Unskippable: Eternal Sonata

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the whole time i'm watching this, I'm waiting to here the narrator say "hulu.com proudly supports the preaceful tranquility of Tenuto..."

they should have said "This is SPARTA!" when she was standing over the puddle

Shots ring out in the dark, Pew Pew.

Will the puddle make waves, no god you're dumb

Reading Rainbow part was my favorite

No questions right now, mummies drunk.

...and the birds are singing

haha , jrpg is just so bad, lol

Wow excellent vid guys, and damn now I know to never buy this game, I mean wooooow that is easily the most boring opening I have ever sen, and so much of the dialogue is poor and unintentionally hilarious. Seriously when her mom told her what makes waves I seriously thought it was a joke.

I'm amazed anybody could sit through such an awful opening for a game, let alone riff on it. I would've had to have jabbed knives into my eyes from watching this if it wern't for Graham and Paul.

Honestly, not the best Unskippable, but it had it's moments.

You think? IM FIVE!
Altough it was a bit long, this Unskippable still had some very funny moments.

The mom talking about the waves and the moon sound like increduble nonsense.

My god it IS eternal!!! O_O'

Aura Guardian:
"and that's why your dad left"
I laughed so hard.
"No thats stupid. God you're dumb"
Fell off my chair.
This is the best. The Escapist=brilliant.

I couldn't have put it better :D

Pauls 'little girls voice' is creepy


"Village of Flowers?" What the *BEEP* does that *BEEP*ing have to *BEEP*ing do with any*BEEP*thing!? GET TO THE FREAKIN' GAME ALREADY!

*Huff, huff* Sorry. JRPG Rage.

and yet no seagulls?

I actually liked this game, but that was still an absurd cutscene. Funny as hell, great start to the series. :D

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