Zero Punctuation: Remember Me

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Creepy ginger twins aren't all bad. They were half the plot of Bioshock Infinite. So we have a character that questions why she's beating people into submission before and after she does it? Sounds like another game developer fitting in a ludonarrative dissonance theme into their game. Yes we know, a lot of games are violent for lack of more compelling game mechanics to keep players interested. Stop whining about it through your characters and just do something different!

This actually sounds good to me. Not sure if it was the intended effect, but this actually made me want to play it. Initially, it was a tiny consideration in the back of my mind. Now it looks like a summer rental.

A Gray Phantom:
Title still reminds me of that episode of Futurama where Bender erects an Egyptian monument to himself.

Pharaoh Bender as the main villan would be a good twist.

Palindrome drug names, memorable asses, and M. Night Shyma-lama-ding-dong twists.

Double Twists! Kinda like the M$ DRM choices for the X-Won. The first is that they have decided to let you play used games. The second will be in 18 months when they screw everyone over, upload a firmware 'fix', and suddenly announce no-used games anymore.

The combat is exploitable, and the production values are shoddy for their main focus (story). That was all I needed to know.


This little red riding hood has a bucket full of kickass?

Yeah, that's impressively bad, even for a...

Nah, now I'm imagining Duke Nukem saying it in a really awful FPS and now it's funny, in a laughing at, not laughing with way.

Its a little out of context but still not the best line. The bad guy, Trace, was chasing her in an airship and quoting Big Bad Wolf stuff, which itself was pretty inane. Then when Nilin finally gets to the cockpit and steals Trace's memory, she spouts out that line. Definitely could have been better written, but not as bad in context.

Anyway, I did enjoy this game, but I also agree with everything Yahtzee said. The combos are fun, but the combat gets boring. One example is a certain enemy that damages you when you attack it, even with a ranged attack. So the only thing you can do is spam the regen moves, which are very low damage, over and over.

I definitely agree the memory alteration sequences were the highlight of the game. It was cool to do a minor change and watch the rest of the scene unfold. But, only having four sequences left me wanting more.

All in all, I found it fun but repetitive and missing the potential of memory alterations (as Yahtzee comments on in his Extra Punctuation).

I personally really enjoyed the game and It's a new ip, give it time. I enjoyed this more than the original assassins creed or uncharted, those games came a long way later on. I really hope to see more from this sereis (not as much as I want to see more tomb raider games). but it has interesting ideas and for the companys first game it's very well done

Remember me was a game I was so hopeful for. It just pisses me off. No game is perfect but this game had so many imperfections. Small things like the game play mechanics just were not smooth and cohesive. The story left a lot to be desired. I like how the game tries to make the player fell bad for their choice. I like how the developers say they don't want to make any sort of message but then they quote 1984 as inspiration. I'm sorry but this game is definitely a good instructional on how to kill a good and ambitious idea. I 2 years who will remember this game? BUT WE DID NOT MAKE ANY CHOICES so pulling the morality card is really insulting. The water effects were really good but the graphics in general were forgettable. The AI was also inconsistent and not that great. The civilians also seemed surreal and it detracted from the immersion of the game. There were good things about the game. I did not at all mind a female protagonist although her being so well put together and stable after amnesia and the stress of being hunted she comes off as way too masculine. I feel that is an insult to gamers as being mindless males who cannot relate to any vulnerability. I really liked the scaling walls mechanic/graphical effect. That was really awesome. What truly angers me is how much promise the game had and how they just missed the mark.

I really needed to rant about Remember Me. I'm going to play bioshock infinite, hopefully that will make up for this.

I agree with Yahtzee and it saddens me how this game did not get the support from publishers that it needed to perhaps be better developed.

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