Unforgotten Realms: Episode 14: Tonight I Dine On Turtle Soup

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Episode 14: Tonight I Dine On Turtle Soup

The SS Paladon sails through rough waters to find the remains of the Kobold pirate ship.

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Thank god it's back. Although Timmy the Evil is difficult to understand

Very nice once again, i still can't believe Mike said he missed Schmoopy. So do i.I like Timmy the evil very much. But he is hard to understand... and did Mike say 'Sin'dorei'?

I'm sorry but I didn't think this episode was that good. I'm not really complaining because it's not like I have to pay to watch this or anything but I'm just saying I didn't find much of this funny just so you know. I did however like the ninja turtles song at the end.
lso, I think the new theme tune is going to get annoying by the end of the series. It was funny last fortnight but listening to all those quotes again is getting old fast. Sorry to be so negative and all but I'm just being honest. I still appreciate all the work that goes into this and look forward to the next episode.

good episode, they seem too short though , the plot line moves along incredibly slow. but still a great series


Especially when Timmy in 'real life' was leaving and started doing his evil laugh, and then switched it up to a 'non-evil' laugh.

"Muahahahahah- I mean...Ha ha ha ha..."


Great stuff, but what happened to the "The following episode contains..." :<

Possibly but I understood it fine.

Felt kinda short, but still cheered up my day. Nice job

I liked the following episode may contain but too..

Good episode. I actually thought the last one was a bit boring but this one makes up for it, and then keeps going.

Season two is pure epic on a stick. And god, the intro. <3

I used to have the same complaint about being able to understand Timmy, but this episode I had no big problems. I just don't think he's all that funny anymore, 'cause it's the same joke over and over.

This was probably my least favorite episode yet. I didn't laugh at all, the story didn't move ANYWHERE, and Schmoopy is still gone. WHY IS SCHMOOPY STILL GONE?!?! I like R-O-A-M-I-N as much as the next guy, but he can't hold a show on his own like Sir Schmoopy could.

In fact, the only thing that saved this episode at all was the Ninja Turtles reference. But you can only play that card once my friend...

Oh, and if I ever have to wait three weeks for a new episode ever again, you will be held responsible for all the countless innocents harmed during my rabid rampage.

Good video...lame advertisements.

Bravo! Good work, keep it up.

I was wondering how you were going to tie in that tag line. ^^

The ninja turtles theme somg was awesome!
This show continues to make me laugh so hard. The plot needs to move faster though. Maybe it would if there wasn't so much Timmy the Evil

Great show like normal, but I will say that I'm missing Schmoopy. Hopefully when he comes back they won't get rid of R-O-A-M-I-N and Gaary. They're great characters, but the sheer genius idiocy of Schmoopy is ummatchable.

Hamster at Dawn:
I think the new theme tune is going to get annoying by the end of the series. It was funny last fortnight but listening to all those quotes again is getting old fast.

I'm sorry, this would be the second time you had to watch it?

I thank you all for the feedback for this show but typically none of it is very helpful. It's hard to make every episode appeal to every person. Some people don't care about the plot and want to see Roamin and Gaary throw puns at each other for ten minutes and some people care so much about it now that the show feels like it's not going anywhere. My stance is, has been and will be for a very very long time that I basically write for myself and typically not the fans as I'm pretty sure a lot of them don't even really know what they want till they get it.

Please remember that I basically have 6 to 8 minutes to do something every week. This week they killed a monster, discovered the boat and turned into turtles while revealing more future plot of Timmy the Evil. If none of that was entertaining, then theres a new one in two weeks but personally this episode is a lot funnier then 12 to me. The funny thing is I assumed everyone was going to claim 12 to be a let down and this one be a lot more evvillll.. er I mean funny. Timmy the Evil is over the top because he plays at a different type of humor then other characters, he's repetitive and anti humor which a lot of people do in fact find funny. You reallllyyyy gotta understand that there is lots of different kinds of funnies in this show and you will not enjoy all of them and he ain't going away as he's got a lot of crystals and tricks to play on our heroes.

Two weeks and another flipside of an episode, fear not.


Hamster at Dawn:
I think the new theme tune is going to get annoying by the end of the series. It was funny last fortnight but listening to all those quotes again is getting old fast.

I'm sorry, this would be the second time you had to watch it?

No joke! Personally I like the new one better then the first season's. And guess what, if you don't like it...skip over it. See the little progress bar at the bottom? Just slide that little sucker over a bit. BAAM! No intro.
Piece of cake, right Schmoop?


Can I call you Schmoop?
Well I'm going to.

Making them turn into ninja turtles is hardly >E-VIL!<. I mean, natural armour bonus, plus free weapon proficiencies, plus favoured enemy (pirate) (what if they see Maelstrom again?). Plus extra theme song, which is like another set of DM-Fiat armour. (But why isn't Jacques a turtle? He got no real lines this episode (other than an 'ah!'), could've at least given him a shell (of a good time)....)

I also find it fitting that Bulbasaur is the 1 on the die - not just that his Pokedex number is 1, but also because he's the weakest of the starting pokemon (critical failure for choosing him indeed).

Great episode the die with 20 different kinds of pokemon is completely awesome and i really REALLY want one! Roamin's ninja turtle song is priceless!

well i've watched unforgotten realms since they were on newgrounds with the not-so-great drawings. the new episodes are still great with the same humour. my only real problem is "timmy the evil" just because the other charecters are soo much better he seems a little weak. But i won't suggest anything should be changed cause there just so funny and has one of the best catchphrases "i wanna cast a spell"

"The bad news is there's no good news."

I am going to use that soooo often! xD

Nice, trick Pokémon D20 xD AND Unforgotten Ninja Turtles! Not exactly "evil" but who cares PIZZA TIME! Or maybe we'll find out why its evil in 2 weeks hm, lookin' forward to it as always. *sings Unforgotten Ninja Turtles theme song*

That made my day


I really enjoyed the pokemon dice part and the Unforgotten ninja turtles theme song.

Keep up the awesome work.

I find it ironic that someone called timmy the evil has cure sir schmoopy grandma for him. Yet he has not commited murder! Lol I love the back and forth between characters. Its hilarious! I loved when they rolled the dice and they turned into turtles, especially the teenage mutant ninja turtles! Unforgotten ninja turtles, taking ass and kicking names.

Great episode as allways I just gotta say why the hell did UR get bumped down? Screw de-rez and that crappy review thing UR is 100x better then those and deserves to be actually visable when you come to the site... who watches the escapist show anyways it not even a review it just tells you things about the game 95% of people allready know and then add in a quick ZP clip, ITS A SHAM OF A SHOW AND DOES NOT DESERVE TO BE ABOVE THIS MASTERPIECE!

UUUHHHHHHH well i got to say I'm not overly impressed with this episode. The jokes were not as funny as they have priviously been, but i guess u cant break out a gem every time you crack a funny. Though I will always be a follower of Rob and his antics. All in all i love the whole collection of UR but this episode did have flaws showing. One problem is as always that it really didn't feel long enough. Its the kind of episode that just throws it all out at once and before u know it you watching that trailer at the end. Another thing was the jokes were lacking essence but your trying so cool. One last thing i wanted to say is that you need to give us alittle more plot in the episode cause that really gave us nothing other than "TtE", so just explain alittle more to us to keep us in the moment. Thank-you your faithful ally Slavoc.

P.S. I didn't mean anything negative by this, just trying to give you some ideas for future episodes.

I liked this episode of UR, but not as much as the last one. I guess I'm just anxious to see why Schmoopy is all decked out Assassin's Creed style. >_> It's kinda weird to see his mouth after an entire season of rustling beard.

I want Assassin's Creed Schmoopy! I can't wait to see his awesomeness!

Pretty good one - i do think timmy went on a bit too long tho - i understand you were expanding plot but i suppose i'm not a fan of the walrus...

I just want to see that bear spider!

Does Timmy like live under the table? Maybe Rob and Mike Kick him all the time while he's under there. Lol.

Plot didn't go anywhere, but who cares? The Turtle's reference was pure genius.
And I, for one, enjoy the Timmy sequences.
Shall we see Schmoopy next time?

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