Movie Trailers: Hell Baby - Trailer

Hell Baby - Trailer

This looks like the very special spawn of The Exorcist and Rosemary's Baby.

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I like their take on the exorcism genre. Gonna keep an eye out for this!

Heh, I admit when I read the title of the film I thought it's either a generic horror film or a preclude to Hell Boy (which is very unlikely). Granted I don't think this film will be any good, it look like the generic comedy film now!

It began looking (bad) serious. Then looked (pretty good) comedic satire. And then it went all 'Scary Movie' and I was embarrassed (bad).

What a roller coaster ride.

I'm genuinely disappointed that this isn't a clever naming scheme for a Hellboy prequel.

Had my hopes up and everything. >_>


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