Zero Punctuation: Saints Row 2

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I was actually have an argument similar to your rant about realism in games before i watched this video. He loves realism; how fast things die, how shitty a car can handle, and how "realistic" things can look.

While i'm not totally against any of these aspects of a video game, it's my opinion that it defeats the purpose. it's why crackdown is still one of my favorite titles on the 360. they didn't give a shit about anything; they broke almost all laws of basic physics, but it was still face-smashing fun.

It's a shame the PC version is a steaming pile of lag and control issues..
It really is.

ok, I liked this game. I bought it on the recommendation of yathzee. HOW-FUCKING-EVER!
WTF!!!! I was playing by myself and some guy asked to join my game. I was in the middle of a mission and didnt think anything of it and said yes. Then the fucking game said he was using cheats and I would not be able to save or get acheivements while they were on.
So I kicked him.

BUT THE FUCKING CHEATS REMAINED!?! Well I found that out after I played for another hour and decided to save. and it fucking wouldnt let me cause the cheats were still active and I could not turn them off!!!! FUCK THIS GAME AND FUCK YOU YAHTZEE!

This is something I would have expected you to catch.

If your a true Yahtzee fan , then you will quickly realize that he doesnt like to oplay online. i think ive heard it on every single one of his reviews that ive watched.... whic is all of them.

Ouch, Yahtzee... You seemed to enjoy Saints Row 2, and then soon after you made that review video, the game decided to fuck up on you? Gah, life is so unfair sometimes T^T

Totally agree! Saint's Row 2 is just fun! What games should be :) Kudos to THQ. I hope they don't fuck up the formula in the third installment

dude i love all your reviews...and do a other video about all the comments and messages you have received...keep this shit up

I apologize for reviving a thread from two years ago, but, was the PC port of Saint's Row 2 as bad as everybody says it is? I'm thinking of buying this for cheap on Steam soon.

Yes, it's terrible. It literally looks and feels like a PS2 game yet somehow runs *even worse* than GTA4. As far as gameplay goes, SR2 feels really disappointing as well. Because it looks like crap, sounds like crap and controls like crap, the world doesn't have any immersiveness and all of the wacky antics you're supposed to be doing in it "for fun" have any weight or meaning. The physics and AI are just laughably bad. It's a sandbox alright, but one that someone's cat shat in.

By the way, for all the whining about the cousin calling you in GTA4 to play pool or bowling... *it's completely optional* and you're never forced to do any minigame that you don't like. Unlike in this game.

One of the best games! It's built for coop, and by that I mean not "oh you can help me with this minigame by driving behind me and doing nothing", no it's "we have to working on this together, I drive, you sit in the back match the controls being shown on the screen to satisfy the customer". Also any game that allows a katana to be cared on a motorcycle and you can do drive bys with, oh hell yeah. Now it is full of glitches, but their were worth it. Oh also everycar is customizeable with tons of features (the monstor truck being the exception, even though the NPC gets an awsome one). And it stores the cars in your garage. If you blow them up their waiting still in your garage always (also Nitrous on a motorcyle, is awsome just don't hit a bump you'll regret it). I have beaten this game twice and am about to play it for the 3rd time. Can't wait for saints row 3 (2011)

as someone else has said sorry for reviving a long dead thread but I after getting this game from a Gamestop bargain bin. Im in complete agreement with Yatzee! this game is so fun and a thousand times better than GTA4...And not only have I gotten myself to 90% in short order I also got so caught up in the activies, diversions, and other means of earning respect that I only had to stop doing missions to earn respect once or twice

you know what I would like to see a canadian super villian, he would be a clone of dr. Evil sitting in a Muskoka chair and maybe sipping an Alexander Keiths, wait let me right this down

Easily the funniest of these videos he's done. When will you finish Mankind has yet to recognize my genius, Yahtzee?

Easily the funniest of these videos he's done. When will you finish Mankind has yet to recognize my genius, Yahtzee?

More than any game that's not ever really going to get made, I want that one the most. Even more than Burnout Revenge: Blues Bros Edition.
I would even buy the $150 Ultimate Branston Pickle Edition.

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