Movie Defense Force: Godzilla

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I rather like this film. It sold itself quite well when I was a kid, starring dinosaurs, dinosaurs breaking things and military vehicles breaking more things. Like The Land Before Time meets Thunderbirds. I remember mum summed it up as "Roar boom-boom for two hours", which still feels like time very well spent when I happen to watch it again.

The only problem with this movie is that it's called Godzilla. If it was called something else, like Artiguno, Cloverfield, or Mr Dimples comes to New York, a lot of people would have been okay with it.

I'm relabeling the VHS casette as we speak. "Godzilla" never had that good of a ring to it, anyway. Mrs Dimples it is, sounds much more pleasant.

2 giant monsters fighting each other isn't that special because you don't get much sense of scale.

I got that feeling from Pacific Rim whilst I was watching, great film none the less, and there are plenty of little moments that demonstrate the scale. However they don't feel as big as Godzilla 2000 and going to go see this as a ten year old blew my little mind.

Didn't even know there was hatred surrounding it. I remember finding it quite enjoyable.

You win this one, Jim! I honestly can't argue.

You aknowledge G.I.N.O. (Godzilla In Name Only), and that Zilla isn't Godzilla... and that Godzilla has looked goofy (Googley eyes era, anyone?) and his weird looking kid. I kinda appreciated the attempts to humanize Godzilla, though.

I just feel like the plot was that of a SyFy film, just that there was a bigger FX budget for this one.

It's fun to see how many of us actually like the film, despite it being widely recognized as a bad one.

I loved it since I saw for the first time, just like Ruisu says:

[...] It was really, REALLY fun back in 1998, and it was likely the first movie I watched as a child in a movie theater. And there is nothing wrong with godzilla's looks. [...]

Besides the cartoon based on it was badass. And I mean it, badass.

And yeah, the feeling of "you get what you deserved for nuclear testing" was there since the beginning and I liked the aspect of it. If you approach it as a standalone movie it's really good. Plus yeah, flippin' Jean Reno with a goddamn Elvis accent!

Never had a problem with this film, saw it in the cinema when I was but a wee tyke. And Jean Reno is in it...
He chews gum...
He's so awesome...

Scars Unseen:
Was GodZilla dry humping that skyscraper at 1:21?

You would if you were that big...


It think it's OK to not root for the 'intended characters to root for'. For example, in the Mass Effect series I literally didn't care at all about Shepard. I sincerely hated the character.

I do that a lot too. I happen to be a wrestling entertainment fan, and I find the shows to be much more entertaining when rooting for the "heels" or villains. I get a kick out of them insulting the intelligence of the people in attendance.

As someone who hated this film in the theaters and refuses to refer to it as anything but "Matthew Broderick and the big green lizard", I was expecting to disagree a lot with this review.

But I really can't because, when I'm honest with myself, the two main reasons that I hated this movie are:

Matthew Broderick
Maria Pitillo

Hopefully, the director of the 2014 remake watches this movie and learns what not to do or watches Pacific Rim and learns what to do.

I would argue that Jim is objectively wrong on audiences accepting Zilla as his only other movie appearance was Zilla jobbing to Godzilla in 25 seconds but the animated series is somewhat of a counter to that.

Weird: I only just recently decided to rewatch the audio adaption of the Godzilla NES creepypasta today and i find Godzilla as the latest movie defense force...

I sense a conspiracy or some kind of magical phenomena is imminant.

Feels like you're clutching at straws with this one, Jim. Unless someone out there can provided an edited version of Zilla 1998, I'll stick with the Nostalgia Critic's review of the movie.

As for those who long for payback against the US abomination, allow me to point you towards a clip from Godzilla: Final Wars that offers the quickest and most brutal smackdown between the original and the knockoff.

I rather liked this Zilla design myself. Maybe it is because it is my generations godzilla but I remember seeing it in the theater and really enjoying it.

Scars Unseen:
Was GodZilla dry humping that skyscraper at 1:21?

Who says it was dry?

I always felt like the film was a paradoy of AmericanFUCKYEAHism. Where the vast majority of damage was caused by the military epicly failing. The monster was just an animal doing animal things, and did very little damage itself.

That was my favourite part of it. Most of the damage was caused by the humans. Stupid humans!

I will also agree that the 'romance' sideplot was cringeworthy. Especially considering how much a of a bitch the female lead was.

Last honourable mention goes to the two cool songs that came from the soundtrack: Jamiroquai's "Deeper Underground" and Diddy's 'angry Kashmir', also known as "Come With Me".

Mr. Q:
As for those who long for payback against the US abomination, allow me to point you towards a clip from Godzilla: Final Wars that offers the quickest and most brutal smackdown between the original and the knockoff.

And yet, I enjoy THIS movie - while all the "good Godzilla movies from Japan because the only good Godzilla movies MUST come from Japan and Godzilla must look retarded because it has to be a guy in a rubber suit"... they just suck in my opinion.

The only 'good' part about this movie is that it was the prequel to the very good Godzilla: The Series.


Mr. Q:
As for those who long for payback against the US abomination, allow me to point you towards a clip from Godzilla: Final Wars that offers the quickest and most brutal smackdown between the original and the knockoff.

And yet, I enjoy THIS movie - while all the "good Godzilla movies from Japan because the only good Godzilla movies MUST come from Japan and Godzilla must look retarded because it has to be a guy in a rubber suit"... they just suck in my opinion.


And prior to Godzilla 1998 the whole Rubber Suit Monsters Japan did always bothered me when I compared to the awesomeness of Stop Motion Giant Monsters.

And even more so when talking about Giant Robots they basically miss out on the most awesome advertisement idea ever by not doing Stop Motion with Toy Robots.

I don't even care. I fucking loved this movie back in the day and I still love it now. As a monster movie, it was perfect. There's just so much unbridled destruction of EVERYTHING it's impossible not to love. Where else can you see a nuclear submarine commit suicide with its own torpedoes?

And I disagree that it went on too long. I found the extra padding to be good for world building purposes. In many ways, it made it more plausible.

You know what this movie needs? Being made 3 or 4 years later.
Then Hollywood had a better symbolism for Zilla than: we can violate nature and kill the offspring, but it'll be a bloody business.

I liked the "blast"-scene best, that the scream throw the cars up, but the explosion seem to come from leaked gas and metal-sparks.

I can say a few good things about the film. TO start off, I think it's a very good film for children. To an adult it may seem too slow and boring but by action film standards it's pretty high concept and deals with pretty serious philosophical questions much in the way the Terminator franchise is loved for. I think the movie is just long enough to really let the understanding of what's happenning on screen sink in. Godzilla's death has made me cry every time. I can remember so well the first time I was watching her eye close in her final moments and thinking to myself at age 7 "who are the real monsters?"

If Jim is running low on ideas I suggest Jingle All the Way. It's the ultimate film about he Christmas spirit and it is brushed off way too easily.

It might just be because 15 odd years ago, but this is another movie that I thought was alright. Then again, I never saw any Godzilla thing ever and still haven't.

The new one with Ken Watanabe(or, the other brilliant foreigner) will be the second Godzilla thing I see.

When you say "it was established as another beasty" Jim, you're talking about this thing, right?


It's a ridiculous movie with Hank Azaria in it. What more could you want?

The fact that regular Godzilla looks like a guy in a dumb goofy costume (no matter how they spin it) is what made me love this iteration and movie. I say that as a creature designer myself, so please excuse a very huge bias showing through. This Godzilla is just absolutely beautiful, I remember seeing a making-of show before the movie even came out and getting excited. I am also not a Godzilla fan, so maybe that explains it. I never hated that franchise, but I could never get into it because of how everything looked cheap and rubbery. I admit this movie goes on too long and many of the human characters are un-interesting, but I found this movie enjoyable in the same way I found the first transformers enjoyable, which has the same problems.

Also that cartoon was fucking awesome!

I loved this film when it came out and rewatched it a dozen times on VHS. Then again, never saw any other bit of Godzilla media (and I intend to keep it that way, rubber suit monsters are pretty retarded).

But when I rewatched it last year, I must admit as well, it starts out way too slow and goes on for way too long. But it has some fun scenes.

Got to bring more to the table, Jim, if you're going to try and defend this steaming pile.

You are correct that the scenes with the monster aren't really that bad, and that an "okay" movie suffered from being tied into a franchise that the movie itself really didn't seem to want to be a part of.

But to me Godzilla made me just want to throw the DVD out the window every time they said that the monster "just disappeared." Um, no. That's not going to happen. Stop padding the damn movie and get on with it.

I always liked this film and never understood the hate, but then, I'm not really a Godzilla fan. It is a bit long, but at least it's not Peter Jackson's King Kong long.

Ahh Godzilla 1998. I was 7 when I saw this, ergo no quality control on my part :P I remember barely anything about it, aside from the end scene with the egg hatching. I did however actually cry in the cinema when Godzilla died. I don't want to watch it again, just because I don't want to ruin that silly sentimental memory for myself.

RJ Dalton:
The real problem with this movie is that it just takes itself too seriously. It never embraces the insanity of its premise and instead tries to explain everything in way more detail than it really needs to instead of saying, "here's some crazy shit, enjoy the madness."

I don't know, I think there's a difference between "It takes itself too seriously" and "It spends way too much time on trivial shite".

"That's a lot of fish" seems to preclude the movie thinking it's particularly 'serious', for instance.

Anyway, yeah, this is one I've brought up a few times around the forums as a film I like that I've never really gotten all of the hate for. But I like Matthew Gormless as an actor, Hank Azaria and Jean Reno helped carry the non-monster parts, I didn't have any vested interest in the earlier Godzilla films--though unlike a fair number of people around here I had actually seen a good number of them before 'Zilla '98--and I generally don't get angered by franchise names being put onto things that could be their own IP. I can see when it doesn't make any sense, but it won't color my overall impression.

If there was more Kaiju action, I'd be more forgiving. Like Bayformers, however, there's too little of the titular big stompy thing.

I don't care about it not being true to Godzilla. I liked the appearance of "Zilla." Jean Reno is Jean Reno. But it's a human drama with a Kaiju backdrop. Fuck that.

I think Jim is wrong with this one. People didn't hate this movie because it's not Godzilla, they hated it because it's a shitty movie.

Godzilla fans weren't the only ones who hated it.

This is in that special category of movies for me that would have been a solid flick if it weren't associated with an established property. I felt it was a servicable giant monster flick and if it hadn't been "Godzilla" it probably would have gotten a better reception (see Cloverfield). I also think that if the Star Wars Prequel trilogy had had it's Star Wars branding stripped from it it would have been a trio of average sci-fi movies though, so my opinion might be insane.

I've been critical of this series but this one made me laugh because Jim's recollection mirror's my own. I remember really liking this movie when I saw it a long time ago but if I watched it again I would just be waiting for those moments of nice action I remember and I'm sure it would drag on in a surprising way.

I thought it was pronounced Jean "Reh-NOH", so I will keep calling him that, because that sounds more French, but in a cool way. And that picture of baby Godzilla Jr. from the old movies? That was so ugly I had to laugh!

When people say how awful the 1998 Godzilla movie was, they should be reminded that it could have been a lot worse. It could have had Godzooky in it.

I was a teenager when I first saw this movie. I had never seen any Godzilla movies, unless you count skipping past old ones on TV. I thought it was a passable monster/action movie. Not bad to watch once and fairly forgettable. I honestly agree with Jim, this movie is only considered "bad" by a certain vocal section of the population (Godzilla fans) because it's totally and completely unrelated to or even stylistically similar to the common Godzilla films. I know how that feels to have some idiots adapt and destroy material that you love into something that's a twisted shell that's nearly unrecognizable.

You know, this movie would probably have sucked a lot less, if it was set in Paris and Jean Reno and his guys are like French GIGN or other special forces trying to stop him.

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