The Escapist Film Festival: The Internet Explorer -- The FPS player

The Internet Explorer: The FPS player

The Internet Explorer is a parody of famous nature experts like David Attenborough and Steve Irwin. He is exploring the big wide world and finding multiple facets of the gaming industry every day.

Today we are introduced to the Explorer and his long suffering assistant Winston as they go on a hunt for the elusive FPS player

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Edit: Guys... Could I get some feedback on this.

And I also didn't get to use my normal camera. Fail tapes are fail

Let me begin with the praise.

An amusing concept for sure. The parody was fantastic, and the subject ideal to target the Escapist audience. If a single person here has not met one of those 'magnificent creatures' they really don't deserve to be on the site. A well-handled stereotype as well, though the feminist in me would have loved to see a female ludus lusor as it would have been somewhat of a better point to make when it comes to the 'Crikey!' situation of discovery.

The dialogue was amusing, while a little shaky in the delivery. This will improve with filming and cutting practice. Jokes clear and amusing.

Like the dialogue, acting had good ideas to go with but was not perfect. While I don't expect a hybrid of Christopher Lee and Heath Ledger, it would be nice to see more convincing facial expressions and the like.

On a final note, the First Person camera was a stroke of genius, especially in the way the weapons were changed. Not quite flawless though, for the spoon should not have dropped out of shot like it did. In addition, I would suggest that next time you shoot it in such a fashion that the shadow of the FPS player does not distinctly show them holding a camera. Choosing the correct time to film helps this. (In addition, don't film different shots at different times of the day then attempt to splice it together in exterior scenes. Never ends well.)


Oh dear god, that guys going to get some spooning!

*birds drop dead from the trees surrounding my estate*

Well I thought it was funny.

That goes for the video too (that is the "funny" part, not the "birds dropping out of trees" and "spooning" parts)

Labyrinth seems to have already covered any points I was going to make about it, so to save time I suggest you just read her comments.

Thanks guys. I'm going to make my next video eventually and start a youtube series. Hopefully it improves

Very well done. I loved it when Winston bitched about his boss, and then went off to make some tea.

However, praise won't get you anywhere; what you need is constructive criticism. My only complaint is that the facial expressions for the guy in front of the camera were a bit stiff. Maybe t'was the cursed eyes that I have, but I didn't in the expressions department. It felt like the actor emphasised dialogue, and ignored the expressions a little. Again, it may just be my eyes decieving me.

Still, great work, and I hope you give us a link for the next in the series. Best of luck for the next episode, even though you don;t need it, I'm sure.

Gaaah! I can't believe how wooden my acting is in this!
"goes to flagelate self for sins"
"comes back"
Anyway, thats what I get for trying to adlib and pull off a new accent at the same time.

Me and the kitten that is small and relatively harmless will be starting a youtube series soon anyway. We promise there will be scripts, and at least we have a video camera now.

End Transmission.

This was pretty good. Near the end when you do the FPS player chasing the guy you can see the FPS player holding the camera but other than that it was pretty sweet.


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