DDO $tress Te$t

Seems there is some miscommunication between Turbine and Fileplanet over who and how you get into the Dungeons and Dragons Online Beta test. Turbine is telling us "All Registered FilePlanet members are invited to participate! No paid subscription required!". The reality over at Fileplanet is that you will have to fork over some cash to get included. So, who should we fault here?

I think this is another case of the Game Developer or Manufacturer being unaware that a distribution point for one of their products is finding a way to make money off of a fabricated requirement. Ask Best Buy if it really was company policy that customers had to purchase XBox 360 bundles or they would be prohibited from buying any XBox 360 merchandise. Then again, Best Buy may not be the preferred people to ask, seeing as how they are probably extremely busy getting ready for a big sale next week.

No purchase necessary, details inside.

Original Comment by: Randall Fitzgerald
If I can get away with it, I tend always to blame IGN or any company owned by IGN for just about everything that goes wrong with my day.

I mean, they're saints and all, but you know... like... murderous, gluttonous saints that rape and murder kittens and stuff.

In conclusion, FilePlanet is definately at fault.

Fitz - That made me laugh out loud.

Any updates on this? Clarifications as to whether or not it's actually free?

After changing a few webpages here and there since this was first posted, it seems that Turbine is saying that no money is needed to download the Standard Stress Test Client. If you want the High Resolution Stress Test Client, you do need to be a FilePlanet subscriber.

Original Comment by: Randall Fitzgerald
I played the Beta.

I was underwhelmed.

I'd rather roll my will saving throws with a real die than play on my PC. Plus, how do you geek out and describe in great detail how your raven familiar starts as a blue lightning glow that starts by surrounding your tightly fisted hand and moves slowly up to your forearm, at which point it shoots upward into the form of a raven and takes form there on your bracer.

On a side note, who the hell rolls anything but a raven familiar? I need to spy on those sneaky half orcs. I don't trust them and I never will. I mean, +3 on appraise checks is just about worthless, but using your familiar to talk to things is awesome.

Let me stop now.

My favorite Race/Class combo is Half-Orc Barbarian. Neverwinter Nights is so much more interesting with an Intelligence of 6.

Original Comment by: Randall Fitzgerald
Psh, you just like rolling the d12 for damage bonuses. Makes you feel like a big man, eh?!?!

I still don't trust you half-orcs. My awesome human sorcerer. And we like it chaotic, none of that lawful or neutral crap. So you might get stabbed if I see you consorting with... someone... orcy.

It's times like these I mourn for all 10,000 of my characters that have failed to survive my, umm, adventurous stile of play.

Oh, my heart pines for all of thee.

Original Comment by: Randall Fitzgerald
Haha, your above post reminds me of the time I played a Wheel of Time game. There was a race of women who had sought to be the only magic users in the world and I saw it as a challenge to be the only male race that could do magic. Basically I had to secretly use all my magic, or the girl in our game who was playing that race would have attacked me if she'd seen me using it.

It was stressful for a while, but I managed to keep myself ahead of her after getting caught so she couldn't make a move really. WOO!


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