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I can very much relate to Bob. Hated the first 3 seasons of Family guy, just a cheap, crude, formulaic Simpsons knock-off.
But then the cringe-worthy humor was almost entirely replaced by genuinely funny and fairly clever humour and... well, what's not to like about that?

I still don't like it anywhere near as much as the Simpsons (not the new seasons, god no!)

But Bob's Burgers? Does it somehow magically turn into not shit after the first season? I just don't see the appeal there. The only source of humour seems to be people talking loudly at the same time.

I was always kind of middling on Family Guy. Some of the episodes were good, some great, some bad, some horrifically bad, and many were just kind of meh to me. But the character evolution of Stewie always bothered me. I always pictured him in my head as a reincarnated dictator (take your pick, history is full of 'em) who was constantly thwarted by his mom. And while the dynamics between him and Lois could have been getting one note, I thought they could have expanded his horizons in that vein. Taking him down the road of a lost, sexually confused TODDLER just kinda seemed....stupid.

Although as a father of two daughters, how the entire family's relationship with Meg evolved (or devolved more accurately) really bothered me, but I figured that was just me and ignored those bits.

The Star Wars parodies were some of the shows best work that I've seen, though I haven't watched much of it in about...oh, three years? Four?

Side note to all this, is it wrong that I haven't watched many of the newer animated shows out there (Bob's Burgers, Adventure Time, for example) solely because I looked at the art style and said "No"?

The only thing I gotta disagree with you on Bob is Meg. The whole "let's make her a miserable butt monkey who suffers nothing but bad luck" concept has been dead in the water for about 5 seasons now. I really can't stand it anymore.

As for whether I like or hate Family Guy depends on an episode by episode basis. It's hit or miss if you ask me. American Dad, now that's a McFarland show I consider good.

I don't really like family guy but I don't hate people for liking it. I disagree with the aesthetic tastes of those who do like it, and usually don't take their opinions on entertainment as anything relevant to my opinions on entertainment.

So, really I have no problem with Bob enjoying family guy, and it's stupid that someone would think negatively about him for doing so. I disagree with him on his analysis, but different strokes for different folks. I'm just upset that Bob feels it necessary to strawman another cartoon to deflect criticisms he might get for liking a cartoon that is often the butt of unreasonable hatred. Oh well. I perhaps should just stop watching his stuff if I get this disappointed and talked down to every time I watch one of his shows.

Intellectually, I can understand why shows like Family Guy resonate with audiences. Emotionally, I find the characters bland or off putting. It is like being in a room where everyone is laughing at a joke but you aren't. It is awkward because you know what the joke is but it isn't funny to you.

Seth MacFarlane's brand of humor is very "East Coast". It is brash, loud, and unapologetic. It is a style associated with venting unspoken frustrations. It operates on the assumption that the audience will agree with any commentary made. When it works, it is spectacular. When it bombs, it reeks of laziness and unacknowledged prejudices. This is why Family Guy is so inconsistent with its humor.

to me, sometimes the writing just feels lazy. I will get an occasional laugh, but the fact that they'll often go out of the way to make the cringe worthy joke, then keep going with it until i just want to go "OKAY I GET IT!" That feels like bad writing.

Added in that Meg is a literal punching bag for the entire world at this point in the show, Peter would be in jail for life at this point in any sane world for the things he's done, the transphobia, and occasional racist/homophobic jab (family gay is the episode that makes me slam my head into the wall anytime I see the later half of it.) Then add the whole poking at fox like they have a desire to get cancelled and I really just can't enjoy it..and this is me knowing that Seth isn't really on the writing team anymore.

I'm sorry Bob, but this is just about the one thing I can disagree with you on. Yes it actually takes a stand on things, yes it has the occasional good joke and good point, but it's a mission in bad practice to shovel through garbage for to find the occasional emerald and diamond.

I just don't find the show funny and feel that Seth Macfarlane is literally insulting the audience for watching his show.
Its a trap and the second Christmas special, I think clearly show this.


South Park is like Congress in that it never takes a stand on anything.

That's part of the reason I like South Park and consequentially one of the reasons I have barely any time for Family Guy any more. Almost every issue in real life is nuanced and has an argument for both sides, but people generally don't understand the argument for the other side (or pretend they don't) or even in quite a good chunk of cases for their side. South Park tends to point out the idiocy of both extreme positions and effectively points out that a good number of the people on the 'right' side are effectively there by accident.

Personally as I say I have little time for Family Guy except for a few episodes, MacFarlane is not a good weekly writer in my opinion, he doesn't generate enough good ideas but in his favour when he does they tend to be excellent.

Caveat: When I'm discussing these shows I mean earlier in their run, they both suck now.

It's just cheap. It's a gag reel with no cohesive structure. It's basically comedy porn.

The only episode of Family Guy that I respected was the one where Stewie and Brian get locked in the bank vault, because there's an actual structure to it. No throw-away gags, no drawn out jokes to eat up time, just a real story that lets the comedy flow naturally.


Imp Emissary:
So what you're saying is I should keep watching Bob's Burgers? :) Cool.

Joke aside, I agree mostly with you on this. I still don't like Family Guy, but American Dad/The Cleveland Show have been very enjoyable.

I was not a fan of Bob's Burgers at first though. It seemed like Bob was the only sane character in a world of crazy people. However, after watching the show for a few episodes, it has grown on me.

Louise is the best!

Bob is just as insane as everyone else, it just only manifests when he's under the influence of some kind of mind altering chemical. There's a thanksgiving episode in season 3 where he hallucinates a scene from My Neighbor Totoro.

Yeah, I get what ya mean. What I meant though by "the only sane person in there world" was that it seemed Bob was always the "straight man" in the show. Kind of how in King of the Hill Hank would sometimes be the only one not freaking out(at least not as much as everyone else was) over what was going on.

The episodes are hit and miss for me but when it hits, it's pretty damn good(like Multiverse). The effort put into the show is easiest to notice in the music and the more challenging scenes like the chicken fight. The writing, as it always was, is a mixed bag.

Yeah I don't mind Family Guy and it can have some really epic episodes, such as the Stewie and Bryan roadtrip movies and the like. But for a majority of episodes I can't really stand it sometimes. It relies too heavily on jokes it's already done, like the chicken/peter fight which, in my opinion, went on too long the FIRST time they did it. Then there's the whole thing with Meg being considered ugly which just doesn't make sense to me. Her animation isn't made to be wierd or anything, she's not fat despite the fact that everyone says she is and even if she was that wouldn't be a reason to ridicule her. I guess maybe I'm just too female to get it.

Also, I'll admit that some of my distaste for the show comes from the fact that I just don't like Seth Mcfarlan as a person really. I don't think he's very funny, instead he seems like the kind of guy that does "shocking" things in order to watch people be shocked and when they get upset or offended he just hollers "but it's just a joke, you're just too easily offended. There's nothing wrong me! It's all of you!" but that's just how I see it.

I loved Larry and Steve :)

Bob's burgers is great. Just wish i had a regular legal way to watch it.

Bob, I'm not mad. I'm just disappointed...

Bob's Burgers, yes. American Dad, yes. Cleveland Show, sure. But Family Guy? You're better than that.

I honestly enjoy Family Guy, American Dad and Cleveland Show.
Yes, I said it, I "enjoy" Cleveland Show.

... and there's not much to say really, if you like them, good for you!, I enjoy them also (I've never seen Bob's Burgers before, mainly because I don't dig the animation style, but I'll check it out down the line) and seriously, I've only seen just a couple of people aroud these parts who doesn't like neither of these shows, I wouldn't consider it "the whole internet".

WTF is supposedly so good about Bob's Burgers? I've only watched about half an episode but that's all it took to know it sucks.

I just think it's funny that on an Internet populated mostly by American liberals, it's Family Guy that gets bashed for its political messagemongering, while South Park, which is unabashedly Libertarian in nature and has such messages as "who cares about saving the planet; if it gives some people an excuse to be smug, it's not worth it", is the people's favorite. And don't get me wrong; Family Guy genuinely does suck at its political writing most of the time -- the episode where they go to Texas and that joke where a Nazi has a McCain/Palin button on his jacket are some of the most infuriating things I've ever seen on the show. I'm just amused that they're so bad that people will actually admit they're bad despite their own political leanings.

I've seen too many episodes of Family Guy and I won't be sad if I never see one again. I find its humour to be thorougly cheap and shallow. First, the animation is very bland. Secondly, The voice acting is boring at best and grating at worst. And third, most if its jokes are simply references for their own sake, and the few jokes with potential are dragged on to a bore. To me, it's just afwul television, just like its carbon-copies American Dad and Cleveland Show.

So yeah, I hate the show. I know a lot of people who really seem to enjoy this stuff though, and my friends throw a lot of FM-references around. The times I had to sit through a "humourous" rendition of "the bird is the world" are noumerous. They never go on about the appeal of Brian's cool live-in uncle appeal or anything like that, and the show really doesn't seem to bother with any kind of characterization beyond what's neccesary for cheap jokes.

Once again, I think Bob's reading too much into things. MacFarlane seems like an okay guy and does posses some talents, but as I see it, he had an unexpected hit with an easy Simpsons knock-off and hasn't really had the guts to try anything radically different since then.

Steve the Pocket:
the episode where they go to Texas and that joke where a Nazi has a McCain/Palin button on his jacket are some of the most infuriating things I've ever seen on the show.

You mean the episode where they go back in time and end up in Nazi Germany. And then they meet a Nazi who has a McCain/Palin button on him? I'm sure your mind was angry for something else because they did not went to Texas in that episode.

Or was it because you thought they ended up in Texas and it had Nazi's walking around? Now that would be absurd. Texas doesn't have old school Nazi's. Only the dumb Neo-Nazi's who are of course not only limited to Texas and the United States.

And a small addendum: I myself am leaning to the right when it comes to the political view. But even I thought McCain was a man who is (still) well on his way to his grave and Sarah Palin..well Lisa Ann was a better Sarah Palin than Sarah Palin herself.

Seriously? that is your big thing? You like family guy? Big freaking deal. I don't understand what the big deal is.

The big deal is that if you talk about Family Guy anywhere on the internet, it summons legions of haters who flame you to hell and back... and that's if you DON'T admit to liking it.

I honestly never understood the hate, but I'm gonna chalk it up to the same kind of backlash that Diablo 3 got. After so many years with the first three seasons (back when it was acceptable to admit to liking Family Guy), I think people resented when it came back and things weren't exactly identically the same.


Steve the Pocket:
the episode where they go to Texas and that joke where a Nazi has a McCain/Palin button on his jacket are some of the most infuriating things I've ever seen on the show.

You mean the episode where they go back in time and end up in Nazi Germany. And then they meet a Nazi who has a McCain/Palin button on him? I'm sure your mind was angry for something else because they did not went to Texas in that episode.

I was referring to two separate episodes.

What? Since when was family guy considered all these things?

I still enjoy the show lol, it's funny.

Not really seen family guy but I did like American Dad. So is American Dad like the first 3 seasons or the ones after that?

People hate family guy??
Where I come from you usually get queer looks when you say you don't like it :P

This video failed to touch on the two things that turn me off from Family Guy. First, the cutaway-humor style means that while the show can generate funny lines, it can't keep up a consistent pace. Second, Peter Griffin is completely and utterly despicable as a person and as a character, and I cannot get invested in any story that centers around him.

First, the cutaway humor that McFarlane uses IS ALL ABOUT PACE! He uses it to cut into his own stories and add an already determinedly timed joke where it wouldn't be easy to touch in without being awkward. It's a blatant trick that he over uses but to say that Simpsons and South Park are devoid of such tricks is a bold faced lie. It's a standard fact that directors have favorite tricks, and I'm a little tired of everyone attacking the Family Guy one just because South Park brought it up that one time. You do realize that the creators of South Park, Matt and Trey, both agreed that they were ONLY KIDDING and that the pokes at family guy were out of love. It's strange to see people take the ridiculous Manitee criticism so fucking seriously.

Second, Peter Griffin is SUPPOSED to be utterly despicable. Family Guy is a DIRECT parody of the common sitcom, and he's the stand in main character. It's the SAME fucking joke as Homer but more blatant, and more in your face. They lack that subtlety but use the blatancy of the character to make some solid points. Yeah, that's the OTHER criticism from the SAME episode of South Park. Family Guy IS actually about stuff in the exact same way The Simpsons is...I know, crazy.

A lot of the modern criticism for family guy came after another satirical cartoon show attacked it. An attack that was in no way returned by Family Guy, which sadly makes people who take this stuff too seriously hate on it all the more, and I'm FUCKING SICK OF IT! It was a god damn joke from a god damned joke show, and even the creators of the show said so. Do I think either Matt or Trey seriously meant that Family Guy was very random? Yes, because it is. Random DOES NOT MEAN BAD!!!

Wait-WHAT? Tosh.0 is on the 'bad list'? Daniel's style and routine is that of a dominant embodiment of a 21st century clown, aggressively throwing you back and forth and tossing you against the wall and ceiling with pitch-perfect shock attacks and incredibly dense reference-laden spiels that make you feel like Tosh's best friend when you actually get one of them.

I can understand the majority of people being put off by this style, but widely considered BAD? As in, not at least widely respected for what it is? Like okay, its main feature is playing Youtube clips and commenting on them, but it's not like that automatically devalues everything around it; Tosh's commentary on top of them is really sharp. Besides, the real meat of the show is the other original content like the Web Redemption segments, which absolutely blow my expectations away almost every single time.

*breathes* Okay, back to the video...

Your opinion of the earlier seasons matches my dad's view entirely, especially with Stewie. Whilst I don't actively watch it as much as I used to, I don't think it's bad by any means, maybe just not as good as it used to be.

Funny, I loved the first two seasons, and after it came back it went downhill for me.
Some episodes are good, the ones you mentioned obviously, but most just bore me.

And being bored means ... not enjoying comedy.

I've always loved Family Guy and never understood why the internet as a whole seems to have this massive hate for it. I also think that in the same way It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia took a few episodes to pick up (for me), it gets funnier the more you watch it. There's some really well-judged moments of expectation, where you know that a cut off is coming and they hold off or don't do it at all - usually breaking the fourth wall to let you know that they're perfectly aware of how much they use it.

I know some people's biggest problem with it is that some of it is utterly ridiculous. And not in a Simpsons-esque "does Homer even have a job any more" not-really-relevant and still technically possible way, but in a "what the hell just happened to my brain" way. And I love that. I love that when it comes to side stories or cutaways, there is literally nothing they won't go for. Some work better than others, but the very fact that they can do that shows they don't mind utterly destroying anything believable in favour of a laugh - even if it is a confused one more than a gutsy one.

Seems to me like Bob missed one of the things that makes Brian so fantastic as a character though. The fact that he is this semi-intellectual but insecure person in one scene, but then he'll immediately break off and start doing something very dog-like. Sniffing butts, dragging himself across the carpet, barking at neighbours. It's a brilliant split-personality and all the funnier for it.

Yeah, I like Family Guy too.

I don't like Bob's Burgers...its the same joke. Things are awkward! Oh no! The best episode was when Archer was there, and did Archer related things. That was funny.
As for Family Guy...I agree. I never understood the hate. Its not that great of a show, but I always give a chuckle or two during an episode.

Family Guy has a ton of genuinely hilarious moments in it, although I personally have a problem with 2 things in the show:

1) I have no clue who 80% of the people/celebrities are in their references. I get they're meant to take the piss out of said person/celebrity and I can usually get what aspect they're taking the piss out of (usually a physical feature or the way they talk/move). Call me someone who lives in a cave, but yeah, I just don't know most of those people : /

2) The song'n'dance moments, primarily between Brian and Stewie. They strike me as really strange because they don't fit into the show for me, almost nothing funny ever happens in them. I like one or two (like the Dumpster Baby song), but overall I just can't stand jigs/musicals . Most Family Guy songs are really boring and feel rather out-of-place.

Family Guy is good background TV but Archer is better than all the named shows in this video.

Bob left off the real "best cancelled to soon animated show" Tron:Uprising.

I loved Family Guy back during it's initial run. I even liked it a bit when it returned.

But the jokes became too crude, or too mean, or just too stupid. I mean, they were making episodes that were simply not enjoyable to watch at all (which was maybe the point). Either way, I just didn't find it much funny anymore, and not worth my time watching. I personally didn't really like how some of the characters changed. Really, all of them became simply unlikeable, and going from your example of Brian, it's hard to see any redeeming qualities. Nor does he get any real character growth past the changes that revealed all these flaws.

Anyway, I don't really care if someone likes Family Guy or not. I just personally no longer find it funny or entertaining.

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