Unskippable: Eternal Sonata

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"Hi Hitler!"

Ha! You guys are like the Mystery Theater Science 3000 show for games, this is awesome.

Thats bad, thats really bad. WHY THE PETALS?! Its been done and done and done again over and over in 99% of the frigging ''orientals'' games... why oh why do they have to always do the same bad cliches?!?! And the bullshit the woman is saying... WoW. And the boring description... 1 image is worth 1 thousand words. But obviously, they dont know that. Also, the insane mother is frigging motivating a 5 years old girl to kill herself. WTF?! It should be M rated just for that...no wait, it should be ''B'' rated... for BURN THAT THING BEFORE IT HURT OUR CHILDREN!

Anyway, back on topic, maybe its because we doesnt have the same humor but it wasnt funny at all for me. Watched the whole thing though.

Wow, this is hilarious and reminds me why I love FPS and hate RPG's.

"Mommies drunk" I almost fell out of my chair laughing, the way he said it.

Im keeping track of this series!

isnt this just a rip off of Mystery Science Theater 3000 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3M4_XZ3FLHw

That was a pretty good waste of time. :D

I love it, I really do. It's like a new-age Mystery Science Theater 3000 for video games.

Keep them coming, it's awesome.

This really needs both guys sitting in the bottom right corner looking upward a la MST3K.

Also they need to talk louder, because I had to crank up the volume for this :(

isnt this just a rip off of Mystery Science Theater 3000 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3M4_XZ3FLHw

Rip off?

Try "homage" :)

Loved it, as a massive MST3K fan it's great to see others in this vein of humour. Not quite up there with the Kung Pow but certainly will be checking back to see what else you guys come up with (*fingers crossed for the various cutscenes that had me in stitches even before commentary :D*)

Lol, funny shit.

Great start to a hopefully great new video series. Definatly going to keep an eye on this one.

Brilliant stuff guys, it's the combination of mystery science theater style dubbing and witty, eclectic gaming humor that makes this "Unskippable" feature something I'll look forward to every Monday on Escapist.

Uh. Good premise, wasted by far too few jokes and bad ones at that. Need to have more talk and more humour to justify sitting through this boring mess.

Literally had me rolling on the floor laughin my ass off!! LOVE IT!!! Make more and Ill give you cookies!!

and just realized, made by Graham Stark and Paul Saunders

my name is Paul Stark

freaky o.O

I smiled at about half of the jokes but only a few I thought were really funny. I honestly didn't think think it was that great, but give it a few weeks to redeem itself. '~'

hahaha, awesome stuff!
"Someday, the village of Tanuto wishes to achieve actual gameplay" xD

It's MST3K or Rifftrax, for games! I Love it! Keep em coming!

Wave on Wave violence....brilliant.

"What about the puddle? Will it make waves when the moon comes out, too?"

"No. That's stupid. God, you're dumb."


Wow, great job guys. This is much funnier than anything else I've seen on the Escapist in a while.

Wow, the dialogue in that game was really pretty crap.

If my mother ever started talking like that, I would assume she went senile.

Dude this is funny as hell. "O GOD THE FLOWERS" XD. keep em coming.

I got entertainment from it.

but man.. what a long winded cut scene..

Nice "Hail Hitler!!"


isnt this just a rip off of Mystery Science Theater 3000

Rip off?

Try "homage" :)

Pretty much.

I would be lying if I said we weren't big fans of MST3K ourselves. And we've always wanted to do that basic idea, except for video game scenes. But it's not something they'd ever do themselves, so I don't feel we're stepping on their turf.

Someone mentioned us talking more in the scenes. That's a tricky thing, because you have to allow the scene to just be itself to a certain extent, or else the whole joke is lost.
Still, this was a particularly sloooowwww scene. Check back next week, it'll be a different game!

Great stuff....but we have already been doing this for almost a year...



haha, this is great. I will watch these from now on. "...and the Grammy award goes to"... UnSkippable for best dub.

That was hilarious! keep it up!

The only good thing that can be said about Tenuto is that it's close to a better town....

Pages and pages of people saying this was good, can't understand why.

Most of the jokes were just ignorant of the subject and ended up making them
seem stupid at the same time.

I guess you boomfest fanboys prefer a story not to hurt the few brain cells left.

i really enjoy this because its the exact same humour me and my best friend have, in alot of games iplay i do the exact same thing they do so i find it very entertaining that their making videos of what i would say in the same case

Bloody Brilliant.


Great show. It's always entertaining to hear a woman verbually abusing her child.

I'm officially declaring war on waves so that it can never be the premise to a horrible cutscene.

Absolutely wonderful. Even the dry presentation makes me crack up. I love it, keep 'em coming.

Funny stuff, keep em coming.

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