Unforgotten Realms: Episode 11: Double Turkey

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Episode 11: Double Turkey

ROAMIN and Gary are on the way to save everybody, as Schmoopy and Nailo form a party to escape the Kobolds.

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cool! funny as always and i would buy a t-shirt. only thing is you don't have any for sell

lol, Russ Pitts...

That made my Thursday much better.

how is the judge still aliiiiiiive O_o
lolz, i thought it was great ^-^ i like roamins glasses too
and i wanna t-shirt now >_<

NP good sir.

I've seen some of the concept shirt designs while bugging the artists. They're awesome.

Coming soon! We're setting up files for the shop as I type, so shouldn't be too long before we have them available.

Also, LOL to a funny episode.

Awesome! I loved the gate unlocking scene although the Blacksmith scene wasn't as good as the original. Roamin and Gary's dialogue made up for it though XD.

"It's time to kick names and take ass."

Cinnimon toast crunch - great one.

By the way, who is playing Roamin and Gary?

Good work as always Rob, hope you're getting some decent coin to keep making these. You should tie the urealms website into an episode so that maybe people here will visit your personal site.

The return of two awesome jokes, even though Powerful Enchantress of This Town wasn't axctually pointed out.

Anti tank rocket launchers are fun.

the episode was good even though nothing much happend, this was an episode without a point but it was the creators are creative and smart with their jokes nd characters

Good episode as always, it went by so quickly I guess that means I was really enjoying it! I can't wait to see those shirts and I really hope the next two weeks fly by. Keep up the great work.

Great episode, T-shirts for Unforgotten Realms is gonna be sweet, can't wait : ) But nothing much really happened this episode.

King Behemoth has True Sight, but can he see why kids love the taste of Cinnamon Toast Crunch?

russ pitts lololol jejejeje XD i want a shirt!! please!!

If the shirts are subtle-funny I'll get one.

See, Rob... people loved it. Even though they're all talking about tees.

These videos are really awesome and I wish they would come more often.

...and an M72 anti-tank rocket launcher.

Nice episode can't wait for the next one :)

I liked the original rocket launcher joke better but roamin made up for it with the "kickin names and takin ass" part, priceless! :P

great work ass always, i may have gotten u a few more fans so i hope u can keep makin urealms :D

I've been watching Unforgotten Realms for a while, and I totally love it so far. XD! Never fails to crack me up.

I can't wait to see more Maelstrom. 8D;; I really like his design.

And, I know everyone's harking on about them, but, I would so buy a UR t-shirt. ;w; <3

i wish blacksmiths sold M72 anti-tank rocket launchers to me....
Great episode man, keep it up.

That was great! My sides are splitting XD
Buy a T-Shirt... PUSSY!

The cotswell map = penis meets chin

The cotswell map = penis meets chin

Thats way to subtle of a joke for me to do.

The M72 Rocket Launcher a finely crafted weapon indeed, wish i had one. Awsome episode man keep up the good work. I would love to buy a UR T-Shit too. Kobold, M72 Rocket Launcher, Better bring in the Thor joke too; and all that jazz. B)

The video is not working for me..I will try later...

Wow... this sucks, the episode isn't working for me.

Roamin and Gary are the best. Roamin's one-liners keep on coming.
Yay t-shirts!

First off I love this series. Best thing ever!

This isn't as important but... I'm not following the story too well recently, though I've watched each episode over a bazillion times. Shmoopy and Nailo were headed to Cotswell with the body of the "witch" because of an unknown plan of Shmoopy's to get by the High Bear and get the crystal of absorb. But now you've left that storyline (though kept the body) and somehow Roamin and the Arch Duke are buddy buddies now. But what happened to the crystal? It feels like I missed a whole episode BUT I DON'T KNOW WHERE IT IS!!!

Also, why did no one think to revive the dead chick in the jail cell?

And when can I buy 2-3 boxes of T-shirts??? I hope before Christmas, 'cause I'd love to give them to my family so they can suffer through a 4-5 hour long conversation about a show they've never seen!!!

I'm a huge fan, but this episode was crap. Sorry. :(

I'll buy a t-shirt to make up for my crappy review!

"i think you have that one backwards"
"did i gary? did i?"
"God, i hope so,"

hahaha i loved this episode xD
thanks for a great thursday

Probably the best one yet. Good job.

lol, loved your sword rant.

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