Zero Punctuation: XBLA Double Bill

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Ok Yahtzee, I could maybe see how you could say that Zelda: Twilight Princess was better then Ocarina of Time, but for you to say the Super Mario Sunshine is better than Super Mario 64 I have to ask what you're smoking. The story was contrived and they hit you with a gimmicky little hose thing to play with.

On Bonic Commando: Reamed and Castle Crashers, I haven't played them and indeed don't have XBLA so I can't really argue with you there. Although obviously if they're going to remake the game instead of just making it available to play like Nintendo does with it's Virtual Console, they should take the opportunity to improve it using our stupendous power of hindsight.

I loved Castle Crashers ^^

really a shame they haven't made a CC2 or a DLC expanded mission pack

i actually have a jewish friend who thinks that Hitler was a genious...
i walked away from him right after he told me that.

y'know, Yahtzee should have a disclaimer put before every video: if your command of the English language makes it difficult for you to grasp such nuances as hypocritical humor and sarcasm, then bugger off.

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