Review: Mirror's Edge

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Best review i have read of this game so far!
probably not a game for me but i am happy to see that not all games have to look like mass effect.
And i have to say that the teddy bear remix of still alive is a rly good soundtrack, and it rly works with the city environment!

There's some serious problems with this game.

I love this game, it's even better on my PC. It breaks barriers and is the right lenght for the kind of game it is.

I see one major, show-stopping problem to mapping the "jump" function to a face button on the 360 controller; you'd have to remove your thumb from a thumbstick to do so. It'd force you to lose directional control for the period immediately before and after the jump, and that could slow you down and might even make some maneuvers even more difficult to pull off.

I did finish the game, though I'll confess to using a walk-through to get past a couple of the puzzles. Runner vision isn't perfect... and in at least one case the optimal jump path is hidden in shadow too dark for the red to show.

Overall, though, I found the game very fun despite the frustrations and I look forward to trying the "Test of Faith" achievement soon on replay. (And maybe beating some of my Friends' times on the speedruns and trials.)

-- Steve

Ok, the eye and arm tattoos really fit well with Faith's character and it helps to make her stand out from the rest of the people of the Mirror's Edge world. I think they also work for the goal of a different style of character for a relatively undiscovered first person gaming style. Maybe thats what EA and DICE were aiming for anyway, something new to stand out from as Yahtzee put it "The year of the sequels". I really hope that other developers will be inspired enough to create something similar but not rip the game of its uniqueness entirely.

I had a great time playing the game and died enough times to match, but it was worth it. To me the game stands out from the recent games i have played; Saints Row 2, Fallout 3, etc. So I feel that the game designers really achieved something memorable by finally dismounting the bandwagon and taking a "Leap of Faith" into a new style and you know what, it worked, it worked really well.

this game is unfortunately nowhere near its potential

i mean its a clean flowing game that is pioneering a new direction for gamin but...
and its a big but. why would you create a fantastic game that is narrow and squashed.
levels areas are short or compressed and single tracked there is no leeway in any of it. maybe and i don't like me saying this but if it were a sandbox game*shudders* then it could be a lot more interesting with you actually finding your own routes i think the consoles of today could handle it.

p.s i think the shoulder buttons are a nice change (gives your thumbs a break)

You know what's my (borrowed) definition of genius? It's someone who can say "this is not for me, but it's good"; or someone who can say "this is good, however it's not for me".

This article is written by a genius! Too many people complain and complain, and unconsciously neglect the fact that because they don't like it does not make it not good!

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