No Right Answer: 90's Cartoon Most Deserving a Reboot

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Yeah ReBoot at least ended on a good note. What needs a reboot however is Pirates of Dark Water. They never finished the show and, for what it's worth, the story was great and the animation was great and it was great and fun and I don't know they canned it and it makes me sad because now this run-on sentence is a bit silly.

Ended on a good note? Did you see the two movies/Season 4? It ended on a cliffhanger that will never be resolved properly because of the death of Tony Jay.


Freakazoid, everyone else is wrong.

Don't know about that, I'm a little conflicted.
On one hand hell yes Freakazoid, on the other, I feel you'd need some incredible writers who are fans of the original work onboard to make it anything but sub-par in comparison.

You just made me think of Freakazoid having a meta moment where an episode is made in Flash and he points out how terrible it looks now. "Thanks internet".



Ended on a good note? Did you see the two movies/Season 4? It ended on a cliffhanger that will never be resolved properly because of the death of Tony Jay.

You just pointed out the only reason why I wouldn't want a Reboot of ReBoot. It just wouldn't be the same without Jay's Megabyte.

Khris (see what I did there) I feel your pain. I too was a kid who enjoyed watching Swat Kats come on the TV just as I got home from school, and then one day it wasn't there. That wasn't fair.

I never really got into Gargoyles as a kid, but I watched some re-runs when I was older and it was a very solid show. I think Gargoyles has the greater demand overall, but I would rather see Swat Kats come back, just because it felt so unfinished.

there is a correct answer in this case.

reboot both, it's truly to best course of action to take

Yeah, Salli Richardson was Eliza Maza. Marina Sirtis played Demona. I loved how complex the characters were and the fact that they tipped a lot of hats to Shakespeare.

Hell yes, Gargoyles! That show was the shit, and any who doesn't think so is STUPID.


Pictured above, haters of Gargoyles.

Just recently watched the whole Gargoyles series. Sadly it originally aired after i had become just a bit too old for cartoons so i missed out on it during the 90's. After having it brought up here and there on the escapist, i decided to give it a shot. It was pretty damn good. Even as a grown man in my 30's, i loved it.

Would I rather see a well made Swat Kats reboot or a well made Gargoyles reboot?
A bit like asking would I rather go on a date with Kiera Knightley or a date with Shakira.
They were both excellent series that were years ahead of their time and never fully appreciated by either the studios or the general audience. From an objective standpoint, Gargoyles had more depth and was better executed, but Swat Kats had more potential. On the surface, Swat Kats oozed style and class, yet viewed now, it felt rather underdone. Its villains were cliche and one-dimensional. Gargoyles had a superb array of enemies to fight, all of them believable, plus its had arcs. Something that very few western cartoons, even now possess.
A Swat Kats reboot, made with the style and intensity of the original, whilst holding a depth and sophistication similar to that of Gargoyles would be something to behold.
Gargoyles on the other hand, I always fear to say this, had run its course. After the great climax on the island of Avalon, was left with nowhere to go. The final series always felt as if it was grasping at straws, like it wasn't going anywhere. That being said, this is one issue on which I would be gladly proven wrong. If someone comes along and writes a proper third series, one with the depth and drive and structure of the first two. That too I would watch with open arms.
As to which I would rather see? Still can't decide. This fence that I am sitting on right now is going to become my sofa and I defy anyone to tell me otherwise.

Yeah, Salli Richardson was Eliza Maza. Marina Sirtis played Demona. I loved how complex the characters were and the fact that they tipped a lot of hats to Shakespeare.

I knew someone was gonna beat me to it, setting them straight on Marina Sirtis.

Gargoyles had a lot more story to tell when it was cancelled; a story continued somewhat in a graphic novel/comic book form that itself had to be cancelled because Disney hiked their licensing fees. Fucking Disney.

Anyway, Gargoyles all the way. Swat Kats doesn't even come close.

Obviously, ReBoot deserves a reboot. It's in the frakkin' name.

Curses! I came here to say the same! God damn, I love me some ReBoot.

OT: I vaguely remember Gargoyles but I honestly have no recollection of Swat Kats at all. However it seems like just the sort of thing I'd watch. Yeah, that's right, I'd even watch it now.

My vote goes to Road Rovers...

Is it just me or was Chris just talking nonsense through most of that? ...or maybe I just couldn't make sense of what he was talking about.

Ehhh... personally I think both shows stand on their own, and to reboot them would be to risk losing something special about them...


Keith David was Goliath. He voiced Anderson in Mass Effect.

REALLY!? Thank you! Anderson's voice bugged the hell out of me because it sounded so familiar but I couldn't place it despite adoring Gargoyles growing up.

Gargoyles needs a continuation, SWAT Kats needs a reboot.

A Gargoyles reboot/continuation most likely could only be as good as the original was. I believe a reboot of SWAT Kats could actually be an improvement. It could take a closer look at the world, maybe answer questions like where the hell Dark Kat and his Creeplings came from, or why the Enforcers needed their own tanks and fighter jets to defend a single city.

Hearing the Swat Kats with different voice actors & drawn in a different style would not sit well with me. It would also just remind me of how terrible the Biker Mice from Mars remake from 2006 was.

Disney recycles their stuff, but they don't do reboots. I always thought Gargoyles was too cool & adult to be a Disney product. Look what Disney did to season 2. & worse, they'd probably have Pixar make a movie for it where the art style would be different & it would be childish & punny & watered down. The original voices & writers probably wouldn't return.

Silver Surfer needs a reboot, that series was great and never finished :(

Can grumpy cat and nyan cat have their own jet?

This is probably EXACTLY what the reboot would be. XD
Wow, though, those final moments of chris talking about the character's names perfectly explains why its so hard to defend that show.

Guys, the Gargoyle's reboot already happend.

I'd rather see some more Darkwing Duck.
Not really a reboot, but rather that third season that got canceled.

SWAT Kats was a stupid TMNT cash-in that no one was interested in when it was on the air. People are just talking it up "ironically" now because it's funny that they ever made something so stupid. Gargoyles was a great show that had high production values and probably got cancelled because it cost too much to make for a kids show. I could see them remaking or continuing Gargoyles, whenever Disney runs out of other ideas. SWAT Kats is dead for good.

Sadly Gargoyles is one of those properties in which Disney has no apparent faith (they won't release the second half of season 2 on DVD), but still won't sell it to anybody. The creator, Greg Weisman, has been trying for ages to get it the attention and care it deserves.

Also the Gathering no longer happens because it ran out of money, which was very very sad because there was a bit of a tradition for Thom Adcox (Lexington) to drop his pants at least once per con.

Also, the biggest reason Gargoyles wins this argument? THE SHOW TREATED KIDS LIKE THEY COULD HANDLE SERIOUS STORIES AND COMPLICATED PLOTS. PEOPLE BLED AND GOT SHOT BY BULLETS AND NEARLY DIED. Stuff had consequences, long-reaching ones. Good god almighty.

Also, King Arthur was supposed to be voiced by Patrick Stewart, but sadly scheduling conflicts happened.

I never saw Gargoyles but Swat Kats was awesome. However, I don't think they could reboot it and it still be as cool.

Kyle was great this week. If I was arguing Chris on this my first reply would be a three-minute hoarse NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Dan, ponies are not anthropomorphic. They're still horse shaped. Get your shit together, man.

My two cents. Since MovieBob already mentioned his wish to see Gargoyles get a reboot in an episode of The Big Picture, I won't go into too much detail on what I think. To put it simply, I am not interested in seeing a reboot of Gargoyles. Now Swat Kats, on the other hand, I can totally see a continuation, not a reboot. I was more of a Swat Kats fan than a Gargoyles fan when I was a kid (especially since Swat Kats had kick ass theme song), so a continuation of the series I could get behind. Also, while the show did have a few strong female characters that did support the heroes, if a continuation where to happen, I would love to see a female pilot accompany T-Bone and Razor (or T-Bone and Razor's children/relatives) on missions. I know some people not might agree with me on this, but if a new chapter in Swat Kats needs to be added, I think having a female ally would help not only freshen the formula, but also draw in new fans as well.

What about Mighty Max the way it ended it needed a second season since Max reset time he could have done things right this time there was so much to explore!!

The Random One:
Kyle was great this week. If I was arguing Chris on this my first reply would be a three-minute hoarse NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Dan, ponies are not anthropomorphic. They're still horse shaped. Get your shit together, man.

Definition of anthropomorphic is attributing human form OR characteristics to anything other than humans. Boom son, looks like Dan just done dropped some knowledge on yo punk ass!

I wanna gif of Chris talking about that mayor cat so bad.
Also as much I love Gargoyles (they aren't actually gargoyles btw) if the Adult Swim's line-up proves anything, it's that the show most deserving of a reboot is the Real Adventures of Johnny Quest.

that doesn't need a reboot they just need to start making the episodes again, the animation is still good. hell it was ahead of its time if it would have waited like 5 more years before airing it would still be on now.

Feh. Gargoyles or Swat Kats? You people should be thinking much further afield, especially with the likes of Adult Swim as a venue.

While they both have a lot of good memories for you all, I'm sure, as well as many of the other popular cartoons that have been mentioned, Reboot, Freakazoid, et al, but they all had decent runs during their time.

No, the toons most deserving of a reboot are those that were tragically cut short before they could fulfill their promises.

Let's start with:

Santo Bugito
The Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat
and, surprisingly absent in this particular forum, Earthworm Jim, the only cartoon I've heard recite the Bene Gesserit litany against fear.

Now let's add Cadillacs and Dinosaurs.

I can't wait until we have discussions about the cartoons from the late 90s and early 00s.

For instance: Codename: Kids Next Door v.s. The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. I can NOT wait for these arguments.

while i agree with the outcome that gargoyles would be best served by a reboot ( and would probably be the most succesful option what with disney doing so well lately) i gotta say other shows would have made more sense then swat kats .. like Exo-squad or as was mentioned pirates of darkwater. as to other things mentioned i have fond memories of reboot and freakazoid ... if reboot was every done i would suggest a longer 1st season that would basically condense the first season into say the first 5 episodes just for world building

and as for freakazoid ... it does not need reboot just new episodes ... i'm pretty sure bob or jim or somebody mention just how ahead of it's time freakazoid was and i see no reason to change anything

also why exo-squad did you guys see where it ended the war was over and then the aliens from robotech invaded (was to be a big cross over but season 3 never happened)would love to see it redone with better animation and actually getting to the universe combining

I vote this show, actually.

If it had to be only one, I'd go with something a little more.....dangerous.

I guess both shows are equally viable today

Gargoyels could be made into the next Twiligth-clone, with hot-ish brooding gargoyels for teen girls to lust secretly for.

Swat Kats (my favorite) could work as a combination of military fanwank and, well, toys. Tons of toys. In that sense it'd fit more for a younger 8 to teen audience, while a rebooted gargoyles would be for teens primarily. Still, Swat kats had the best opening themes by far.

Reboot - well - the movies did end on a cliffhanger. If anything that series shouldn't be rebooted as much as have a sequel with a new cast. Instead of setting it in a mainframe, this show would be in the cloud and would use more modern internet and tech tropes. Of course, that'd be stepping a little on Trons toes, but I think it'd more than possible to differentiate the two.

Holywoodout of ideas? That's bull crap. More afraid to try new things is more accurate. And we don't want reboots because that's all we've been getting for the last 5 years and they are usually worse than the original.

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