Full Metal Genesis

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Not gonna lie, I wanted Shinji to get a verbal-smackdown from Sergeant Hartman of real Marine-core fame.

Not gonna lie, probably wouldn't help. Some people just aren't cut out for a small angry man calling you a faggot and making you sing Happy Birthday, Dear Jesus.

No, what young Shinji needed was an Uncle Iroh. Actually everyone probably needs an Uncle Iroh, because he's awesome on a stick.

Daystar Clarion:

Called it.

I'm very well aware of the actual implications of the show.

See, we have these things we do for comic effect.

You may of heard of them before, they're called jokes.

Yeah but nearly 20 years on, it's just reaching for the low hanging fruit :p


Devon Mendicino:
Al, doing life like a boss heheh.


It never ceases to amaze me how well Al ends up taking all the situations he's thrown into during the series. Personally, after that whole,

situation, I would've gone a little bit more nuts than he does! Now, because of this, he is a total boss in my opinion.

To make the spoiler tags actually hide the spoiler, make sure the second one looks like this: [/spoiler]

Quote me to see what I've done. :)

:P Thanks for letting me know!

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