Zero Punctuation: Tabula Rasa

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The lettuce part made my day ^^

Whoa, there are quite a few banned people in this topic, also...How does the Halo 3 video get 500+ comments, and this one not even break 50 V.v
This was a pretty hilarious video.
I also looked up that guy, he does wear a crown!

I can't get over how awesome Yahtzee is, I've watched every episode at least twice, and I still think he's hillarious

So, uh, what are those guns from?

strange, how suddenly a 2-year old topic gets revived again. must have something to do with his mentioning of Gobleqocue in Mass Effect.

hmmm after rewatching this video, it sorta reminds me of Borderlands
you know, an RPG game (sort of an MMORPG) + FPS controls lol

zero punctuation makes my cloudy days bright

First impression regarding the gun question: One of the old "Marathon" shooter games. Seeing how Yahtzee is quite the lover of old-school games, it's rather plausible.

Funniest... endline... ever. :)

I think any MMO created will have a damn hard time surviving. WoW is just all consuming. You really need that extra umph.

Ben was funny, as always. Loved the line about stripping away individuality and the notion of purposely breaking the beta.

i don't believe WoW will ever die. its one of those thing that will exist forever continually adapting to survive. its the Madonna of the gaming universe lols

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