Zero Punctuation: Fallout 3

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This has always irked me about this review, being the "stalwart hero of the land overwrites societies petty ownership laws" is definitely NOT an Objectivist philosophy. In Objectivism absolutely nothing allows one to unlawfully take possessions from another without their consent, no matter what good things you plan to do with it or however you justify it. What Yahtzee is describing is about as far from Objectivism as one can possibly get.

I'm late to the party... anyways:
I disagree with 02:46 - 02:54, but other than that I very much :)'ed

The opening to this episode was hilarious. Obviously, episode length shows it will continue, but it's a good way to catch people off guard. Also, loved the nods to Darkman and the Thief series.

Game itself..well, I liked it for the most part. Since I'm not very good at shooters, the VATS system got me pretty far through, when I wasn't legging it from some the faster enemies. Frothed with rage at the ending though.

wished yahtzee would do a game of the year edition review. its a bit weirder..... not sure mother zeta is worth losing the special alien gun

Before I first played Fallout 3 my reaction to someone suggesting that I play the game was like....

My reason for this is that they make the Elder Scrolls games this is a series I detest. So my willingness to try a different game from that Publisher wasn't very high. However I came to realize that this view is somewhat arrogant thus I was convinced to try Fallout 3.

Then to my surprise my reaction to the game was....

This means I have to look at more than just who " makes / publishes " the game.

So is where the Branston Pickle joke started?

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