Top 5 with Lisa Foiles: Top 5 Cowboy Games

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Sorry for your loss Lisa :(

I'm kind of surprised that the Wild Arms series / games didn't make the list. They're not perfect but quite fun western RPGS!

Sorry for you pain, Lisa. I remember what it was like when I lost my father. A piece of advice for you and yours which served my family well--never take anything a widow says too harshly for the first 2 years after losing her husband. My mother doesn't recall those 2 years much at all these days--that's how heavily it hit her.

Loved the episode, but the video kept making micro-pauses every few seconds. It does that sometimes and I don't know why...

i must dissagree with the idea of an assassin's creed in the wild west, too manny guns, not enogh places to climb

Let me add my sympathies to the overflowing bucket of love here on the Escapist Lisa.

On a happier note, the Sprinkler and the Shopping Cart are totally my signature moves. Along with the Sweeping Broom.

red dead is based on heart of darkness, theres a lot of references to it. No, assasins creed has was too much bull like time travel. It can never work because it relies on the larger illuminati thing that doesnt make sense. Its why each game is more an extended narrative and not self contained, adding to the original.

Dear Lisa,

Awesome list but surprised Gun.Smoke wasn't mentioned, though I was happy that it made a cameo video appearance.
Also, our condolences in your loss. Take as much time as you need to confront your feelings and find your closure.


CCM and the gang

Shark taped on, pfft, close enough. better than my dancing! ;)

Take all the time you need, Lisa. We all understand and look forward to seeing you when you're ready.

Elomin Sha:
I should go play Outlaws again.

Outlaws should have at least replaced Sunset Riders. Not only was it a fantastic game, but I think it was very much the granddaddy of the modern western video game.

Big hugs Lisa. Our thoughts are with you in this painful time.

Call of Juarez: Gunslinger is a very good western. It only costs $15 and you get much more than $15 dollars worth of fun out of it.

Call of Juarez(all of them, that is) is also on the PC. So is Gun. Strange that that was left out, considering that aiming in first person is a thing one needs to do in those games(well, third and first in Gun, but you get the idea).

But, in any case, sorry for your loss. Sucks.

Why did Lisa keep saying that she is not very good at video games? She plays them for a living and has been a gamer ever since she was little? Very confusing // I do approve of this list tho

Also, sad to hear your dad Lisa // Wishing you all the best


Blood Brain Barrier:
The 1st Call of Juarez is better than Bound in Blood.

Damn right it was. It breaks my heart to know that my friends won't give the first game a try.

Awww, Fallout: New Vegas didn't make the list. What a bummer. :(

"See You Cowgirl, Someday, Somewhere!"

Daystar Clarion:
My sympathies for your loss Lisa, we'll hold the fort while you take the time to grieve.

She's gunna carry that weight.

those two lines you put there
yeah, those
FUCK YOU for doing that

my feels hurt

My condolences to you and your family, Lisa.

The Gunstringer is probably the only good Kinect game I can think of, off of the top of my head. Special awesome points goes to the commentary done by Pokecapn and his posse. I'm still waiting for them to reveal the Wu-Tang secret.

I bought Red Dead a few months ago, maybe I will finally play it this weekend. Life just keeps getting in the way.
Also, I keep thinkin Kinect could be good at some point, but then I just realize.. Meh, I like controllers.

*I am sorry for your loss, my thoughts for you and your family during this time.

Sorry to hear, looking forward to seein from you again later in the year Lisa.

I still have not played Red Dead Redemption. The Borderlands games are sort of going for the Wild West vibe in space, but are mainly about shooting. I am still on my first saves on most of the games I bought for the Xbox, can't even justify paying for a Xbox Live account as I play it so little.

The next Assassin's Creed should have a recently freed slave as a protagonist who seeks out revenge on all of the slavers through bloody gun battles and anachronistic music with witty dialogue.

I honestly thought they were going to do that next instead of what they are doing now. But Pirates are pretty cool as well...

They should just make it about this guy.

makes me wanna replay RDR :0
and I really need to try out Gunslinger!

also best wishes, Lisa :c

As with many here, I'm sorry to hear about the loss of you're father. I know what you are going through(in some way), I lost mine too. I, to be honest, found this post wondering why there wasn't a new top 5 this week and now I know. Take all the time you need. Just remember. All of us are pulling for you, keep your stick on the ice. I couldn't help the red green reference, sorry.

Am I the only one here who thought Fallout New Vegas should, strangely, be here. I mean it had a wild westish feel right...........right? No? Oh fuck you too!

I don't believe she watches The Good the Bad and the Ugly every year. I never liked Westerns, but that was the first one I ever watched all the way through. Eh, Blondie? Mmmm, Spaghetti...

I need to pick up Red Dead Red Redemption already.

This was charming and hilariously cheesy; to the point I had to comment and say as such. =P

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