Zero Punctuation: Prince of Persia

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Well that was terribly predictable :\

Yahtzee, you have to understand. What happened to psychonauts was because noone knew you back then, you CAN like games nowadays and we give you permission to say nice things in a funny way.
There are totally valid points to complain about this game like the backwards combat system or the repetitive gameplay but you waste so much time complaining about useless things that noone cares about that it's half beside the bloody point.

Also, I believe the conversation between the main protagonists was very FUNny, as do a lot of my friends (aged 25-30 Europeans before you start going about america again). The fact that dialogs in games can't seem genuine anymore it's because YOU changed, it's not because games changed.

Also, that is a PERFECT description of a REAL LIVE woman. Giving her only one marking characteristic would make her like a cardboard cut-out. This adds depth and you get to hate and love Elika just like you hate and love snotty women today.

All in all, I agree. The game sucks: too repetitive and the combat is appalling. However, the story and the characters made me finish it and it is pretty much worth it. Not the best but eh, who's perfect? Except Colombo.

i hated elika and she is sooooooooooooooooo annoying

im hoping for gears 2 next week

did the Australians get Gears 2 yet? LOL. While a Z.P. of GOW2 would be sweet, I still think Z.P. soothing his angry intellect on something distinctly chilled like FLOWER might reap even more critical rewards.


I liked the comparison to a cat sliding down the living room curtains but that was about it. I've played Prince of Persia and not once did I ever even like it a tiny bit. The combat was boring and even with Elika's little Navi thing I still got lost.

Almost all games go bad after the 3 one. game creators milk good games for all their worth including the makers of PoP (prince of persia) the only game that has many aftermaths and are good are the halo series.

Great review Yahtzee! Loved it :), and it was pretty hilarious as well :)

Me, like you, am also a big fan of the original Sands of Time trilogy. And... I won't lie to you, I actually really loved this game :) I thought it was a great addition to a great franchise. lol but I will admit, the Prince and Elika did sound like they were straight out of New York :P But I liked they're dialogue. I thought they had good chemistry.

Only thing that I didn't like, was you never find out how he's the Prince of Persia! It's not that I didn't like it, but I thought they'd reveal it... oh well. Still a great game though.

Again, a very funny review! Since this is basically a recommendation I guess I'll rent this game and check it out. :)

But the intro-/extro-music is still TOO DAMN LOUD. Please, please reduce the volume!
To understand everything you're saying I have to turn my volume up and then I always get BLASTED away when the extro starts. Ouch!

i was one of the few who enjoyed the combat in the game although he is right it does get repetitive after about 80 times!

I'm surprised Yahtzee didn't like the new PoP. I thought it was really good.

Hmm. I guess you missed the bit when he said it didn't altogether suck. That's the best clue you'll get that a ZP review is positive.

angelblack: CAN like games nowadays and we give you permission to say nice things in a funny way.

Ordinary people can say nice things about games, but ordinary people's reviews are tedious. If Yahtzee ever gets tired of making his ZP reviews he'll start giving positive reviews and we'll stop reading them. Until then, people who can't deal with all the negative stuff really should read more Computer Gaming Monthly (where they'll find 100% positive reviews, if the game developer/publisher has purchased enough ad space) and leave ZP well alone.

Well that's the second time I disagree with Yahtzee even though it was a funny review. I liked the story, the gameplay even though I have never played the SOT trilogy. And even so, Yahtzee himself said that nothing said lasts forever. The time for change is here. Who knows, maybe he will like the second one. And to the ones that say that Elika stands in your way, well, you died a lot anyway in the trilogy I imagine, hence the rewind time technique. You want a challenge? Try the achievement or trophy that you have to die less than 100 times in the whole time.

The Concubine reveals it. Go find her quotes.

Woot! I agree with everything in it! You can't die, and what's the point of playing?

After having played some of the game and then seeing Mr. Croshaw's review, I have to lean more towards Mr. Croshaw.

What got me was the fact that PoP felt much like Sands of Time, but with things I liked replaced by amazing amounts of pwetty and a more cinematic combat system that comes off as sluggish and for me frustrating.

Sure, technically it's not BAD; but I shelve it away in my head under "Quaint Excursions" more than "Excellent Continuation of Series".

I think that an individual's view of the game will probably be just how much they dig that sort of thing.

Then again, if you can dig it then why worry?

I still say that yatzee judged PoP abit harshly as i played the game and the story and gameplay work well with each other except for the fact that there will never be a death scene

I still say that yatzee judged PoP abit harshly as i played the game and the story and gameplay work well with each other except for the fact that there will never be a death scene

It was said before, it's Yahtzee. That's why we love him for shedding some creative light on the game. Call them uninsightful - I call it creative.

I find it funny that this was one game that he wanted to see TITS in!
They should have used a "swap-combat" feature; where the player can jump between the main guy and main girl.

OR at least some kind of co-op play.

Actually, I'd have to say it is refreshing that the game faithfully reproduces the true schizophrenic nature of women. They are definitely going for realism these days!

what you mean by fighting the enemy for about 4 minutes before sucoming to boredom and just lazily flicking her wrist at the enemys whenever she has to..(just like the player after the repetative game play)

Um... Yahtzee you missed out the power plates which add an interesting fun dimension to the game. (If you ask me).

Loved Sands of time/Warrior Within/Two thrones series.
But I have to say I really hated playing this game.
Biggest thing that pissed me off was the seed collecting. In a Prince of Persia game, I want to run around, kill stuff, jump off stuff, climb stuff, but I do NOT want to spend ten to fifteen minutes after every area looking around for fucking seeds.
Next was Elika. Decent side character, but I hated what she actually brought: No consequence for fucking up. It makes sense to have her save you if you fuck up while running around, but to have her unlimited saves so you'll never die is just stupid to me. I want there to be some consequence if I fuck up on an enemy, even if I fuck up running around. At the very least not have her power have unlimited charges.
Following Elika were the power plates: Truth be told, only the running power plate. The camera angle that followed when you were under the effect left you running almost blind most of the time, and the "hitbox" range on obstacles there were much larger than the actual object. There were many times that from my angle, there was no way I should have hit it, yet I still would.
Next was the actual combat, What was horrible was that even on non-boss type mobs, I could have my claw half an inch away from the mob (or even in the enemies' graphics) and before my attack can go off, the mob will have enough time to start and finish an attack that sends me flying.

Small cosmetic thing: The graphics for the prince and elika were so different from the scenery, it just seemed like they were simply a cardboard cutout continually pasted on a background. As though the person/people doing the artwork had completely different styles.

Tl;DR: Fuck the seeds. Fuck the required collecting of seeds to advance the game, over and beyond the actual gameplay. Don't consider this a Prince of Persia Game. Think of it as an all new series produced by the same company. Don't compare it to the others, don't have expectations on this game based on how you felt about the others.

I've played this game for a bit,and it seemed alright but meh i've never really gotten into the PoP series

To people complaining about combat for the wrong reasons: Learn to parry.



Do give us credit. As an American, it really bothered me that the characters had American accents. I mean, come on, it's supposed to be Prince of Persia

I don't get this argument. In fact, I abhor this argument. If he is from Persia, then he should speak Farsi, not Farsi-accented English. Now, if learning Farsi to understand PoP is too much trouble to go for (and, for me, it is), then plain, unaccented English is fine.

Tsk, this is just what he means about Yanks being unable to relate ect. "... plain, UNACCENTED English..." give me a break. One of the reasons that the dubbed version of Kung Fu Hussle sounds ok is that Steven Chow does his own dub in it, and all the accents sound like they are from HK. Not like the old KF flicks where they all sounded laughably from the Bronx.

How naive and arrogant to think that your (un)accent is appropriate for all situations anywhere. Do all our Oz actors stealing your plumb roles in the States lose their accents or are they just copying yours? It's probably because of this sort of unconscious hubris that no Septic has pulled off a believable Pommy or Aussie accent EVER.

Hey, let's change "Mad Max" to "Road Warrior" and redub it even though it's ALREADY in English. For a multicultural country the USA can be pretty xenophobic and insular. Still I don't want to over-generalise, so kudos to MaxFan (is that ironic?) who DOES understand. Good on ya mate.

To those folks who have never played the original POP trilogy and wonder if you are missing out... yes, you are!

PS. No, not everybody wants to move to the States.

I hate this game with a burning passion.
it has removed almost everything that made the game good
the entire timing aspect was cut in half by the fact that you no longer have to wait then do a jump sequence worthy of a quick-time event due to all of those extremely well placed traps like the swinging logs
instead you just jump grab the ledge then wait till that moving black gunk on the wall moves away.
also like Yahtzee said the combat is also crap and would only be more unfair and one sided if the dicks had that black gunk surrounding them.
oh wait...they do!

and i agree with jemborg on the accent problem

I found it to be easy, but the battles were rather annoying. Amusing review as always Yahtzee.

I pretty much agree on all points. I enjoyed the game though, it did run a little long and I found myself playing just to finish it 3/4 of the way through.

Also, I would go further on one point Yahtzee made. Anyone who says this game was not difficult needs to get kicked in the nuts. Because apparently they associate difficulty with punishment. A game does not have to punish you harshly to be difficult. But they seem to think so.

SO, here is a way to make the game more 'difficult' for those who complained. Stand next to them every time they need to be saved by chicky you kick them in the nuts. More difficult now? YEAH?! LET ME HEAR YOU SAY IT!!!

I would say this review was hilarious and spot on with the troubles I've been hearing but I'm still gonna get the game. Someone actually said on Steam 'The game is not like the other Prince of Persias but is still good on its own.' I don't know if that's true but maybe looking at this game as a whole you franchise might make it seem better

I agree with yahtzee Prince of Persia needs to be laid to rest before it become another tomb raider.

I got throug about half of the worlds before I said "bother this nonsense" and take it back to the store. Considering how the ending was, I saved myself from throwing my controller at the TV. Even if it does lead to a sequel, who cares? The game was awful, save the "runny-jumpy-climby" part.

even though this was the first one i've ever played and yes i am replaying it *shamless trophy whore* it does need to be laid to rest. although the scenery is beautiful....the parts you can't get to at least.......elika annoys me, she always jumps on me and he likes to disobey my commands and help her when she obviously doesn't need it, and why can't she climb the ()*^&%#$#@!@&*)% vines herself without jumping on my back?

I love this game so much. I thought this POP game was great I never got a chance to play or beat any of the other POP games

I love the dialog in this game and I like the prince and Elika the only thing I did not like was the combat but after awhile i got use to it and I won many fights much easier.

explosivly cums grass seeds aw man thats wrong

ssgt splatter:
explosivly cums grass seeds aw man thats wrong

And sadly that's what see seemed to do as she cries out and then grass slowly appears around her before sweeping out to cover the entire area.

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