Feed Dump: Putin, Squirrels and a Wal Mart Parking Lot

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Trisha Lynn:
It showed up in the Commodore Hustle Halloween video. And y'all can go back to your regularly scheduled Kathleen-ogling. *eyeroll*

I was just trying to be funny. I swear, I'm not a creep.

Here's the episode:

Daaaah Whoosh:
Totally just sent an e-mail to squirrelgetoffmyass@loadingreadyrun.com. First placeholderurl.com is an actual site, now this. LoadingReadyRun, I can never tell when you are being serious or not.

Same, I really hope I win the prize. I didn't do it for the prize though. I did it for a fellow human being.

her first mistake was being in winnipeg. there are squirelles EVERYWHERE!!!
at least we're not the trashy part of Canada. YAY!!

No, we're the murder capital of Canada!


RV's parked at a Walmart for various reasons is pretty much par for the course everywhere you look out here in Albertaland. Such a glorious example of urban lifestyles.

And I can think of several bars and a few liquor stores within walking distance of the local Walmart. I don't live in the most opulent part of Edmonton

I love that when Putin stole the ring, it was basically like this. The guy gave Putin the ring to look at, Putin said "I could kill a man with this." Then he put it in his pocket and left. What do you say to that?!

"Guns are more efficient, now give me back my ring", "You can kill people with your little finger, so give me back my ring", or simply "Give me back my ring"

At least they'll know who did it when the inevitable murder happens.

That picture was terrifying. Seriously, I'm going to be looking at the bottom of every toilet I intend to sit on for at least 30 seconds before going through with it.

The horror...

*laughs at trashy Canadian jokes*

It's true. ^.^

Also, does Canada have black squirrels or something? All I ever see where I live are Red ones with the occasional grey one.

Yep. Black squirrels are a common thing around here. We also have white squirrels if you know where to look. There's one living in a park near where I live. It's so popular around our neighbourhood that there's a cafe called White Squirrel Cafe on that street.

Hah, that hat looks like the Vag-hat's cousin...

Everything about this episode was hilarious and frightening...

Imp Emissary:
*Hears about the trashy places in Canada*

*Sees the three hosts from the "trashy" places of Canada*

>.> Hmmmm......I got to say. If you three are examples of Canada's "trashy" people, then I think trashy means something different in Canada than what it means in the U.S.

As someone who lives near the BC/Alberta border, I can definitely tell you they're not very good examples of the people in the province to the east of me.

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