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The thing that Mega Man forgets is that games aren't meant to be hard, they are meant to be fun.

Something you're forgetting is that people have different skills and different tastes. I, for one, had more fun with this and BC:R than with any hold-your-hand game of recent times.

Don't get me wrong, I like a challenge, but when you do what Mega Man does it just starts to get annoying.
Edit: Oh and let us not turn this into some kind of battle as to which one of us is the better gamer.
Cause I would just win(irony).

Oh, I'd never do that. I know tons of people whom are better than me at almost every game, so I'm usually humble ^^

I admit, I wouldn't want games to be this hard all the time, but since you have such exact precision in your movement (you can edge forward one pixel at a time) in Mega Man, and the controls are so good, you can blame only yourself when you fail. Not imba, not lag, not delay; nothing like that ^^

I've died and died again playing this game, so it's not like I'm some kind of expert Megaman player who can clear the game on the first try, but I've enjoyed having to figure out the little tricks that let you progress in the game, slowly but surely.

By the way: A guy on the SomethingAwful forums is making a freeware Megaman game for PC, and it's looking pretty good so far. Here's his demo if you want to check out one of the levels:

He even included a few of my suggestions in it. I'm so nerd-proud right now ^^

Sorry to rez an old review. I picked this game up for the first time yesterday at a friends house and didn't put it down for three hours.

How many games do you play through these days where you find yourself pushing the save button almost as much as you hit reload?

For a cynical 20 something who blows through most game's single player without losing more than a handful of lives, it's refreshing for me to see a game that focuses so hard on bringing a relatively small, but very well done amount of content that will be challenging to beat for hours and hours because of the sheer difficulty rather than your standard hugely large world with very limited linear path with repetitive game baddies and gimmicks.

MegaMan 9 offers a gamer a very striking and glaring challenge. Instead of focusing your time looking for a great spot to save, or a place out of the action waiting for health to regen, MM9 requires the player to trudge on or die. Need health? Better kill that robot duck/penguin thing and hope it drops some HP. Wishing you had more lives before fighting magma man? Yea, I wish I had a girlfriend with bigger tits.

Maybe what I like about the game is how solidly simple the mechanics are and how challenging. I found myself at times shouting more explitives at the screen than I could properly orate out of my mouth at once. There's something to say about a game that riles you up enough to challenge its sexual preference. Hard but fair are the words I'm looking for to describe this game.

Rewarded are players that can catch on to patterns quickly and aren't afraid of random leap of faith jumps that will go wrong 99% of the time on the first try. In the three hours I played I had only beaten one of the bosses. This was due in large part of how hard each level was, but also because I was trying to play through each level at least up to the boss before reality drove me away from the game and back to bars...

Yes, back in the day I welcomed the slide. And then the charge gun. And I thought MegaMan X was great. But somewhere around the time MegaMan started sounding like Dr. Light forgot to bolt balls to his robot, something was lost...

MM9 garners nastalgia, but comes with an item shop which you never had in MM2 or MM3. You also have the ability to save which is great. The game has tons of achievements for the nutso gamer crowd and I believe it even allows you to post your fastest clear times online.

This game isn't just for the oldies. This game challenges players to sack up and put down the Jergen's.

TLDR: $10 gets you a game to definitively prove to yourself what kind of gamer you truly are.

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