "Sim" series was, and it succeeded by not really being a game, staying easily understandable, and dumbed down enough where anyone could do it, oftentimes without even really needing to focus. Something to twiddle with on a lunch break, or kill a couple of hours for some goober who wants a computer toy but doesn't want to be a gamer (or thought of as one).

Spore was an attempt to create an actual game, that was simplified to the point where it could appeal to the same demographic. People are disappointed because of the sheer potential here, but they forgot that this is Will Wright, he doesn't develop deep games. That's why everything involved ultimatly comes down as being like a simpler version of something else, all of the aspects of the game being easily recognized to a gamer.

The technology involved is impressive, some aspects of Spore will inspire game makers for generations I expect. I also anticipate that the game will succeed, but won't be a monster success like his "Sim" lines (though I could be wrong).

Promised potential like early evolutionary desicians impacting later stages were either misrepresented or removed. I was lead to believe that Spore was a game where you could say make a race of electrical generating beings, and then develop technology based on them being their own power source. However, for the most part you don't even develop technology. Of course noone should be surprised by things like this, because after all that isn't what Will Wright does.

Basically I think Yahtzee was on the money for the most part, but I think he was wrong to compare Spore to like "The Sims". Especially seeing as he himself sort of made the distinction between a "game" and a "computer toy" not too long ago. While they share a developer in common, Spore and The Sims are entirely differant species.

Hm...I'd have to say i agree on SOME of the stuff he said (like Cell-Civ feeling like an intro) But i dont think the game's bad. All depends on what sort of gamer you are - if you're the sort of one who plays it through quickly then never again, I can see how you would dislike it, but for gamers who like taking thier time and take pride in what they do on games (por ejemplo - Decorating your houses on oblivion and whatnot), it's a brilliant experience.

I´ve been watching Yahtzees reviews since CoD4.. that´s when I heard of this crazy australian for the first time.Since then, a wednesday yahtzee is a must-see :D I don´t watch these vids cause of the "review" content.. only for the pure fun content. True, this isn´t one of the best, but still was a laught.. although I think the magic of yahtzee´s vids is in his fast speech.The 15 sec Nooooooo.. made a grin on my face, but lol.. that´s not it :D Anyways, keep it up! Cant wait to see the Mercs2 review :)

Could have done without the clich'ed "nooooooooooo..." but it was decent. Not the best though.

Please! Don't do family guy humor : (

Eddy for Short:
Wow, an America insult, what a suprise. Yes we get it Yahtzee, how about less Political Pundit and more Game Reveiwer? I feel like the show,weekly, whatever you would call it, is going downhill at this point. We had an entire episode devoted purely to bashing a certain webcomic under the vauge guise of every webcomic, and generally I fell like I'm hearing less about games and more about the Croshaw Manifesto.

He bashes every country prominent relevant country to gaming, ESPECIALLY Australia. So I'm not sure what the Croshaw Manifesto is, except that all countries basically suck, which I more or less agree with.

i'm using Noooooooooo.... at some point tomorrow.

Excellent review as always.

I liked the nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, thought you made good points about some crap parts of spore and found it very, very funny.

I thought the review was reasonably amusing - Spore on the other hand gets a resounding "meh".

I'm having a lot more fun playing Space Invaders Extreme on my DS.

Good review as always, I was kinda hoping that Yahtzee would like this game so I have an reason to buy it, unfortunately I doubt I will now because of the overwhelming criticism thrown at it by everyone. Oh well I was looking so forward to it...

I'm astonished Yathzee left out the most obvious beat-up of this game: DRM. 3 installs then messed up... I expected some cynical comment from Yathzee on this topic.

haha great episode. could use more jokes though. it had the no, the batman bit and others.

While I do enjoy the Spore game, it's a bit difficult to argue with his review. While we were told we were allowed to stay in the "tide-pool" stage for as long as we like, once you reach the sentience stage, there's nothing else to do! You don't get anymore DNA points, nothing to unlock, and no chance of really building an underwater empire.

The rest of the stages are very short, and no real chance for differences other than seeing creatures other than the millions Maxis spewed out so that you only see creatures from other players once in a blue moon.

While the Create your own building, vehicle, ship, plane, spacecraft is pretty cool.. it can get a bit tedious. Not only that, but in order for you finish the thing, you have to give it a name. I don't call my house Paul, or nickname my car Shirley, so why on earth do I have to name the dumb thing? Why not default it at "A house" or whatever, and if you feel like changing it's name have the option? Although, building a house that resembles a giant monkey climbing out of the ground was fun, and my spaceship having inspiration from the taxi in 5th Element makes me laugh, does make the game a little more enjoyable.


At the end he said "Short answer" but used the "long answer".

Caught him.

This review and spore both have something in common. They're both lackluster and boring.

at first I didnt really agree with his reviews but still thought they were very funny but now I don't find them to be good reviews or funny

The concept of the elongated no was funny, but it went on for a little too long.

The review was still funnier then anything I or anybody else on this post could ever write though.

Quoted for truth.
What else is funny is that half the people here say the review is bad, but most of them agree with Yahtzee about the game's quality, so...

Hilarious stuff, however I've realized a logical fallacy, namely a Brit blasting the US for their foreign policy (which as an American I realize is complete and utter bullshit) when the British "Empire" was doing the same for about 500 years.

Until we helped get them stop because apparently it was our turn or something.

If Yahtzee were alive during the reign of the British Empire, I have no doubt that he would have made the same comment in reverse. Because it would be funny, not because of strange political hatreds. Well, those too, I guess, but it would still have to be funny.
Also, as an American you're not really qualified to talk about your own foreign policy because you're not affected by it. We are.

What the hell was wrong with the client this week? I mean, it always skips if you don't load it all the way, but this week I loaded it all the way and it still skipped?

...Well, I guess we can add "Big No" to Yahtzee's TvTropes page.

Also, for people who don't know: Go and get addicted.

hmmm 3 points.

first :- already covered spore in your podcast during last week.

second :- old bible style eh yahtzee wonder what you went "good guys or fuck everything that moves guys... or things whatever they are.. generally cocks or massive BOOBIES!"

The concept of the elongated no was funny, but it went on for a little too long.

lastly :- when did yahtzee reviews become a comedy show where we judge on the comedy factor rather than if the game is good or not. sure its both a reviews and humour made into a pile of fluff and bunnies but end of the day he's a critic, He's not there to make you laugh. Just turns out his hate for everyone is funny like a angry old man throwing potatoes at kids.

Fully agree with his review, even if it is a little less funny than the rest. He did it more to make a point than anything else.

Very enjoyable and hilarious as always. I cracked up during the lengthy 'NO'.

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