This Week in Gaming History

This Week in Gaming History

This week, we remember Ubisoft's under-the-radar Beyond Good & Evil, hard-boiled detective Max Payne's Fall, and take some of our favorite game series portable with Portrait of Ruin and Portable Ops.

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Yay for Zork. Loved Max Payne 2, albeit in 2008, not 2003.

Happy birthday to Jak and Daxter, so that's what, 70 in Ferret years?

Unfortunately Beyond Good & Evil's disc copy protection is not compatible with Vista. You can install it - and at the end of the installation process, when it attempts to install the copy protection for your CD drive, it fails and proceeds to wipe the game from your hard drive.

I so want Beyond Good and Evil to come out on the "Xbox Classic" title list, as I haven't been able to find an Xbox (or PC, for that matter) disc in game stores. It's a crying shame that such a critically-acclaimed title is literally inaccessable for so many curious people.

-- Steve

edited to add: that should be "Xbox Originals", not "Xbox Classic". Oops.

Sad thing Max Payne 2 (or the awesome BG&E) sold so badly. Both are among the most awesome games in the history of (awesome) gaming (wich is awesome)


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