Jimquisition: Sequel or Slaughter

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Magic Bacon Fairy:
I am a afraid I will have to disagree with you on this, and here's why: Coffee

One of my buddies works for the evil green empire (starbucks) but also wants to start his own coffee shop. I was confused about why starbucks doesn't fight back against the rise of the small coffee shop, which survives by being different, and in most cases by offering objectively better coffee. So I asked him why doesn't Starbucks add a little bit of personality to each of it's branches, modify the decor, offer different coffees at each branch ect. His answer surprised me, because A. they would make less money, and B. it would kill the industry as whole. People go to starbucks for a consistent experience, in addition to that starbucks draws people in to drinking coffee. You don't start drinking coffee at hipster coffee house #37, you start by drinking starbucks coffee.

I think the same thing could be applied to video games. FTL is a great game but I don't think it's going to convert people to gaming. As much as I hate to admit it CoD, WoW and their ilk have done more for reaching out to new blood than all the indies ever. But it get better than that because these companies are so concerned with making a consistant product it allows the smaller developer to come in and do crazy stuff and change the industry.

And yes, I do thank God for you
Magic Bacon Fairy

Unfortunately, the product that you mention like Starbucks need to create the consistent personality in order for the consumer to realize their existence. Plus, trademark issue need to be taken care before they able to change their way early nearly, unlike video games that can follow certain type of genre without the need worry about copyright problems, but only if they experience the issues like Interplay and Mojang.

It is true that a company like Activision and Ubisoft that indulge in a consistent sequel fatigue gave other people to bring their own innovation to the table, but most game developer especially the AAA company will insist on following the success of this known company with the proof of their huge sales, even if they produce the same thing. They have no motivated reasons to make something else, other than diminish their game series and making a reboot.

There was a time when video game companies have created hundreds of innovating and unique games that people have make but not usually succeed, but those games bring good ideas that most game companies always looking pass them, and some game companies actually refer these ideas that already have been done before such as Dark Souls (do you really think that this kind of games have never been done before?). Yet, From Software are now have the goal to compete with Skyrim that may cause a different outcome than they were before, which is risky. But it is understandable if they don't want to be removed off the consumer's radar.

Right now, the only thing that may prevent sequel fatigue is to make sure the publisher and the developer will consistently making exceptional games that give them the moment to shine. Naughty Dog have proven their quality through the Uncharted series, and they able to make a different product with The Last Of Us, which received instant success with good reasons unlike COD.

As good of an argument as Jim makes on this, I think using a single person's words from Ubisoft - employer of several thousand - reveals an overblown reaction. Ubisoft gave us Farcry3: Blood Dragon, that breath of fresh air Rayman Legends, and I Am Alive very recently is proof they are still a net good despite a few immature heads at the top not understanding the nature of the beast and the difference between respecting a medium and devouring all of it for themselves. A slip of ignorance isn't a record, just a slip.

God I hate people who always ask for sequels. It's usually extremely obvious when a game series should be plain over, whether its one game or not. The problem is, they want a return to that game they found awesome. Your just asking for your perfectly done tale you loved so much to be extended and ruined. Hell, why do people do this with EVERYTHING for fuck sake.

How many times have I seen anime where people have said "WE NEED A SECOND SEASON" for example with Mirai Nikki or the Future Diary. It ends with every person the protagonist was supposed to kill dead, and him crowned god of time and space, just as the entire show was leading up to. It then got an OVA to fix up unsolved plot lines. (I'd spoiler tag that, but it'd be like saying its a spoiler then in Great Teacher Onizuka he does in fact make his entire class like him) It literally could not possibly continue anymore. Why the fuck would you want a sequel!? It was my favorite anime of all time too! I want my fantastic ending to remain exactly that! AN ENDING.

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