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It seems I will be echoing a common sentiment in this thread, but liking family guy was something worth apologizing for? I thought you had something serious, something to actually apologize for bob, like being a closet homophobe or something.

but thank you bob, THANK YOU. Thank you for letting me know I am not the only person who thinks Daniel Tosh/Tosh.O or douchebag shit/shit.o as I call him and his shitty show, sucks.

Okay, having seen newer episodes of Family Guy over my vacation last week, I'll say that some of the newer episodes are actually pretty good, even funny! I think they just went through a period of sucking before finally getting back on track. I still think The Cleveland Show was a bust (and I'm glad he and his new family are moving back to Quahog), and that American Dad might be slightly better.

This has bugged me ever since I saw the "Big Pictcha" episode accusing South park of "not taking a stand on anything". They do.

Yes, it's mostly outlined by poking holes in things people DO take a stand on, but then asserting that the better line of reasoning would say that people should make their own judgments and then keep them to themselves in 99% of cases. Their ideology is very Libertarian leaning and is consistently so, and thus DOES HAVE a valid ideology.

Bob's ridiculous assessment of politics leaves much to be desired. Which is perhaps why every assessment of the character changes from first run Family Guy to returned Family Guy, he liked and I hated. Except for Stewie and (kind of) Brian's.

Also, (and no it isn't unheard of) but for those of us who didn't watch the Simpsons until after watching Family Guy, we have a bias to liking the first run of family Guy vs. later for obvious reasons, and probably preferring the early Simpsons vs. now for the same reasons.

THANK YOU! This has been bugging me for so long, Bob trying to dismiss South Park because, as far as I can tell, it doesn't buy into the "Democrats vs. Republicans" narrative the media tries to put forth. South Park has always been about undermining both established sides of an argument. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, but pointing out a third option when all you hear are "A or B. A or B." is a stand.

And Douche vs. Turd was about the 2004 election, when us liberals (like Bob) had the choice of an asshole we wouldn't vote for or an uninspiring nobody who's platform was "I'm not the guy you hate." You would think Bob would appreciate that, unless his Massachusetts pride made Kerry seem presidential in his eyes. And if so, I have no idea what to say to that.

I too like family guy, and while I agree that the character development has been a hugely positive process I have to say I feel Stewie did lose something along the way. Yes he is a fuller more well rounded character, and I applaud that, but I found the whole "evil genious baby" bit really funny and I don't think that had to be sacrificed. Also in earlier episodes his sarcasm was sharper and he was more witty in general.

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