The Escapist Film Festival: First Place: Arcadocalypse

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Well Done Guys
You beat my submission hands down, that was awesome. I'm looking forward to seeing more episodes.

this can go many ways, and it will be good any way

Awesome, I want so see more of your stuff! Top quality and amusing. Wicked!

Very well done. It had just the exact mix of stupid humour, memes, and nonsense. And Mario did very well as a heartless dictator.


Very well done, I enjoyed it. Congratulations!

If you can make one of these a week, I'll be thrilled and impressed!

Wow-- I wasn't expecting to be impressed, but I can't deny that I absolutely was :D

A broad cast, dry humor, solid computer effects and excellent comic timing? Sign me up for that.

This was awesome. I can't wait for more.

Great Job! Much better than the other contenders.

I think the Solid Snake at your backdoor line was best for me, especially with that "Its your house" response.

'Fairy Commissioner... fweet!'

"You speak japanese?
No, but I can read."

A bit rough around the edges, but brimming with potential.

You had me right as soon as I saw Max Payne :P

Now this I like more than De-rez, and that means something coming from me.

I didn't see the jumping of the fourth wall coming and the acting is overdone is the best way. A well earned place.

That Trade minister need to learn how to throw a barrel...

Barrels relate to my interests.

That was great. Truly amazing. De-rez has definitely met its match.

...provided the series continues of course...


Congrats on a dominant video. I think this was the clear winner over unskippable but oh well. I loled at Snake saying WWE wrestlers names in place of actual Japanese.

Awesome! I laughed out loud =D Congratulations.
Hope you can keep it alive and not stop the series half-way through *cough*de-rez*cough* (not making fun just nudging for an ending).
Michael Shanks = Dr. Jackson from SG-1?
Arcadocolypse >= De-Rez

Very VERY awesome!!

Loving it. Really well done guys. Strikes me as sorta Simon Pegg-ish humour, which is no bad thing at all! 'grats!

This is relevant to my interests and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter

Awesome job guys, you definitely deserved to win. I can not wait to see more.

"You speak Japanese? no but I can read" Brilliant.

"Its the front door, and its your house."

very nice work guys, I liked the fire commissioner and snake. but I'm more keen to see what's next for the two protagonists.

Since I had a bad humor, I laughed when I saw Space Invaders, the Kirby in the sky among other things. But the funniest was definately when Snake popped out of the Orange Box.

Really good.
I want your hail to the thief poster thing though :(

Whats that music at 4:15?

Wow, I can't wait to see more! When will episodes be posted?

Brian Name:
Loving it. Really well done guys. Strikes me as sorta Simon Pegg-ish humour, which is no bad thing at all! 'grats!

That's what I was thinking, especially since the red-headed looks very similar to Simon Pegg.

:D that was the funniest video I have ever seen on the escapist, I do like LoadingReadyRun though, this kicked their asses from their submission. Please make more, I would love to see more, especially from the Fire Commisioner, considering I play his class in TF2 quite a lot xD

I avoided this video for a couple of days; the premise, the name, and the picture of Mario looked ominous. Luckily, though, when I just shut up and watched I was impressed muchly. Too many good jokes for me to list a couple for special attention and not be selling this short.
Muchos kudos.

Lol finally! gordon using his PhD lol

epic win

Whats that music at 4:15?

Ghost Love Score by Nightwish methinks.

You, sirs, are very skilled.

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