Miracle of Sound: The Day the World Died (Metro: Last Light)

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This song rocks, and now I must finally go through with the install of 2033. For that, I know not how to feel.

This is a second song after "Dream of the Sky" that I've played more than once (and many times). It is very, very good. I even think I've heard some Russian-like accent in the beginning, and both the melody and especially lyrics reminding me a lot of USSR author/bard song tradition of late 80s. Thank you very, very much.

"Even the Apocalypse didn't stop us from killing one another over ideology." That sums up the Metro-series nicely.

Played metro up to when you get to the second village and was like fuck it. I still love this song though. I could not help thinking how much this fit the Fallout series. for fallout 4 they should just have this as the intro. Great song. Can't stop replaying.

great song. It has a sad, Russian feel to it.

I only just learned that the band is just Gavin, and I am impressed. job well done!

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