Deadpool Review - Hit-or-Miss Humor, Solid Action

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Wait, this is yet another game voiced by Nolan North? Is he leaving anything to other voice actors in the business?

He's leaving the JRPGs to Johnny Yong Bosch, at least.

OT: I knew I had to play this game after I saw Deadpool slap Wolverine in the face for 5 minutes.

The trailer alone made me hate this instantly. The humor is juuuuust a bit too childish. And with childish I mean 13 year-old childish, who think poop in the pants jokes are the greatest thing ever if there's also some blood drizzling along with the poop. It's like Deadpool was thought up by a toddler to begin with. 'He's funny and wacky and weird and funny and super strong and craaaaaaaaaazy and wacky and he's a ninja and he shoots guns and he doesn't feel pain and he's funny and wacky and...' Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


To be fair, Nolan North does a damned good Deadpool and he was already the character in animated/gaming media beforehand so it's not too much of a problem.

Actually his first voice was John Kassir. This might be the nostalgia talking but I do prefer his voice to North's. Kassir's Deadpool sounds more demented and insane as opposed to North's Deadpool.


Agreed, for me THAT is the voice of Deadpool. In the same way that Kevin Conroy just is the voice of Batman, and Mark Hamill just is the voice of the Joker.

surprisingly the controls work really well on PC. Un like a lot of other beat 'em ups this one can make good use of guns, and head shots do count. So using a mouse and keyboard work pretty damn well together.

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