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"If you tell a story long enough everybody dies."
- Neil Gaiman


Cory, if you kill the rat, I will be upset and cry a lot. You don't want that, do you?

Same here man!
You hurt that poor lil thing and I'll - I'll... I'll have NO other choice then to start accepting the fact that life isn't all sunshine and lollipops not even in a humor centered story... NONE of us wants that to happen now do we? D:

I think the problem is feeding it skittles.

I don't know about rats, but with Dogs you basically have to take them to a dietritian to figure out what you need to feed them.

Yeah, if it had been an old dog, she might have left him a chocolate bar.

Oooh, and obligatory sad arc in a cooky gaming webcomic. This'll go really well, last time something like this happened it was so gre-

Captcha: Baby Blues.

Great, now we just need to have Critical Miss be as shit as ctrl+alt+delete and the delivery of a dead horse.


Don't you dare die on us, Suchong!

I can see Grey kicking Cory's ass later this week.
Poor Erin, as if going batshit crazy wasn't bad enough, now she's going to lose Suchong too? I don't understand the hating of the story arcs though, Erin taking her pants off in that last arc was my favorite bit in the entire comic, and not for the obvious reason.
Hell, even if the little thing does die, at least it's a story! I'm just sad that I got caught up, now I have to actually wait.




I will save you going there and giving the site a hit, and reading through months of drivel.

Ethan gets pulled into the future, via butter..... Yeah so light hearted there! Then to fuck up the light tone from that.... Zeke went terminator, killed off Ethans friends and family made an army and started killing everyone. Future Ethan is being hunted as the creator of Zeke, the resistance finds past Ethan and a resistance girl that looks like Lucas(implied daughter) saves him and starts to send him back to the past to stop Zeke. Future Ethan shoots her, gets shot himself and screws up time portal. Ethan throws himself at the machine and turns it off before it rips apart all space time. Now instead of having him pop back to his time that kills Ethan and all anyone finds of him is a scorch spot next to the time machine.

So ZERO closure.... No continuity attachment, and more or less a Terminator(first one) movie rip off, with the time travel in reverse.

Almost like the artist said "So you want a funny comic strip? FUCK YOU! I AM GOING TO KILL IT WITH FIRE!"

Wow. So Tim went full blown dipshit finally? I stopped at the miscarriage thing too and it appears I got off the Shit Train just in time. I can't imagine his fanbase got any bigger with that stunt. Is he finally out of the comic business now, god willing?

I lacked things to do about a month back, remembered how CAD was recommended on this very forum back in 09 when I joined (remember the craziest shit at the wierdest times). Decided to check it out. Read up to, and past the miscarriage and to the very end of Ethan as a character.....

and my reaction was basically like... (wat)

Then it was just strip upon strip upon strip upon strip (think about one hundred?) of those wierdly coloured guys killing eachother.

I still gave it a shot past the miscarriage arc, and it continued to be unfunny, to the point where I was just waiting for a really good spot to abandon it. I left it sometime after the Ethan-as-manager arc wrapped itself up. (Which I remember also getting him in hot water for stealing someone else's character design.)

But boy am I glad I called it quits then, geez. Are the new "player" comics even any good now?

Grey Carter:

This will pick up...

Read Full Article

Now, this has me hopeful, I think it was largely overlooked (even if it was really the editor).

Oh god no. Not on the same week that 400 days is coming out, i can't hold all these feels.

Together, we will hold all the feels. We will take upon the burden of knowing bad things happen to good things, and being witness to it. We will all carry the feels 400 Days and Age grants us, like stones in our backpacks, with the hope this will improve the strength in our backs. With the alternative being the stones being too heavy, and we fall down unable to stand.

I want to hope that Suchong doesn't end up exploring and seeing that his family has grown without him and is in some sort of danger, then just ending up with only 1 Son left....who winds up inside Erin's house as Suchong II, not like she would notice the difference without crying......seriously, something like that might just seem slightly similar to The Simpsons episode when Lisa's cats kept dieing, afterwards naming Snowball IX (?) to Snowball II to save money on a dish.

That's actually pretty depressing. It's like Seymour, except with a light-hearted ending. I'm just half expecting Suchong finding his only surviving son, and telling him that he must carry on the burden. Then just dying then, and Suchong 2 returning to where Erin left Suchong 1.

God have mercy on your soul if you end this arc with his death XD

Pretty sure that's no longer possible...


Boba Frag:
Really enjoyed the last arc you did Corey, can't wait to see the rest of this!

I second this.
Never understood why people got so crossed about Cory and Grey making nice character stories. I like having these arcs (I wished they made a comic explaining how Elliot and Molly forgave Erin for throwing that 360 on her head (even though it missed). She went through a trip inside her brain and all, but they didn1t see that!
Thanks for doing another one of these, Cory and Grey!

Ignoring that it created drama of the miscarriage kind both in the comic and in the comics, it was integrated poorly. The problem with an arc like that is when you follow the arc with:

As I said at the time:

I think the problem is more:

We had a storyline which says that these antics are not played for laughes and that she has ... Dun, dun, dunnnnn... SERIOUS ISSUES!!!

This makes strips like these problematic because we were supposed to take Erin's actions seriously then. Thusly, pulling a butterfly knife with a blade about as large as her head on a new co-worker is no longer wacky antics but Erin continuing to be a danger to everyone around her.

Thusly the problem. In real life, most of us would have difficulty seeing the joke in this and, since we're now supposed to take such strips as drama, the reaction becomes confused. It may well be that trying to do drama with Erin was this strip's "miscarriage moment" but what has been done can rarely be undone.

Integrating drama and comedy is hard. Since the "Erin goes crazy" arc, I've noticed that most of the arc and it's aftereffects have been handwaved away. I imagine it's partially to avoid forum drama and partially because it just didn't integrate well with the general direction of the comic.

Since Ctrl-Alt-Del has been mentioned, I understand that this is the reason that he switched over to the current format with the four players. Tim Buckley said that it got confusing to switch from "serious story arc" to "Video games. LOL!" and back again. With the current format, he can use Players 1-4 for comedy and, when he wants to do a serious character arc, he can bring Ethan and the others out of retirement.

I just want to say I'm happy to see another story arc coming, The other stuff was getting a bit........thin.

Symbio Joe:
"If you tell a story long enough everybody dies."
- Neil Gaiman


I think the rat's gonna be fine, probably gain immortality or something. Killing it off would just be.... predictable.

Somebody cue the

Oh no... please don't tell me this is going where I think it is... *SNIFF*

I dont like tearjerker arcs, they remind me far too much of reality :'(

Lets see where this goes i guess.

Critical Miss are trying to tell a story arc again.

Please stop before it's too late.

prepare yourself,the feels are coming

Oooh, and obligatory sad arc in a cooky gaming webcomic. This'll go really well, last time something like this happened it was so gre-

Captcha: Baby Blues.

Well, I'm glad we got that asinine observation out of the way nice and early.

kill that diseased rodent, having a rat as a pet is stupid anyway.

Arming hate cannons...

Just want to say, I personally LIKE when webcomics do story arcs. It gives characters personality. And I enjoy the Critical Miss story arcs.

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