Zero Punctuation: Left 4 Dead

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lol i liked the smoker joke and the gerbil in the speed bag.

Why did the image of the game always have a right hand instead of a left hand? Is this some kind of crazy Australian version?

One of the best episodes for a while, the punch bag bit almost had me in tears.

I always love it when a nerd calls other people "nerds". It just..has this incredibly ironic vibe to it.

I maintain that L4D is great fun...if your allies aren't stoic morons, using ingame chat is great fun with guys you know, but when they're acouple randomers, the fun numbers take a significiant dive.

Great stuff, I liked Left 4 Dead when I played the demo. Despite loads amount of zombies around you, which seemed pretty generic to me for a zombie game - well perhaps I haven't played many zombie games, the co-op element was great fun. So I guess I might as well buy get it.

Awsome review as always, Yahtzee.

Versus mode is a shit ton of fun if you're playing with friends and have gotten good, no matter what side you're on.

The only way this review could have been better is if it was for Gears of War 2. OK, I'll shut up about Gears 2 for a minute so that I can say I didn't like the Left 4 Dead demo much and I agree that anyone who replaces the word 'for' with '4' should be shot. (Yes I know it's because it's a 4-player game but that doesn't make it clever.)



OH man. I was rolling laughing. Honestly, your more funny when you kinda like games. The Mirror's Edge comment had my rolling. Still trying to get around to Left4Dead. Oh yeah, that number thing, angers me to no end.

Here's to hoping you can get to Far Cry 2 sometime within the next year, eh Yahtzee?

A great review Yahtzee, left me wanting to play the game.

Liked the bit on the end. I guess Mirrors Edge was just that bad.

Hooray, I'm currently enthralled with Left 4 Dead, and he didn't bash it too hard :3

I love this game, but I see his point.

I lost interest in the campaign levels pretty quickly, but the online is hilarious. Although, its unfortunate that I can hardly play L4D because its difficult to get three buddies you actually want to play with online at once for any lengthy period of time.

Favorite part... talking about co-op and showing your teammate "schlurping" up all the ammo and health. I laughed my ass off. Good review, all around

That stuff about what nerds like hit a little too close to home for my liking.
I have the same complaints about Left 4 Dead and it was a huge disappointment to me, as well as the only Valve game that I don't like.
It was pretty funny as usual.

yahtzee is a fucking retard

Hurrah for the trolls. Yawn. Learn some erudition young chap!

I loved the comment about playing as a minor zombie while you wait, with the survival expectations of a gerbil (or was it hamster) in a speed ball full of broken glass. It certainly made me giggle anyway. :)

Fantastic Review haven't played L4D yet but i plan to regardless of this review But still Funny stuff as usual keep it up yatzee.

Even Yahzee agrees:
Nerdy, hot college chicks are hot.

That's good entertainment

^doh of course they are. On the other hand yahtzee, you forgot to mention the portal esque humor on the walls. Making fun of doctor's handwritings. Chicago ted etc =P

I get the feeling I would feel more at home in the zombie apocalypse. You may get your face eating my ravaging monsters but hey, at least I wouldn't have to socialize with them.

Great review by the way Yahtzee. It is kind of a bummer when you review a game with very little down points. You should really give GoW2 a try.

EDIT: What the hell! I changed my avatar yesterday!

While I found this very funny as always its left me a little urm, ill say hollow.

Did Yahtzee like left 4 dead or not?

it's lovely to see ZP actually (and shamelessly) enjoying something - seriously, it was like a DREAM COME TRUE to see you ripping into Mirror's Edge in the last ZP, but this week you were Left4Dead's gaming bitch. And if the jaded gaming public ever tires of headshots (unlikely) there's always PS3'S downloadable FLOWER to while away the drug-slowed hours.

I'd agree with one of the last typed jokes, I don't get the whole "Smoker" name either. I mean, yes, I get that they poof into clouds of smoke, but that's obviously kind of an arbitrary distinction that feels kind of tacked on.


they hack and cough like a guy who has been smoking for 20 years, and they look emaciated like an addict. it seems obvious to me. also the cloud of smoke is obvious too. the tongue, not sure how that fits in, but everthing else is there.

Yes, Yahtzee did enjoy L4D.

And when he likes something, it means I like something.

Because we are both pessimistic bastards. Well, at least I am.

And if I like something, this means it's ZOMGWTH good. If you like* same games as I do, which means most of the FPS, MMOs (except for some korean ones), RPGs, RTS games and so on.

* Like - tolerate. Or just "not-hate".

By the way, Yahtzee, you are not the only one who pays ungodly amount of money for games. Come to Poland, I know it's at least twice as expensive here as it is in Spain :/

I don't mind repetition too much. Hooray for Co-op zombie shooter.

very nice, yes.

liked the part with the gerbals and glass pieces

I maintain that L4D is great fun...if your allies aren't stoic morons, using ingame chat is great fun with guys you know, but when they're acouple randomers, the fun numbers take a significiant dive.

My bro got on everyone's nerves who played the demo days by taking control, calling those who didn't do things correctly "morons". Yeah Gosah or whatever your calling yourself these days bro, like 3 perfect strangers are going to listen to YOU.

He never brought the full version in the end...

Guess he got fed up with that he was "Left 4 Dead" too much.

loved the end "apparently i'm a retard..." made me laugh like a hyena! loved the review it was very funny as always! keep it up!

Hooray Firefly reference!

On a more serious note (in order to avoid the Ban Hammer) having played the demo I completely agree with Yatzee on this one. The gameplay is repetitive but oddly compelling, especially when you are playing with others.

This one was pretty crappy, you can tell Yahtzee is a real Valve fanboy.

i think for the next one he should review an srpg
namely disgaea 2
of course i'd have to point out a few things

I look forward to the day he reviews Duke Nukem Forever, but a valve game that takes years to make is just as good!

Good lord, I thought I was going to die when the black guy's head was replaced with a picture of Obama. Very funny Yahtzee.

I did not play the full game, just the demo, and I can't exactly put my finger on it, but something seems a bit off about the game to me. Part of me thinks it was almost too fast paced. It seems like there are about a million ways potentially to go and no clear direction about where you are in fact supposed to go. I actually found the aiming/shooting controls to be a bit dodgy when considered against the ridiculous speed with which the zombies come after you.

Then again, I loved HL2, which is pretty similar. Maybe I would have enjoyed it more if I played it longer (that sort of reminds of the ad for the pop radio station in GTAIII, "we'll pick the music you're going to like and then we'll play it until you like it").

why has he said nothing on torment?

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