Zero Punctuation: Sonic Unleashed

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Sonic, Mario and Zelda are franchises that should have died already, Halo too but nostalgia is a bitch.

Aaaaaaaaand once again sonic team kill themselves. I don't get it! Not counting the messed up lip syncing and the fact that you lost all your rings every time you took damage, Sonic Adventure 2 kicked royal ass! Shadow is STILL sitting at the second spot on my most awesome video game characters list. Why is it Sonic team keeps doing this to themselves?

I agree completely. "Sonic: Unleashed" is the VERY first game I actually returned (After about 12 years of gaming) and this is after only five days of playing. There was absolutely nothing I liked about this game, and I'm a long time fan of sonic. A concept that seriously gets under my skin is the current 3d Sonic's design of no Super Sonic except in space. Which makes the whole Super Sonic thing kind of pointless because everything there seems to be about as powerful or destructive as super sonic. I want to blow through enemies in the regular levels, not just the last one. It just seems like Super Sonic was more fun when he could be used anyhere granted you had the necessary amount of rings. I think Sonic could very easily be redone as good as their 2D franchise if it focused ,much less on plot and more on level design.

Too long of a post but I find it hard to get my exact thoughts out in a set amount of words. (Points at Youtube.) And normally I'd have some criticism since I've actually played this game before, but I find it hard to criticize opinion, much less an opinion I completely agree with, so I'll just wait until the next opportunity arises.

I got one. How about the fans who can't stop complaining?

Bleh. That was directed at Ambition way back on the second page. >_<

I this is your opinion on the wii version, try the hd console versions there way better if you consider better combos and even more intense day time speeds to be better. Also review sonic colors, you did epic mickey so do colors too.

I hated the night levels. That's why I kind of liked Sonic Colors! Because it took out (some of)the shit from Sonic Unleashed and replaced it with something(Wisps)tolerable and-dare I say it-good.
(P.S. Sonic Adventure 2 was good, people!)

Sonic, Mario and Zelda are franchises that should have died already, Halo too but nostalgia is a bitch.

Nah. Sonic's been put through rehab and is recovering(coughcoughmetaphorcoughcough), Mario's still kind of fun, and Zelda!? Dude, if the games are still awesome then why kill it? But yeah, Halo should die. Along with Call of Duty.

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