Zero Punctuation: Dead Space

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Why don't you try you know... playing the game before making base assumptions about it? It's pretty cheap to rent.

It's only repetitive because there are 12 chapters instead of 8 or 9. If they hadn't made it 12 chapters, people would have bitched about it being too short to be worth $60.

Why don't you try you know... playing the game before making base assumptions about it? It's pretty cheap to rent.

That's what I did, rent the game - it's extremely short, so I'm not going to throw down a bunch of money for something that I won't be playing for a month.

I agree to disagree with this week's Zero Punctuation - while he's correct on all his points (repetitive nature of quests and scared, relatively easy, unoriginal), I still liked it.

i really like this game it's great, but i agree that isaac has no character development at all. Good review anyway.

Well I tend to think that there is very little that is truely original anymore. Most of what people think of as original is oftentimes simply so old it's new again. On the occasions when someone does come up with something fairly original it's rapidly imitated into a stereotype.

That said, I don't think there have been many attempts at science fiction survival horror. It's not a totally original idea (Echo Night, etc...) but it's a workable one. All told I think Dead Space is probably the best game of that sub-genere created. Surpassing the previous champion "System Shock 2" which honestly was kind of a hard act to follow. The desician of the original System Shock creators to do "Bioshock" kind of opened the door for this.

Still I do tend to agree with Yahtzee that like everything this could have been better and polished up in a lot of areas. Perhaps if we see a Dead Space 2 it will surpass the original in all respects like System Shock 2 did with the original. Hopefully the designers of the game are listening to some of these criticisms.

The biggest criticism I have of Yahtzee's review is the referance to "Event Horizon". Other than being in space, I see very few similarities. The game is much closer to say Aliens, or Supernova in premise (the latter is a 'B' movie I expect few have seen, but it's so close to some aspects of Dead Space it's uncanny).

"Event Horizon" was more of a haunting clique, it didn't have monsters crawling around for the most part. It used haunted house type scares, and largely cereberal events, combined with possession. It had an entirely differant feel overall I found.


No mention of control problems in the review nor in any of the comments. How very surprising.

Edit: Spoke too soon.

hmm yahtzee, apparently not liking a game is reason enough to get sloppy and half-ass the journalist portion of your rant. Now, and comically enough, i'll be critical. It seems that you either rushed through the game, didn't finish the gane or stayed up on tuesday night after procrasting wondering how you could throw together a mutant offspring of your other reviews. Now unfortunately Issac Clarke infact does take off his suit in the ending cutscene but i highly doubt your attention span made it their. while it's one thing to rag on the color scheme, oh by the way their were carpets: see level 11 and you fail to notice the change in settings to a very different style, yet again near the end you didn't get too. And Nicole is actually his girlfriend and I fail to find the physics "gun". i dont think they had a weapon like that but oh well, i bet you banked on people over looking that. See its a little unfair to criticize a game because series before it have been similar or used the same mechanics, but i dont think you get it. Well if a game can't borrow popular elements an implement them correctly and expand on them, were does that leave the franchise. Sure you could play Resident Evil four because it master the third-person perspective but after the thrity playthrough it gets boring thats why theirs resident evil five. Your claims fall short because like the motifs you criticize, your work follows suit and the lack of complaints from your audience is what keeps you from changing. I sit back and laugh as you label it repetative, then show games from ranging 10 years ago to 6 and explain how a new game with great foundations can't possibly be good when its anciestor is in the back of our mind. In a sense im glad you dont use numbers to grade any games because you'd give it a 5/10 because it was repetative, then again thats what your program would rate too.

Haha! That was one of the best in awhile.

Wasn't expecting a cowboy bebop reference.

Its, an FPS horor game? Where did i see that, it was one of the reviews.

I can't lie and say this game is original or inivative, but do you realy require a compleatly fresh concept for a game to be good ie. fun? I'm not saying this game is great, but the fact that the game basicaly boils down to Doom 3 + Resident Evil 4 isn't such a bad thing in my mind, especially considering the total lack of general survival horror games in the marketplace. Furthermore, I think anytime EA accomplishes the task of a serviceable title it diserves a freaking parade.

I thought it would be LittleBigPlanet this week.

as always an enjyable review.
was hopeing for Fallout 3. but i guess there is still hope :D

Jeez Yahtzee, not every horror game can be Silent Hill, this game is actually very good as far as a space sci-fi horror game goes. It's much better than Doom 3 or most of the recent terrible attempts at a sci-fi horror game.

I think Doom3 was more of a shooter than horror. And I liked the game.

And he was characterized, just never verbally. If you read his notes on each objective, you got a clear sense of who he was as a person-- utilitarian, logical, and level-headed. Which is precisely why he survives when others die.

WHy does that feel like a defense for Mass Effect? If you have to read to get characterization you'd be better off with a book.

And the game throws out a number of small treats for people who really paid attention. For instance, read the first number of each chapter. *SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS* Nicole is dead *END SPOILERS* Or the fact that in one of the middle chapters there is a sign scrawled with what looks to be a method of translating the alien symbols written on the walls throughout the entire game. And if you actually take the time to write down the method you can go back and translate every little bit of scrawling in every level. I doubt a generic game spewing machine would add that kind of detail.

While that is awesome, I don't think that's what Yahtzee likes about subtle horror.

I feel like he could've stood to mention that it's repetitive a few more times, I don't think he drove that point home enough :)

Well I guess I won't be buying that game anytime soon. I would actually like for Yahtzee to give a review of Quantum of Solace which came out on every console recently. Work some of that cynical magic on Bond.

Looks like a fun rental.


aaa, Yahtzee, admit it, u love this game:Pmany people sayd this game will be a pice of...... before it eaven got out, but now lock at it, it cool.


I am geting so sick of people who have the grammar skills of a dead person.

And I really liked dead space as a game. It is like all other horror games you have to play with the lights out. they should state that in the manual I think


Too many fanboys here.

Don't ever let one single person make the decisions for you!
Don't ever stop questioning someone's opinion!
Always think for yourself!

Ok ppl... if you think it's a rip off why don't YOU come up with anything better??

I AM SICK of hearing this.

Does that mean if you can't create a complex symphony, you can't critique one?!? Fer fricks sake.

Calling it a rip-off, which is an honest description of it that damn near everyone agrees on, is TRUE.

Anyway - What *I* want to know is who the hell is the guy he consistently puts on "blast" as the kids say picture-wise?? I know that the face is familiar, but it's getting frustrating!

Help, anyone?

Someone else already said there are far too many fanpeople in here, and judging from the comments, I have to agree. I thought his review was pretty darn good. He never said it was the worst game ever, as many are seeming to get the impression. He said it had a fair ammount of good things going for it, but that it never really tried to push itself to be better. He was it was good, yet rather bland, and from what I've seen, it probably really is.

I'm reminded of Yahtzee's comment on Brawl, where he says that if you truly enjoyed the game and think it's perfect, that someone saying it sucks shouldn't bother you. The fact that someone does raise hell when he says a game they like isn't the best thing ever, must somehow signify that in the back of their head that person doesn't truly think it is.

I really enjoyed Dead Space, but he did nail most of its flaws. Although, I don't consider any of the flaws he pointed out to be a major impact on my enjoyment of the game.

Oh well, you can't expect everyone to like the same things you do, especially not Yahtzee.


I'm waiting for someone to design a game with no guns, no monsters, just walking around in a foggy mansion hearing some screaming sounds with ambient music. That's the only thing that would make survival horror fans happy.

-and that is why I loved Ocean View Hotel so much in VTM:B - and the majority of the Penumbra games.

Nicely done. The characterization of Isaac was dead on, I also appreciated how you picked up on his name. Clever, eh? XP

lol way too short and not funny enough; c'mon yahtzee, you can do better!

I'm sorry to hear about that possum ordeal.

I haven't bought "Dead Space" myself but I have played it at a friends house so from what I have experianced this game is pretty fun, has beautiful graphics, great soundtrack and while it is not original it is a shit lot better than SOME of the games it "rips off".
This game has got to be a 8.5/10

Anyway keep up the good work Yahtzee ;) .

EDIT: I think next weeks review should be "fable 2" as it deserves a good bashing for being half finished. If your wondering what I'am talking about when I say half finished I mean there is very little to do in the game and there is a very poor selection of weapons and clothes.There is one major thing that annoys me it is it was most probably done on purpose to make players purchase DLC to even get half a game.

Sadly, I didn't find this one totally satisfying. Hopefully he can turn his attention to GoW2 so he can rip it apart and do another mailbag showdown. That was hilarious.

way to go jimandjim

I really have to wonder what difficulty Yahtzee was playing on. Easy, Medium? With those two ammo is practically given away like candy so much that you could conceivably buy almost all the available weaponry before chapter three!

On hard mode though, Ammunition is scarce, period which really pumps up the 'worry' factor so to speak. Granted, it's frustrating later on, but it really puts a sense of vulnerability. You aren't some super awesomely trained individual able to fight off thousands of aliens by highly intense and rigorous training, but purely by dumb luck.

Y'know, I rather liked the 'horror' aspect, not so much because of the OH SHIT TEN THINGS POPPED UP part, but more the ", what if that actually existed" part. This of course doesn't really have to do with the game itself, but the backstory of the "necromorphs."

As for the complaints about it being all busted up, well, the USG Ishimura (USS Kill Beast Buffet) WAS a fairly nice place, you can sort've see from the less damaged areas. Look at the Captain's Quarters, for one example. Thing is that the Necromorph growth kinda got every-fscking-where and started destroying systems in its growth path. I mean, you can't really fault the dev team for trying to show that off, even if it does result in "cliched half failing starship."

The zero gravity was insanely great though, and the muting of all sound in vacuum (except sounds you made) was a great immersion factor. And really, the citation of "can't feel for character" holds plenty true with other voiceless characters, like Gordon Freeman (granted Valve made you feel for the characters around you, instead of Gordon himself). I also liked the minor HUD-less approach they went with, putting your healthbar on your spine, your stasis energy bar next to that, and popping up video/inventory in a hologram in front of you. I'm surprised you make no mention of the lack of "suck thumb under table to regenerate health" mechanics, Yaht.

Yaht, if you ever get the time away from new releases, I'd kinda like to hear what you think of Prey.

Yeah, who IS that guy? He was on the box for "Captain Bland's Monotonous Adventure", he's in the picture as Isaac's wife...hell, he's in almost every review.

The Sorrow:
Yeah, who IS that guy? He was on the box for "Captain Bland's Monotonous Adventure", he's in the picture as Isaac's wife...hell, he's in almost every review.

the picture for average guy, thats a really good question sorrow.

Im glad somebody else on these comments mentioned how its got influences from The Thing aswell. It basically lends from so many classics across the mediums that it is pretty amazing overall. Seeing the dead wife and other hallucinations is a BIT over the top for the homage to event horizon though, pretty much a carbon copy.

STILL, loving the game so far. (Only up to repairing the comms)

It was fun to watch AND I didn't have to watch it twice to read all the captions! Wooooo!

Definitly wasn't one of the best ZP's.

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