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One of the things I like the most about my work on The Escapist is that I get to read all the articles. It's led to some interesting personal examination on the nature of gaming and what games I like to play, among other things. More recent articles, and Alex's blog posting from a few days back, got me to thinking what the industry and gamer could do to help promote ourselves as a positive force.

Out of left field, an inspiration dropped into my lap.

Original Comment by: Randall Fitzgerald
I think it ends up, for gamers, being much like I perceive the "console war." A Sony fanboy can watch an Xbox fanboy trash the PS3 all the way to launch, but the Sony fan can just sort of go, "Well, screw you, I'll speak with my dollars." I know it's internal conflict, but it says a lot about how many of the me rational, intelligent gamers are choosing to handle people like Lieberman (don't know why everyone stopped noticing him in the gaming world. In the mid-90s he was the bane of my pre-teen world) and, more recently, Thompson and Clinton. Rather than sending death threats, intelligent gamers see that the best way to show the WORLD what we really stand for, as a collective, is brotherhood and doing what's right whenever you can.

It's been said before and it's not exactly a controversial, thought provoking statement in the community, but it's still true and that's exactly why Jack Thompson won't dare run his mouth this time of year. He knows we're good people, for the most part and things like the above post, and Child's Play just help push that home, so he doesn't want it to get press.

Bravo, Escapist and all related ventures! (Don't want to leave anyone out. :D) The best way to stick it to the man, is by helping when they say all we do is hurt.

Original Comment by: Dustin Hubbard
Excellent points... if we want to change the perception of our community we need to work towards doing good things instead of bickering with trolls :) Don't shove your opinions down throats, just let your actions speak for you. The Child's Play like was mentioned was a great example. I'm sure with all the intelligent gamers I've met in my life and that post and read here we can collectively come up with similar ventures to improve the overall image of gaming and make a difference in this regard.


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