Zero Punctuation: The Year in Review - 2008

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big dissapointment

I was hoping for something new, but I guess Yahtzee deserves a Christmas break.

- -
--- _____|

Sorry,I was expecting more in a review.

Oh god yes! I've been waiting for yahtzee to review this one for ages! Yah!

While I will admit this is possibly one of the funniest posts I have ever seen on this forum, I am going to profess to feeling fairly ripped off.

I am virtually certain that this clip show was arbitrarily assembled by one of the escapist staffers and not yahtzee himself. And given the overt religious message he has set to permeate throughout these forums in particular he's got big brass ones to decide to take the Christmas week off. Contrary to the following silliness:

I was hoping for something new, but I guess Yahtzee deserves a Christmas break.

This Was the best video i have seen in a while favorite part was the slipknot war lol

And given the overt religious message he has set to permeate throughout these forums in particular he's got big brass ones to decide to take the Christmas week off.

Wait a minute, he's not allowed to take a holiday from making entertainment you don't have to pay for?

That was a heck of a noodle scratcher with a couple of those but I just kept watching it til I got it. If your still working on it heres a hint, If you can't work them out just run the jokes you remember in you head and something will click... or you'll go crazy. I got really stuck on 2 and 9 but who didn't get stuck on any?.

Bit disappointing but still made me giggle somewhat.



Richard Groovy Pants:

Same could be said about you now bitching about D_987 bitchiness towards the other guy.

It's called forums. We discuss stuff here.

Um..I don't know what to say about this - you kinda defended my point of view earlier, and then insult me...

haha i love that. you got totally defended then burned.

anyway, Yahtzee, here is my review of your clips of your reviews, I totally fucking enjoyed the disjointed shit of your video.

it took me four hours to write the above, and I didn't get paid for it, hence.... no fucking bitching about my shitty grammar? got it?

Your Grammars appalling =p

In all seriousness, your still going on about this? I gave up ages ago, I still stand by my beliefs - that you shouldn't complain about something for free - you say what you want.

But I'll say this - Yahtzee didn't make that video - read the description these are our favorite ZP moments (or something like that), so it seems Yahtzee didn't want to do an episode - be thankful we got anything - I certainly didn't expect one.

I'll agree with the previous 'ITT: BAAAAAWWWW' comment.

To be honest, I wasn't actually expecting anything new - I made my way here more out of a 'it's Thursday, time for a new ZP' reflex, but the stringing together of random quotes was... a bit of a let-down, I guess. Maybe Yahtzee could've banged out a second video last week and put it up this week, in the same way that webcomic authors have a buffer of strips for holidays?

Jeez people are being too hard on the guy. IT IS CHRISTMAS DAY IN AUSTRALIA RIGHT NOW! Frankly I was expecting a clip show like this and would've been surprised if there was an actual review up. Cut the guy a break, he deserves a week off after 51 straight of new content.

[quote="Safe-Keeper" post="6.81366.1083781"]
Yahtzee just wants to go home and have cake ( sorry couldn't resist saying )

Proving he can have his cake and eat it:P (reference to the bit in said video about that saying)

But seriously; why are so many people bitching about an amalgamation of darn funny shit?

he didnt do year in review it was just clips of his show

waste of my time

he didnt do year in review it was just clips of his show

waste of my time

Then why did you watched it?...

Sweet, some of my favorite jokes and a badge. Thanks Yahtzee, happy holidays.

ps. to all of those that are bitching about this review, give the man a break its christmas and beggers cant be choosers.


I have to know.

WHO is that apathetic-looking guy whose picture Yahtzee keeps using! (Reference the Halo 3 review: "Captain Monotonous")

Is it just a stock photo, or is this guy some bizarre kind of celebrity somewhere? It gnaws at my brain! I MUST KNOW!

*foams at the mouth*

Oh, and Merry Christmas, you Herculean exemplar, you!

I'd say that's a disappointment :\ ah well, he's gotta get his breaks too so it's fine

Richard Groovy Pants:



and ANOTHER THING!! , go watch the Halo review, Yahtzee never paid for Halo 3.... he got it for free, you know free? (from the escapist) that thing you use to hold up your argument. why don't you email him and tell him he's not allowed to moan about Halo because HE DIDN'T PAY FOR IT.

before I get banned I'd like to say I seriously love Russ pits guitar riffs.
now I get the licky licky brown nose award.

Well he actually put some work into the review, he did notjust go to a website and watch the video; but this has nothing to with ZP anymore - this is about how people who complain about free videos on the internet are wrong.

And even if you didn't complain - you replyed to my original comment; which was to a guy who was complaining.

indeed I did, because your original reply was douchbaggy in attitude, it smacked of elitist statement. I found it ironic that you was bitching at some stranger on the internet over something you like because he was bitching about something that he "normally" enjoyed.

Same could be said about you now bitching about D_987 bitchiness towards the other guy.

It's called forums. We discuss stuff here.

I see you happen to be doing your IRONING.

You know what? That baboon joke is still funny. Even when you know it's coming.

Huh... clip show...

I suppose even the internet isn't immune, but I will have my revenge!

Edit: Against what? I'm not really sure.

Against clip shows?.. I wonder what genius director first implemented the clip. So he (or she) could rat himself (or herself) a free week with no work.

I don't have the necessary brainpower to recall the reviews

Well thanks a lot Yahtzee I'll remember next year to go through your rubbish with a shovel and wheelie bin and recycle your old crap, then neatly box and wrap it up and send it to you for Christmas.

Then you'll know what its like to sit looking at the same shit that you have already seen.

At least put some effort in you could of reviewed the new Prince of Persia ffs.

Good lord, there were a lot of crappy games out there this year.

i think yahtzee may have this week said "fuck it, its Christmas", which is a little annoying but fuck it, its Christmas. Happy holidays dude, thanks for all the videos so far (except for this one of course).

I call regift on this. Yahtzee you could have at the very least had a year in review video. Not a clip collage of lazyness. I frown at you sir :[

Hey, -V-Otix, I meant that he said before that he thought the new one was going to be crap, and since it turned out to be one of the best games of the year(to me at least), he is embarrassed to say he likes it after saying he won't. Either that or he hates it and he's trying to come up with new cusswords...

Merry Christmas, Yahtzee! I did not really expect a rewiev today, and those clips still make me smile. Good ol'Yahtzee-humour, I guess.

Hmmm, well I can't really complain because when I checked earlier I didn't see anything up. I guess it's nice that something was done for the holidays.

HOWEVER, Yahtzee must remember he has legions of adoring fans (creepy smile at Yahtzee) being only one step away from having us sneak into his house sort of like the fans of David Letterman.

Perhaps next year (if he doesn't move on to doing Game Damage full time or something) he could prepare an extra clip in advance. Instead of doing a year in review of his favorite jokes (most of which were quite good selections from his body of work) he could actually sit back, look at the list of games he reviewed, and then pick his choices for year's best, and year's worst. Sort of like his own little 5 minute video game awards.

For example, in recent reviews Sonic Unleashed and Mirror's Edge both got horribly battered. Which one of them would deserve Yathtzee's "worst of the worst" label? Or perhaps he'd pick something like "The Witcher" that he dug into in previous reviews.

For favorite games contenders would be thinks like Saint's Row 2, Grand Theft Auto IV, Fallout 3, or pretty much anything made by Valve. ;P

Just a suggestion from a fanboy.

Oh and if we're going to have Zero punctuation contests, why not give away hats like the one Yahtzee wears to the winner, or perhaps one of Yahtzee's actual hats. If he sweats on it, signs the inside, and doesn't wash it for a while beforehand it might very well become a collectible for Ebay that will make the winner a pile of cash once Yahtzee fulfills his destiny of becoming an international mega-star. Youtube, to the Escapist, to trying to pimp a TV show... next we can expect movies! :)

I'll leave people to wonder if I'm kidding about this last paragraph.... and whether I name Cutlery after internet celebrities.


Honestly, I was expecting a clip show. Yahtzee deserves a vacation!

I'm having fun with the contest though. I still have three more clips to figure out. I could have sworn I was right about #22, but apparently not! D:

Edit: Score! Got 'em all. Good luck to everyone else!

Zero Puncuation is the greatest gift of all.

at least it wasn't a rick roll......

wow i see a lot of whining... it's not like you're going to cut yourself because you didn't get to see a new review.... i hope

Yahtzee, you cheap bastard.

We still love you though.

Merry Christmas, I look forward to many more of your reviews in 2009.

hahahaha *raukous laughter*

that was immense - the hideo Kajima quote is epic tbf

jesus christ - well that wasa a lot of text that made me want to die

no offence meant :D

you really didnt have to right all of that - i dont think that if the escapist/yahtzee run out of ideas they're gonna consult you - no meaning to be harsh

and that was to Thundermancer (or whatever his name is)

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