EXP: ScrewAttack's Top 10 Video Game Commercials

I think its time we add this to the list.


Wow that was a good list, can't disagree with a single choice . Had did I go so long without knowing about Segata?

You know, I think this entire thing could have just been nothing but Kevin Butler. Because Kevin Butler is awesome! Sony should revive those commercials for the PS4.

An enjoyable list, all the same.

I think its time we add this to the list.


I still like the 'For Michael!' Sony commercial, just to catch all the Easter eggs in it.

This is still the favorite one of my childhood, though. Mog's casting call.

When I was a kid I loved the Wizard. I would rent it every chance I got.

Looking back now, yes it was a 90 min commercial, but to that 7 year old me, it was Awesome.

There is also this weird ass one from playstation back in the 90s




I still like the 'For Michael!' Sony commercial, just to catch all the Easter eggs in it.

I really like that too. Kind of in the same vein as the "Double Life" ad, it made me strangely proud of my hobby. And it was just really well done.

That Smash Bros commercial...makes me smile every time. Good list.

Another great "SEGA bashing Nintendo" ad.

I love the old MK4 commercial, mainly because of the live action characters that a extremely faithful to the in game designs.

Shame about the actual game though.

MK2 had a very similar advert too!

Meh, I prefer the original Kingdom Hearts commercials, for how surreal it was to see Disney and Final Fantasy characters in the same game.

Other commercials I liked:

"For Michael"

Mainly for all the cameos, and seeing them interact.

Not sure if this one was on TV or not, but they got the guys from Robot Chicken to make it! That is awesome!

They didn't even mention the Halo 3 ad campaign? For shame.

Please fix the volume levels, the spoken/ad parts were much quieter than the effects.

I knew Segata Sanshiro was gonna be on the list. There'd be hell to pay if he wasn't.

I'm quite partial to this ad.

Gotta love Segata Sanchiro

I missed this one though

Who destroys the God?
Luthor destroys the God :b

Also, when did Screwattack start posting clips on the escapist?

Anyone remember the Legend of Dragoon Commercial? It's the only commercial I can think of that actually got me to buy a video game.

"He cut my head off, he cut my head off!"

WHAT!?!?!?!?!?!? No Legend of Zelda?

I wanted to actually watch the adds, but the bloke wouldn't STFU!

I really liked the old ratchet and clank commercials where they'd test one of the weapons (or gadgets) in the real world and it'd go horribly wrong. Those were funny.


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