Plants vs. Zombies Quiz

It's been so long since i played PvZ, i had to guess at the name of the final boss.

These quizzes are definitely getting better (and harder). Thanks for stepping up the challenge.

Good quiz, nice to see it's a little more complex than just looking at the picture.

One of the questions regards a zombie only found in the original release of the game and only existed for one year before being pulled/replaced, so unfortunately I had to retake the quiz 2 more times before I correctly guessed its name.

Kudos on the obscurity of the question though.

Should the Jackson zombie be in the quiz? The jackson family did get that pulled out of the game. :p

Got a 9/10, fucked up at the first aquatic zombie. :C

Did they just rename the Jackson zombie or remove it entirely. Can't believe I never noticed.

Edit: Never mind just checked on the Vita version its just "dancing zombie" now with joke mentioning any resemblance to anyone living or dead is a coincidence haha.

I'm glad to see me mate in the leaderboard.

(good quiz btw)

10/10, #97.
I haven't played it in a year,too.


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