LoadingReadyRun: The New Timezones

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Proverbial Jon:
Daylight Savings!

This actually makes an awful lot of sense... I can think of a use for every single one of these times.

Agreed. I know I personally already use a lot of these times - not by name, but I already associate different priority levels with different events' times. Having a consistent legend of codes people use for any given time would certainly increase communicative efficiency.

OK. I laughed, you got me there.

Still, it's all nonsense. Fun, but nonsense.

The only absolute truth contained in the video is this:


I see I wasn't the only one who thought Wikipedia Time should have been TV Tropes Time.

I'm amazed no one mention the legs.

During the split screen (but not in the stinger) the two legs.

The two legs are one leg.

It starts as Graham's and ends as James'.

I'm screaming.


Is there a timezone for spending time on the Escapist established yet? Seems to throw my watch out by an hour or two whenever I'm on it...

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