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Family Guy is for people without a good sense of humour. Their skits miss the mark almost every time.

If you do not see the humor in this, well then I don't think anyone should listen to you about whether something's funny or not, let's just put it that way.

Oh you referenced Community. I and a large portion of the internet must now know your opinion on it. Also Bob's burgers is indeed VERY funny.

I don't know what Moviebob is talking about. Mostly everyone I know likes Family Guy in some capacity.

I've watched Family Guy on and off. When it's good it's alright but when it's bad, Man is it horrible. And I'm really not a fan of gag humour so that doesn't help my opinion.

What stopped me watching it (apart from the occasional 1am I'm too wired from work to sleep yet viewings) are the episodes where it seems like the writers went, "crap the run time is only 15 minutes....screw it remember that song we referenced? yeah let's just put the entire 5min music video in and go to the pub." "but that only brings the run time up to 20 we need 24!" "Fine Stewie vomits at some point we'll make that last 2min and then that other joke can be stretched too. Let's go, it's your round."

Personally, I loved Family Guy seasons 4-8, and thought it was brilliant at its best (particularly when it focused on Stewie and Brian together). I also admired that it was willing to actually take a chance and do something edgy and potentially offensive in the pursuit of humor, whereas The Simpsons had long since gotten used to playing on the "safe" side of The Line (and was never bad, but never often good anymore as a result).

But from Season 9 onward . . . I don't know. It felt like McFarlane was just trying to see how far he could push the show before Fox would push back and cancel it for a third time. Rather than getting funny and edgy, it often just ended up getting "tasteless" and offensive.

I do enjoy Family Guy myself, especially when it was brought back from cancellation. Just like Bob pointed out, the first three seasons weren't that great, but once Season 4 began, the show did get better. While the show does often take jokes too far, both on an offensive level and an annoyance level, I personally love it when it takes risks to develop characters or tackle a serious subject without relaying on juvenile humor.

For example, one of my most favorite episodes from Family Guy involves Stewie and Brain being locked up in a bank vault for the weekend. While this episode does resort to using gross-out and violent humor, the strength of that episode is about how both characters come to a mutual understanding with each other and eventually develop a closer relationship (a "bromance" if you want to call it). While both Brain and Stewie are my favorite characters (and their episodes that feature the both of them are always gems), this particular episode is my favorite for the reasons I stated above: it helped me grow to love these two characters even more and proves that despite Family Guy can be too much blue collar for it's own good, the creative team behind it can put out a decent and heart-felt episode.

Excellent video. I wasn't aware that there were ppl who hated Family Guy

Nah, just kidding. Family guy's alright. It was better after it came back the first time.

Hold on... Larry & Steve was made by McFarlane? WHAT?! That was one of many CN shorts I loved back then, it was really damn cool.

On topic, I was never a big Family Guy fan since I don't really watch TV. I've seen a few episodes and thought they were funny, but not enought to make me watch it because I want to, rather than because I happened to change the channel.

I stopped watching Family guy a few years back, I plan on watching the simpsons crossover ep next year.
It has sparked my interest.

Oh finally, I agree 110% I love Family Guy, and personally the only reason why I think people hate is because Matt Stone and Try Parker expressed distaste for it on their commentary for cartoon wars South Park episode.


I'm always amazed at how many people say Bob's Burgers is terrible, and then to go on to say that they haven't rally watched it. What is it about this show (in particular) that provokes this response? In this same thread, one guy said that Bob's Burgers is "shit" after seeing half an episode. That's 11 minutes.

On another board, there was a guy arguing that Family Guy was by the best animated comedy on TV. I asked him "What about American Dad or Bob's Burgers?" His response was "Oh, I haven't watch those shows."

So, how the hell can you proclaim Family Guy to be the best, if you don't watch other the other animated shows??

This to me is so much worse than any of the other arguments about the quality of a show. I'll disagree with others about aspects of shows, but I'll respect their different opinions, because at least they have watched the shows. But these kinds of comments are just absurd.

For the record, I have seen EVERY episode of:

The Simpsons
Family Guy
American Dad
The Cleveland Show
South Park
King of the Hill
Bob's Burgers
Beavis and Butthead

... among others. So, while we might disagree about these shows, at least I know the material, so we can have an informed discussion.

These people who are like "I really didn't watch this, and it sucks" are just the worst. I don't understand what makes people make those kind of comments. Is it just them being very immature? If you don't know the material, why are you commenting on it, for attention?

While I can't speak for others... I posted my hyperbolic comment to establish how horrid I found Bob's Burgers to be, based off the one episode. Perhaps one episode isn't good enough to gather a 'valid' opinion. However, one episode was enough to turn me off of the show. Can't imagine why I'd watch anymore.

Perhaps the show is just so awful to some folk that they simply do not wish to watch more than the bare bones minimum? That's certainly how I felt.

I`ll come at you bob.

The post cancellation seasons(4-7) great but the new-new family guy(8-now) is terrible, a lot of things that joke about are horrible, the way Meg is mistreated resembles real life abuse sometimes and is played for comedy, but the episode with Brenda also has abuse involved but the stupid thing is it`s played for drama all of a sudden, what? so Meg getting mistreated by her horrible family on a daily basis is hilarious but when it happens to 1 time characters its wrong?, i`m not gonna hate you for liking it if i hated you for disagreeing with me you would be my worst enemy, but you`re not because while i`m not convinced i understand your point of view.
Cutaways are what i really hate even when i liked Family Guy i found them stupid they kinda made the plots thinner somehow, you should never sacrifice a good story for a joke about some movie or bulls preforming a dance number, some are good like i am so hungry i can eat a horse bit, :) Peter be careful what you wish for.
In summary i hate it and you like it, but that's OK because your liking it does not force me to watch it.

I like Family Guy too, MovieBob. Don't get me wrong, the show is dumber than a sack of hammers, completely lacking the clever, witty writing of shows like Futurama and The Simpsons. But that's just it, the show wants to make you laugh, and it will do whatever it takes to make that happen. Even if it involves a fart joke.

But to the show's credit, it's not so much the jokes themselves that are funny, but their delivery, thanks to the show's talented actors. A line that's kinda "meh" on paper can be really funny when it's delivered with just the right pace, tempo and inflictions. This is what Family Guy does well.

But seriously, I think a lot of the hate the show gets is simply because it's popular among people animation fans would consider to be "civilians" (to steal a term from Genshiken).

If there's one thing I don't like about Family Guy is how drawn out jokes can be. I absolutely hate jokes that get drawn out to uncomfortable times. I understand that's probably the goal they wanted but it just makes me feel awkward when I stop laughing and have to wait for the joke to finally end.

As for Bob's Burgers.. watched a few episodes and not a huge fan. I don't enjoy the art style and the jokes just don't click with me. But to each their own.

Bob likes current Simpsons and Family Guy and dislikes South Park. This is why he's MovieBob and not TVBob.

Wow that turned out way meaner than it sounded in my head, so I'll just add on that I don't have a problem with people who like Family Guy, as I myself used to like it, love it in fact, but I pretty much disagree with almost every single point you bring up in this video.

That said, props for mentioning Bob's Burgers. I passed it up when it first started, but caught it when it aired on Adult Swim, and fell in love instantly. For the first time since I stopped watching The Simpsons back in 2006 I have a reason to look forward to Sunday nights.

Family Guy, for me, is like vanilla ice-cream. I can enjoy it, but yet I can not. It's hard to deny that the jokes do tend to rely on randomness a bit too much to catch you off guard, and the jokes tend to be not built into the plot. However, every so often, I can sit down and laugh a bit at Family Guy. I do then walk away either the same I walked in as or, if I've watched too much that month, with a sickening feeling to my stomach that maybe I could do something more. Maybe I can consume something that wouldn't feel like my brain cells aren't wasting away. I end up feeling deflated and bored of life. Family Guy isn't alone in my comparison, and there are more. Like superhero films, buddy cop films, gameshow programs (yes, even Pointless who has a genuinely great pair of presenters) and high-fantasy tabletop RPGs (you know, 95% of tabletop).

I'll admit I end up feeling snobbish about Family Guy, somewhat looking down on those who do enjoy it. It isn't a noble thing, and it isn't something I'm proud of since I am one of those with the mentality of "well, go on, enjoy whatever you like". However, for some reason, I do get the impression those who follow Family Guy and quote their punchlines a lot tend to be a bit dim. You know, like Friends fans.

I used to like Family Guy (I probably enjoy the older episodes), bu just like with Simpsons it just got to a point where i realized i wasn't laughing anymore. With Simpsons it was around the time the movie was released (and rewatching the dvds i notice a drop in quality around season 10-11) and with Family Guy it was around two years ago, i just started disliking the characters more and more in new episodes. Now i'd rather rewatch the good episodes or ne American Dad stuff.

Father Time:

Family Guy is for people without a good sense of humour. Their skits miss the mark almost every time.

If you do not see the humor in this, well then I don't think anyone should listen to you about whether something's funny or not, let's just put it that way.

If anything, you just proved my point.

Making fun of AIDS is not's like the lowest form of comedy.

I didn't even smile when I watched that clip...what a terrible show.

Compared to the brilliance of Futurama (which has actually made me cry...something that no other animated show has ever done) Family Guy is like a hairy mole on the TV screen.

Hey, I can respect that. I've even been known to laugh, sometimes quite heartily, at an episode of Family Guy. What I, and I think most of the internet, am sick of is Seth's tendency to beat a joke to death until it rises from its grave seeking its revenge and all we can do is cower in its vicious presence. That's why I'm done with Family Guy. Not because it's not funny, but because it rehashes everything until I can't possibly care anymore. That said, I'm still a strong supporter of American Dad, so clearly Seth still has whatever he had which made me laugh before.

That said, I want to ask Bob directly. How can you like Family Guy and then make comments about the kind of comedies that come out in theaters these days? They're cut from the same cloth. Lowest common denominator shows created to bring increasingly obnoxious piles of money to their creating companies. Be fair. Fart jokes are fart jokes, whether from Peter Griffin or Adam Sandler.

I'm not Bob, and to the left you'll see a rather small picture.

I like approximately 60% of Family Guy episodes. Both the old run and the ones after its revivification, with the ones Bob mentioned specifically being some of my favorites as well. I mainly am sick of everyone dumping on Meg, that shtick got old quick and the character has barely ANYTHING to it other than that. Mila Kunis could be doing so much more if they ever gave her more than a few lines a season. Hell, Herbert and Tom Tucker have a bigger presence than Meg.

That being said, I like around 95% of American Dad, Bob's Burgers, The Simpsons, Futurama, and maybe 20% of The Cleveland Show.

I love Eugene Mirman, Dan Mintz, and Kristen Schaal to begin with, so of course I love Bob's Burgers. Oddly, I don't really like Kristen's stand up act, but all her voice work/guest appearances are awesome.

I recently learned that American Dad has been cancelled and that TBS is picking it up, or is rumored to anyway. Which really annoys me as I love American Dad. I love every character, but Steve and Roger > entire cast of Family Guy.

And Haley...Rachael McFarlane's voice is the aural equivalent of how Liv Tyler looks in One Night at McCools. Smexy :3

hm, didn't realize hating Family Guy was a thing. Though I can see where it comes from. Personally my issue with it is largely just how the jokes drag on too long. The laughing clip wasn't bad, but it toed the line. The Chicken Fights are always a good example of 'okay, can we get back to what was happening before, now? please?'. Though I think the biggest example of it for me was the episode where Peter won a Dirt bike and his father-in-law had shown up with a piece of construction equipment with the intent of winning the thing and then smashing it just because he knew Peter wanted it. That in itself wasn't bad but it was the part after that was just bleh.

"Soo uh...what do you think about that bench there?"
"*shrugs* it's all right I guess."
"well fine then! I'll destroy that! *takes sixty seconds or so of your life that you can't get back to maneuver into position and finally squish said bench* HA!" the joke part of it was totally lost to begin with and any hope of getting some kind of other laugh out of it is gone just for how bloody LONG it takes to finish the gag. Most of the cut-away gags aren't awful, though they do kind of scrape the barrel sometimes and leave you asking "who or what are you making fun of now?"

I may have to try Bob's Burgers. Kinda figured it was going to be one of those "the guys at Adult Swim are CLEARLY superior to you so they have to teach you philistines what's funny/good TV and what's not." things. They bother me when they pull that bit and combine it with not listening to their viewers and fans. But I suppose if it's genuinely good I'll have to give it a try.

And I gotta say I love American Dad so much. If only for Stan's 'often wrong but never uncertain' attitude about various things getting smashed to bits. I know way too many people like him in my life so yeah. Fun to see.

I would still watch it if I still watched TV. I did enjoy some of the new episodes at a friends house. I can't remember when I watched a new episode of the Simpsons and I used to download episode capsules off to read through them (they were not really transcripts, more the repository of knowledge of each show, had all the references to the pop culture mentioned in the show.)

So movieBob, who will complain about anything he doesn't like (Lone Ranger, whatever else beat Pacific Rim, Amazing Spider-Man) ad nauseum has a problem with people bagging this show because...

...He likes it? Huh.

I guess we need a list of appropriate topics we can bemoan.

It seems I'm always turning out to be that guy when it comes to certain popular things.

"I mean... who doesn't like Michael Jackson?"

Umm... I don't like him and don't see why he was considered to be so talented.

"I mean... who doesn't like The Simpsons?"

Umm... I don't like The Simpsons. I'm not a fan of any of the characters, the humor isn't funny to me and the older episodes didn't age well. The yellow skin is kinda gross too...

It makes me sound like some sort of Hipster I guess, but I'm really not.

Hipsters are dicks about it. If you're just "eh, I don't care for him/it/them," you don't sound like a hipster.

I get where you're coming from. There's a lot of things people like that just don't appeal to me. Say you don't like MJ, and people look at you like you have three heads. I don't hate him, but I have never seen him as anything special.

I dislike Family Guy, though. Maybe it does get unfairly maligned, I don't know. I don't watch a lot of the comparable cartoons, either. I watch Old Simpsons and Futurama but haven't seen a new episode in years. I've never watched the Cleaveland Show or Bob's Burgers. And I occasionally have watched American Dad, but my response is usually the same as Family Guy: Why am I doing this to myself?

I guess I'm in the mainstream in this sense, though I didn't know it was a thing. It used to be that not liking Family Guy was up there on the list with Jacko and the Simpsons. I guess I'm just out of touch with the current fads.

And on that note...GET OFF MAH LAWN!

Bob's Burgers put me off at first with it's animation, but it is actually really good :D. No MLP or Gravity Falls reference? Shame.

Family Guy is decent a lot of the time, but McFarland gets WAY too heavy handed with this proselytizing. The Golden Compass had the same problem, especially the last book, where the shoe horned morel really hurts it. The worst of this I think was the Alcoholism episode, but at least it was enjoyable, Partial Term of Endearment just made me feel ill.

The characters really aren't likable either. I'd welcome Stewie killing Lois at this point.


Father Time:

Family Guy is for people without a good sense of humour. Their skits miss the mark almost every time.

If you do not see the humor in this, well then I don't think anyone should listen to you about whether something's funny or not, let's just put it that way.

If anything, you just proved my point.

Making fun of AIDS is not's like the lowest form of comedy.

Anything can be made funny. Seriously pick a subject (not too specific) and I'll find you some dark humor that makes it funny.

Well, since the topic has been brought up...

My issues with Family Guy, The Simpsons, and Futurama can all be covered in one phrase: Driven into the ground.

Let me say right up front that I love/have loved all three series. The Simpsons in particular is the single most influential and entertaining work I have ever experienced in my life, and stands at the top of the pop culture mountain for my generation. And I loved early Family Guy; the anarchic "Let's do whatever's funny" sensibility set it apart from The Simpsons and everything else on the air at the time. And Futurama made great use of its characters and was never stymied by its futuristic sci-fi setting; on the contrary, it mined some of the greatest jokes and storylines out of its premise.

But all of these shows have been on for too long, not in terms of the actual episode count but in terms of what has been done too often. We've seen the characters going through the same problems again and again, we've heard the catch phrases one too many times, and whatever was clever and original has been milked dry.

"Oh, Homer has a new job. Oh, Fry and Leela are kinda-sorta going out again. Oh, Stewie's gay. HAVEN'T SEEN THAT BEFORE!"

It's not, as Bob argued in his "The Simpsons is still funny" videos, that entertainment has become too fractured. It's that we've seen Homer and Marge's marriage on the ropes so many times it's impossible to think of them as characters anymore so much as animatronics programmed to recite the same dialogue for every passing carriage of tourists. Regardless of whatever good will built up over the Golden Age, Homer doing something stupid cannot retain the same impact over time.

It's basic psychology: what is new is interesting and fun, but over time it becomes ordinary. We become used to it, it's no longer exciting, and thus the feelings we have for it level off or drop.

I really wish American TV would follow the format of Britain or Japan, which have limited runs for most series and don't allow every show to coast for years as they become tired and stale.

Back on topic... Futurama has semi-abandoned its "It's the future" premise in favor of jokes about the Kardashians and CSI and Tron: Legacy. When I heard the Kardashians joke I was ready to smother the show with a pillow myself, and the news that the show has been canceled elated me. It's not that the show hasn't delivered some winners post-un-cancellation, but if they're also going to turn out an episode revolving around the Cult of Apple and Susan Boyle then please, in the name of mercy, kill the show. Better it die now and we can remember the good times than we see it carry on for another five years as it gets increasingly horrible.

Which leaves Family Guy... Like I said, I loved the early seasons, and when it came back it was appointment viewing for me. But then the show settled into a groove of random cutaway gags, references as punchlines, and making everyone on the show an asshole. Seriously, is there a truly sympathetic character in the entire cast? At best you have Meg, but I wouldn't consider her a real character. Even Brian, who (like Bob) I may agree with politically, is heavy-handed and difficult to actually like; something the show pointed out itself (but which they didn't learn from).

For everything that Bob said about the characters on Family Guy "growing," the show is ready to make any character obnoxious or off-putting in the name of supplying basic drama or a punchline. The only consistent personality traits are the broadest ones possible: Peter is stupid, Stewie is gay, Chris is slow, Quagmire's a horndog, etc.

I don't expect Family Guy to get canceled anytime soon. The ratings probably aren't too bad. But it's more than a bit confounding that McFarlane would continue to put his name on/lend his voice to this when something like American Dad was able to actually grow into a great show and gets by on consistent characterization and actual plots.

Family Guy?
Say it ain't so, Bob.
Say it ain't so.

Family Guy is alright here and there. But nothing super spectacular to me.
I enjoy those Brian and Stewie team ups the most though.

edit: also


Making fun of AIDS is not's like the lowest form of comedy.

even if something happens to offend me personally, I would like to think that letting people laugh at something is better than having them be super serious or become awkward all the time at the slight mention of a given subject.

I can agree that The Simpsons has had its day, while it still manages to tickle a chuckle out of me. Family Guy, though I liked from the first series, because it pushes the comedy envelope that The Simpson used to do, but perhaps through mass media popularity may have eased off of.

Its also given me a new appreciation of cleverly written musical pieces, another thing The Simpsons pioneered, but Family Guy took to a whole new level. Family guy is a tough watch in standard def, just like the Simpsons. Both are great shows that can be enjoyed whatever your age (well, not too young) but as you grow and mature just get better.

As for Bob's Burgers, that's a cool funny new show that more people should check out and support too.

My biggest problem with FG is that I don't think all of the writers know WHY the offensive humor works. Like, the show sometimes goes from doing subversive sexist, homophobic and racist gags to just being sexist, homophobic and racist.

This. So much this.

It's a strange, uneven mix of intelligent, self-aware humor and completely clueless, insulting 'humor'. It's pretty obvious that not all the writers have the same sensibilities.

Writing things that laugh at racist, sexist, homophobic 'bro' mentalities, and writing things that racist, sexist, homophobic 'bro' mentalities laugh at, are two completely different things.

Often it seems that some of the writers didn't get the memo.

Gotta agree with you Bob - the show got much better after it got back on the air. I'm not actually even interested in watching most Family Guy episodes from the first three seasons and pretty much every reason you listed hit the nail on the head for me. Seth Macfarlane catches a lot of heat but I think he's genuinely interesting and has a great sense of humor - not just in his ability to write something that can still make me laugh all these years later, but also about himself. That said, I'm disappointed that at least two of my friends said that they would walk up to him and punch him in the face if they saw him just walking by in public. It's weird to me. I mean, I hate Anthony Jeselnik but you don't see my cutting off my hand. I just... cut my hair different for a little while.

Family Guy quotes are a little annoying and there are a few genuinely offensive moments in the show, but at it's core, it's pretty comfortable in that I know I'm going to laugh if I watch it. If I'm looking for something to watch and I want to laugh, Family Guy can do it, but I'm more interested in watching American Dad if I can. It's sad to hear the Cleavland show is coming to an end and I'm hoping American Dad won't be going off the air anytime soon, since Family Guy seems like it's nearly done as well.

@Pink Apocalypse

Like plays or books of tragedy, comedy shouldn't have any boundaries. When every subject is fair game, its okay to not laugh if you feel a joke is too close to the bone. There's also a big difference in laughing at a joke told to you (on tv or by a friend) because you see where its going, and not laughing because you dislike where the joke was going or would not go there to tell a similar joke yourself.

Humour will be different for each person on the planet. Go with what works for you.

However, don't fall into the trap of thinking that because you found an FG joke funny (say the You've Got Aids skit above for instance), that you are some kind of aids victim hater, because for most people that won't be the case. In fact, I bet some people with AIDS will laugh at it too (as its such a taboo some still find it hard to talk about). Better it (or any other subject) be raised in humour and conversation that not talked or thought about at all.

Don't forget, there are still places in the world where doing such stuff will wrongly get you thrown in jail. Here's to comedy and self expression.

If some feel offence from FC, that's okay to be offended, but don't deny it from others and just don't watch it. Plenty of other stuff on tv you can enjoy.

Wouldn't say I hate family guy as I'm just sick of the whole animated sit-com thing. What the Flintstones and the Simpsons brought to animation has pretty much been done to death on both extremes. Kinda of on the level of non-animated sit-coms on their overplay (though animated ones are slightly more tolerable).

Now if you REALLY want to piss people off say you like the Big Bang Theory.


Sure, I can agree the animated sitcom has been done to death and back. Its a piece of tv that studios find hard to let go, though, as its likely to cover a huge age group. The Simpsons ran for so long, partly because of its jokes for young and older watchers have done it justice. Its still the longest running animated series, and that's something few animated works ever achieve.

The U.S studio attitude to animation certainly could be use some adjusting though. I hope shows like SW Clone Wars, Venture Bros, Black Dynamite would gradually do more to give studios means to experiment. I think Archer is a good show, but its still comedy. The medium will never really progress unless boundaries are pushed and challenged, and I think one of those huge boundaries is pushing beyond U.S animation beyond the island of comedy.

Lol. You said TBBT. I dislike that show a lot (its like it was written by someone who bullied nerds or something) but I see why some would find its characters funny (some of them are funny), as not everyone has nerdy people in their circle, or so they think. It might cut close to me (some nerdy peeps go through a lot in their life), as I'm a bit nerdy (like many here), but I can laugh at myself sometimes too.

Perhaps its the laugh track/studio audience that makes TBBT worse.

The thing that annoys me most about Family Guy are the over extended jokes that reappear frequently. I can watch the show and I have seen some rather well organized and very hilarious jokes, but many of the crass and frankly overdone bits of humor that appeal to a 7 year old wear thin very quickly. My favorite gag has to be this one:

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