The Big Picture: Jawsome

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Was there any cartoon in the 90s without the generic, godawful power metal theme tune?

X-Men and Iron Man, they had kickass power metal theme tunes

BTW, why have we gone 4 pages in a Street Sharks discussion with no one linking to this?:

Has Bob done anything about Gargoyles? I would really love to see a big picture about Gargoyles. I was supremely sad when it was canceled and then later brought back to make that meh 3rd season. At least the comics were great.

Bob needs to do Beast Wars/ Beast Machines

Ah, yes, I remember this.
I never had any toys, though. These humanoid monster-toys never were my thing, I liked dinosaurs and more non-human monsters. My Godzilla toy was a bad guy when I played because it had the human-like posture.

But I do remember this show was on a channel I didn't get, and my friend did, and described this show as the best ever because someone's face melted off.

I have a slight suspicion she was exaggerating.

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