Zero Punctuation: Mercenaries 2

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Completely agree with this review, and I also laughed my ass off, nicely done.

Oh Yahtzee, you never fail to entertain me each week :)

I think something went wrong. There are about 8 duplicates of this thread.

Mercenaries 2 has a fun concept. Lots of blowing stuff up, freedom, tons of vehicles.. but it is realized so poorly......

He's completely right. The "support operative" is a whiny constantly nagging Australian accented chick that reminds you every 2 minutes to come to the PMC if you're lost and need suggestions. And I used either an overpowered Fuel Air RPG to blow up tanks.. or I'd just run up to it, do some button mashing and presto; another tank in my hands.

Repetition, poor controls and implementation, bad voice acting and complete frustration on the last levels (yes you're still on your own.. Oh surely I can handle 50 Strykers with miniguns humping on my leg?) AND horrible glitches, bugs and missing features turn this into .. a rather shit game.

I think i figured out why Yahtee hasn't reviewed SW:TFU. He must have enjoyed it and he can't think of any funny big problems with the game. Also this review was awesome.

After two missions or so I thought the main character was so damn annoying that I switched over to the black guy and haven't looked back since. Pity since last game I thought he was really cool.
Oh well it's been so long since the game came out that I thought you weren't going to review it, although I haven't had much chances to play the game so it still seems new to me.

Thanks for alerting me to the apparently horrible AI, although I haven't experienced anything THAT bad yet.

Oh well, great review.

Not even Yahtzee could deny the fun of blowing things to kingdom come.

Ew... I thought you were going to do something cool like SW:TFU

My guess is that's coming next week, and most likely Silent Hill: Homecoming will be the week afterward. :D

Yes, we'll miss Yahtzee when he's gone... hopefully that wasn't an implication that he's planning to quit anytime soon...

soo god damn true :)

Ok, that's a return to form. Funny, witty and the crashing together of highbrow and lowbrow.

Indeed. I like the intro, though.

I've been feeling lately that I'm a bit out of touch, a fact which seems to be reflected by ZP. The last Yahtzee-reviewed game I've actually played is Braid, and before that it was Oblivion back in June... and before that, GTA4, though I didn't play it until long after the ZP review. I don't know what this says about me - I'm missing out, perhaps, I need to take more notice of the big releases? Hmm.

Until then, I'm quite happy listening to someone verbally castrating games I've never heard of and don't care to play, the humour is never wasted.

Ok, i was in the middle of drinking a nice Lost Energy drink, when it came to the point in the review about your backup in the helecopter.

Thanks to you i am now forced to go clean my monitors due to the gut hilarity reaction.

ps. Im also at work so now i have to explain to my boss why i was slacking off watching Zero Punctuation on company time.

Ill just blame you for it i suppose, that should get me off the hook. Right?

I personally think this is more along the lines of burnout's game styling; in that it's only supposed to be played every so often for shits and giggles.

is just I was waiting 2 weks for a review of TFU

I agreed with most of what was said (I always knew I was onto something when I said Mercs was a GTA clone) and it is relieving to know that I'm not the only one who wouldn't volintarily buy this game.

Keep up the good work.

Jesus I wated The Force Unleashed not this.

Did you join to post this? Hands up how many people joined to post for ZP. Hmmm?

Also, who the hell are you to tell him what to do? You don't watch a stand-up comedian and go, awww, I wished he ragged on the Japanese instead, you fussy pleb. Plus, if you wanted reviews, go to a serious magazine and/or website. These are comedy. It sounds as if he like no game. And therein lies the funny.

While I liked the game I knew it was horribly flawed when they kept telling me I needed 4 times as many weapons as I actually did need to complete missions. Hilariously true, the best kind of truth.

Fantastic! Highlight of the week no doubt!

One of your best reviews imo.

But I was waiting for a joke about Swedish people, guess I'll keep waiting.

ok sory. but I am a big star wars fan and a big zero punctuation fan and I wanted to see yahtze's opinion on TFU. hafter all, he is the best.

Great review as always Yahtzee. Now I know why I shouldn't buy Mercenaries 2!

alright there were people besides me panting and clicking refresh over and over again >_>.

Great video.

Great review, I really enjoyed the part about the hostage.

PS. 12/10 4 the review

No more embedded ads (except the shameless self-promotion T-shirt sale business, which I forgive)! Thank you, Escapist.

I preferred the tone of this review to several of the previous "I need to pad this out to 4 minutes" ones. Maintain this.

Another broken game? What a shame.

is just I was waiting 2 weks for a review of TFU

And I've been waiting for weeks for a review of Mercenaries 2. One more week won't kill you.

u r right. just a little upseat, but this review is on of the best.

That was almost as funny as the Bioshock review. I salute you.

The NPC helicopter section was godlike, unhelpful, but fucking funny

Well done, Yatzee. You're returning to form! Funny from start to finish, especially the part about the broken AI. I'll just write off the last few weeks as just a temporary dip in the awesomeness that is ZP.

Hostages walking off of skyscrapers and soldiers falling to their deaths right off the helipad will ensure that I never play this game. I bet it all was funny to see though.

is just I was waiting 2 weks for a review of TFU

Yahtzee doesn't like starwars or QTEs so it wouldn't suprise me if he doesn't review it at all, or maybe he will just to be cruel.

I really thought he was gonna use this one last week.

Anyway, Not the best review. The jokes about the AI are absolutely hilarious but that's about all it's got.

I found this on very funny, especially the bits involving AI companions walking off of buildings and stuff.

I've also just discovered if you click the slider to random points in the movie you can make Yahtzee say some hilarious shit.

Best 1 for awhile yahtzee, good job. I love it when you nit pick and this was a nit pick fest. Good job

I've got it and I agree with Yahtzee. It has so many bugs, glitches, and bad design choices, but the fact that you can call a MOAB, Daisy Cutter, Fuel Air Bomb, Tactical Nuke (yes, you can call in nukes), and many other airstrikes really makes up for it. You give me a game where I can annihilate every single inch of some country with a friend and I'm happy. :) Great review as always (although I didn't like the EVE Review. It didn't seem like you spent enough time to go see anything interesting in it).

wats next megaman 9?

Hilarious indeed!

ZP is the reason I started coming to this site, but I stay for the creamy, gooey, lemon flavored filling that is the forum.

Plus I also really like Unforgotten Realms, but that's neither here nor there.

Back on topic: Very funny. I couldn't stand the game myself (After loving the first one).

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