Movie Trailers: 47 Ronin - Trailer

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Keanu Reeves as, yet again, "The One". lol

I am unfamiliar with the story but i am guessing his character isn't suppose to be Caucasian.

It looks interesting, but i have some doubts. KR is ok in some things... i get the feeling someone else could be better as the lead for this one though.

I hate that Keanu Reeves is in this for many reasons, but it actually the most prevalent one is this.

... Why can't we just get martial artist actors any more? Keanu did only a few roles that were really 'acting'. Him, along with most other people in Hollywood are hired to be the versions of them that people want to see. You don't hire Samuel L. Jackson to be the nerdy hacker (anymore), you hire him to be loud, scary, and 'bad ass'. You don't hire Channing Tatum for his comedic genius, you hire him to make women swoon and occasionally punch a guy. This is all to say you're not hiring him because he's the only actor that can bring this 'character to life'.

That being said... if you want fight scenes in your movie, find fucking martial artists who can fight and say a line. I don't want to go to a movie and say 'I can pull a better fight scene than that'.

Sweet Tapdancing Zombie Jesus, Thousand Pounds on youtube. Pick one. ANY ONE OF THEM. Instead of giving them six months of Martial Art training that's supposed to make us believe they were the chosen destined one that is strong with all Martial Arts, give them six months of acting training to make us go 'Ok, I believe that line so I'm ok when the ass kicking starts'

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