Zero Punctuation: Silent Hill Homecoming

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This one was very funny...but Yahtzee HAS to review Fallout 3 next week!

They say the trick to creative writing is sticking to what you know, and I'm willing to say this is great proof of that. Ever notice how the greatest points and jokes are made when he's talking about games he really knows a lot about? "Hardly suprising," you say, "isn't that the idea behind observational comedy?". So i says, "Yes. So why does he keep reviewing games he hasn't had enough chance to play or are of genres that he's unfamiliar with like Spore or any fighting game"

So go-go Silent Hill, Fable II, and all the other reviews of games he'd probably play anyway...

Best review ever perhaps? Please send this to Double Helix and Konami. They need a giant kick in the pants. Also, I laughed my ass off at the end. "I lost one of the three symbols I need to uunlock my door this morning." God, you are a genius!

I hope he reveiws Dead Space or Fable 2 next week, that would be awesome.

"I lost one of the three symbols I need to unlock my front door this morning."

I applauded when I heard that. Seriously now. That was the best thing I've heard in a while.

That last part was so damn funny. Great review Yahtzee!

Haha, "Leslie from the cleaners," I almost missed that bit. That was genius.

He didn't say good, he said still alive. The fact that Silent Hill 5 actually came out means that the series is continuing after Origins, and therefore is most definitely still alive.

Well, it's a decent Silent Hill game at least, but it doesn't really "feel" like a Silent Hill game. The Japanese Silent Hill games psychologically traumatized you, while all this American one does is give you little surprises every now and then. Boring.

So have any other developers released sequels to old games that Yahtzee liked a lot better when the original devs did them?

Fallout 3, perhaps? Or is Yahtzee not the Pipboy Avatar type?

losing one of the three symbols I'd need to unlock my front door would leave me feeling a bit narky as well. Well done!

Whoa. Did he just say he liked Spider-Man 3?

Also, nobody watches your ads.

*Fan justification for thingies in Silent Hill: Origins incoming*

Travis did spend time in a mental institution it is implied in the bad ending (2nd run through ending). So the nurses make sense to exist in his version of Silent Hill. As did The Butcher who was an obvious Pyramid Head wannabe (if you read about him and listen to what is being said in the 2nd ending it is implied that he was The Butcher).

I am sick of nurses too, but just figured I would throw that out there.

That being said I haven't played Homecoming so I don't know how they justify Pyramid Head (or if they even try to). I also am not a fan of the games trying to imitate the movie, as it really should have been more of the movie imitating the game.

Nice one.

So, will we ever get see reviews of game-movies for that matter? I'm sure there is a lot to be thrown at May Payne (the movie) or Far Cry (the movie).


Last week I mentioned to the girlfriend (who also watches from time to time) that ZP is becoming more and more like Yahtzee's own little TV show rather than a video game review. The sketch at the end of this weeks concreted my opinions on this and I loved it, "Who are you?!...."Oh Fuck Off!" hahaha.

Got my Assassin t-shirt months ago and it's been the cause of many game store employees being recommended to the escapist, and zero punctuation in particular.
Review seemed more thought out and less scattergun, looks like Yahtzee read the comments from last week bemoaning the lack of actual review and remembered that's what he is best at. Nearly missed that end sketch as was expecting some cack adverts again, what's the chances they return in the near future to catch us all unawares!!?
Just out of interest, while I get why DJDarkViper and Skatz were banned at the beginning of the post, why were VMerken, The66Monkey, sv93, greyhairedgamer, D_987, Jesustheslayer and arcstone put on probation? Were their posts too boring?

Since his first ZP episode ever was Fable he should do Fable two to honor the classics. I really liked the phone bit; since it reminded me of painkiller I think it was. Great work all around.

This one was very funny...but Yahtzee HAS to review Fallout 3 next week!

If he evens plans on reviewing that game I would wait a couple weeks for him to put it on the site because it's fairly long. Expect some filler like what he did when he was playing GTA 4.

Rented Homecoming. Certainly not as good as 2, and I guessed the twist ending three months before the game even came out, but you know what, I think I'm going to buy it because I do enjoy it, and the further I got in the game the creepier to started to become. And some of those monsters are really friggin' hard.

At least the hasty beginning where you start stabbing away at monsters immediately was written off as a dream.

I actually lolled, which hasn't happened in a while. Well done, Yahtzee.

Overall, a good review. My only problem is that it never mentioned the graphics. I only played the 360 version on my HDTV, but the game looked worse than SH3. I know that graphics are not as important, as a game with only good graphics, and crap everything else (think Crysis with nothing but you, in a room, with random objects, and you get to see how pretty they all look) would still be bad, but when your prequels look better than your new game, i think that deserves a mention.

This guy couldn't have said it better. This game was a f*** disappointment compared to the other ones. The character's sucked when compared to Silent Hill 2, 3, and 4. All I am saying is that this game is a real disappointment.

And this review said it all.

the only thing that made me somewhat fulfilled in "Silent Hilness" was his funny little short at the end.

F*** this below average game. The Americans Ruined it. F******

Ok review, but the ending was not needed. But he was trying something new, so I'm not mad at him...:)

This one didn't make me laugh as much as other have, I did enjoy the otaku reference though.

I hope he does fable 2 or WAR next week...

Best one you've done in awhile Yahtzee, very funny.

This one was very funny...but Yahtzee HAS to review Fallout 3 next week!

Considering that the game doesn't come out until next Tuesday in the US (which means it won't hit Australia until freaking Christmas), that's probably not going to be feasible. I figure Fable II is next.

Homecoming is the retarded cousin of the Silent Hill franchise. It's entertaining in the same way: watching a mentally deficient family member eat bugs is good for a few laughs, but you kinda just want to take a shower afterwards and wash off all the guilt.

Terrific review Yahtzee! I wonder how you where gonna do your reviews without a spine...

After playing the game, I was shocked at all the hate going around about it. I liked it, but the Yahtz made the good point that fans will always be butthurt regardless and s**t on everything. I've played every iteration of the game to hit the states since the first on the PS1, but you don't see sand in my crack over the changes. Things change to suit the times, and I'm glad that at least one reviewer (my fav) can put his negative elements to it credibly.

Thank you Yahtzee, you didn't break my heart like I expected once I saw what game was up this week.

"Crying Fans" needs to be a t-shirt too : ) That image was just too hillarious to let slide.

actually fallout 3 comes out in australia one day after the us... which, upon further thought, is wednesday. maybe in two weeks.

I already have a ZP t-shirt. That makes me feel just a little bit dirty.

hmmm shame really I was looking at silent hill 5 then when I saw 'homecoming' was like oh?
...then oh -_-;;

but suppose I'll rent then attempt a speed completage ;)

lol btw :D ta for the end bit lol reminded me to play 3 with a lightsaber again :P

I'd play the Sean Bean level.

I want a zero punctuation hooooodie. waaaaa

I think a lot of people are missing the point where he talks about fans. Because Yahtzee is by his own admission a fan of several games. It really is hard to please a fan, especially when you've been released games for the past few years that just don't measure up to the ones that came before it.

And to be perfectly fair, we probably wouldn't even have video games today if it wasn't for the fans. After all, someone had to like the games enough to keep buying them. Series like Mario, Zelda, Final Fantasy, Halo.. if there weren't fans, you would never see second or third games in a series.

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