The Escapist Show: Episode Six: Resident Evil 5

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I agree as well that the game is not intent on being racist. I think also people who look at a game and spout such nonsense need to breathe more, or just huff a different paint. When I play a post apocalyptic or zombie-esc thriller game I shall promise to kill the horrors before indiscriminatingly. Never judging the mindless grotesques on skin color, just how many bullet holes they have in their head.

The other thoughts in my head what would insight better/worse feelings about the game? Oh how about the main killer... I mean antogonist being black. But wouldn't that be black on black crime, maybe art immitating life like in Darfur. Ya it isn't funny, neither is the same way I think about people when they complain on imaginary scenario's such as these and take it to heart.

What we should all complain about it that it feels like another sequal such as RE4 but a better graphics. Whoopie, the blood splatter looks more life-like and blood smears look one-tenth of a pixel better than the last.

bring back moviebob. His reviews always seemed to express what I couldn't (I must admit, he won me over when, in his first review, he ripped up Transforms, Michael Bay, and Shae LaBoof. That's a three hit combo right there.)

Also, zomg.. excited for res evil 5 Co-OP! YES PLEASE!

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