TGS 2008: Hands On - Dead Rising: Chop Til You Drop

TGS 2008: Hands On - Dead Rising: Chop Til You Drop

The mall's just not as much fun this time around.


so the rumours about dead rising on the wii where true, well, i always wanted to play this game but i dont have a xbox, so this might be a little chance to try it.

honestly dead rising should have been released for pc years ago, just imagine the mods that could be made for that game.

Isn't this game using the RE4:WE engine?

Either way, I'm rather skeptical about how Dead Rising will play on the Wii. It seems like a pretty big damper that motion controls aren't utilized for melee attacks at all(?), and I suppose most of my zombie killing kicks comes from RE4:WE and RE:UC anyway.

Is there a release date yet?

The aim mode in Dead Rising for the 360 was probably the worst part of the game, but the game is still fun though
FYI: it was one of my first 360 games and my console hasn't bricked yet!

I'll laugh if it does brick peoples Wii's

I loved the idea of the game, but found the text boxes, that supposed to tell you what to do, too small (and this is on a big wide screen TV).

Still can't wait to see if Res Evil 5 is as good as 4. (fingers crossed)

I personally don't want to see dead rising on the Wii, i think the game's controls will either tarnish the reputation of the game and devs for not making a good transition or tarnish the reputation of the Wii for being "pants on head retarded". I.M.O.


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