Unskippable: Eternal Sonata

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Hey, I just created a new account to tell you guys that I loved your premiere vid, and I'm looking forward to whatever cutscenes you'll be roasting next.

I also hope you'll revisit Eternal Sonata in the future, especially with this ridiculously drawn out cutscene (SPOILER WARNING): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X65VNWFQDcE

Even gave you props on my blog: www.blamethelag.wordpress.com

Hope you'll be doing these weekly. Keep up the good work.

Man, I never thought I would hear a "Reading Rainbow" reference out of that. I almost choked on my drink.

Keep it up, and if you can add some Shadows for the full MST3K effect.

god if i ever play that game suicide or watching this again instead of the cut scene will be my only options

btw guys great work i would love to see what game you do next

I was quite impressed. The guy with the lower voice and the wry sense of humour matched what I like to hear in these sorts of things. I found his input funnier then the other guy. However, the 'other' guy (as he is now known to me) and his louder, more aggressive attempts at humour needs to find a way of balancing this out better. The dry humour of the first is ideal for this sort of thing, whereas aggressive humour is not ideal. If a compromise is found that can balance the both out, then I believe this show could be quite successful.

There were plenty of funny moments for me to look forward to a sequal. Good Luck to the both of you.

couldnt do it. Couldnt sit through it all. I tried, but just couldnt. Boring & slow overdub to a boring & slow cutscene


I may have said it earlier, but I will say it again in a more blatant way.



couldnt do it. Couldnt sit through it all. I tried, but just couldnt. Boring & slow overdub to a boring & slow cutscene



But I won't lie, Unskippable HAS potential to be good. A huge part of why this is pretty boring is that it's nothing but constant one liners with numerous seconds between each joke. If they they could actually keep a decent pace in the jokes, make it a little more than just one liners, and possibly try to improve on some emphasis in your voices so they're not so mono-tone 90% of the time, there is something to this.

To be brutally honest, I think me and my friend's could do a better job. Any one can just take a really long cutscene from a game and sit there waiting for an oppertune moment to make a one-line call. I'm not exactly sure how so many people can be "falling off my chair laughing" to this show, I could only make to the second narrator joke before I turned it off to write this comment.

Haha "God you're stupid".

Pages and pages of people saying this was good, can't understand why.

Most of the jokes were just ignorant of the subject and ended up making them
seem stupid at the same time.

I guess you boomfest fanboys prefer a story not to hurt the few brain cells left.

Wrong. This game's cutscenes are mostly nonsense meant to be "deep" and it deserved a solid roasting. If you can sit through the ending cinematic without wishing it to be OVER GOD JUST END then there's something clearly wrong with your brain.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed PLAYING this game, but it's story was awful. It's like the RPG equivalent of MGS4 but with more insane ramblings and less gameplay.

Great stuff....but we have already been doing this for almost a year...



yup pretty interesting that... and of course redvsblue ZP and many many more seem to be doing it better... but hey they won an award! so lets give them the benefit of the doubt then go amuse ourselves with with their 'CRAZY' antics. Beat that horse! BEAT IT!

I'm sorry but this really comes off as something that could be funny if it was being improvised by your and several friends. The commentary is quick witted, but it's also scripted, so I expect more since it's playing up an improvised/sarcastic response style of humor. The voice itself also bugs me, but that's a matter of opinion (as well as the rest of this post is too I suppose).

This got a genuine lol out of me. It was kind of long, but then, so was that damn cutscene.

I saw it at the end of the most recent zp, and after being thouroughly disappointed in yhtzees lack of humours and witty remarks, that was exactly what I needed.
"no, thats stupid..." its like they dozed off at the end of every sentance.lolol

I don't think I've ever seen something as boring or unfunny as this. Nearly ten minutes and the only time I considered laughing is the "Mummy's drunk" line, hopefully the next one will be good.

Great stuff....but we have already been doing this for almost a year...



And MST3K has been doing it for almost 11 years.

not funny.

That was indeed a horrible beginning. There were a few slow parts to it, but overall rather funny. I have a reason to look forward to Mondays now.


I'm going to jump on the "that was good shit" bandwagon. It's comfy here, and enjoyable. Yay!

And so kratos threw himself off the highest cliff in athens... major lolz

Please escapists hire these guys and give them a weekly episodic garuntee.

You guys made me laugh more than ZP. sorry zp but its true.

i really cant see whats so funny about unskippable... i didn't laugh once during the whole time i could bare to watch it. i wonder how and why it got a spot as a regular show.

It got a spot because a lot of people liked it. I only really like ZP and this so it's about opinion.

Great job! Can't wait for the next one!

With the quality of Unforgotten Realms decreasing (not because of the length, I promise) and a lot of other videos disappointing, I was hoping this would breathe new life into the video community here, and while I was somewhat amused, it felt very... forced I guess, in that the interjections had to be crammed between and over top of existing conversation, making it sound muddled and the jokes rushed to fit the small time frame. While there were some good jokes, the situation made the timing poor, and I frequently didn't laugh even when I thought something was amusing after the fact.

Now, if this was somehow worked to replace one characters voice with the narrator (if I may call him that) I think this could be fantastic, but otherwise, eh. I do like the concept though. Kind of an MST3K for video games.

I'm sorry, I honestly tried to like it. It was just really boring and not funny. ZP is, unfortunately, still the only thing really worth watching on this site. The concept is sound; I would conceded that much.

I really didn't think that it was that funny this time around. The first one made me laugh a little, but it seemed like they rushed this one out.

Man, they actually described the town in that detail? The game was already pretty, they just needed to pan around for a sec. That needed making fun of man, that was just... too... long.

Go Planet!

Man i saw part of this as a stinger at teh end of a ZP video and thought, "This narrator.....sounds like paul...." Then to my suspire it was, yay for LRR and teh escapist, good stuff all in one.

that was really funny. i hope they continue for a long time.

Hey, you know, if you actually play the game, the cutscenes make sense because they are given context. Also, in Japanese, the voices are much less annoying. Yeah. I'm that guy who plays the game in Japanese with English subtitles.

I will admit, though, I laughed very hard watching this video.

I liked it, made me laugh more then I thought it would to be honest between this and the Lost Planet intro I have high hopes for the series; it seems besides ZP the other Escapist Videos come off as trying to hard so its nice to see somthing that, well does'nt need to try to be anything it's not.

I suggest that if you guys enjoy this, you also check out rifftrax. It's what Mike Nelson and the others have been up to after MST3K was taken off the air.

Any one can just take a really long cutscene from a game and sit there waiting for an oppertune moment to make a one-line call.

In the interest of debate, I don't think that's necessarily the case. It's something we've been trying to do properly for a while, and once we actually sat down to do it, it proved much more difficult than we thought. It's the kind of thing that always looks easy...

But for you, and others who have responded that they simply didn't like it, that's fine. As I said, I'm a huge fan of MST3K, and a lot of my friends simply can't stand it. It a style of humor that many people just can't get behind... they find it irritating.
I'm 100% not offended by that, you are welcome to not like.

That's why I've only been responding to people offering constructive criticism. If you simply don't like it, that's just your sense of humor, and I can't change that.

Luckily for us though, there are plenty of other people who do like it as much as us.

Next Monday!

I'm sorry, but I just can't find this remotely funny. Comparing it to MST3k is like comparing The Clone Wars CG movie to the original trilogy.

I questioned how it won the Film Festival (in fact, I question how the top three got there at all), and I still question it. It's like de-rez - not funny.

I have to agree with fury. The monotone isn't appropriately stylish, and the mystery science fiction theater 3000 thing is so... mystery science fiction theater 3000.

I would be less willing to criticize, no one can really like everything, but when his shtick is about talking over cutscenes, if you can't be bothered to do something about the sub-titles it does not read well.

But then... Excusing Unforgotten Realms which is solid flash animation and Zero Punctuation which is well acted and stylistically defined, I can't give any of the Escapist's Programs top marks.

It's too bad too, Unskippable uses a solid formula that should push it to the top. But it is needing better writing / acting / editing for that to happen.

We'll see in a couple of months, but I'm willing to pronounce now.

if you can't be bothered to do something about the sub-titles it does not read well.

That game doesn't allow you to remove the subtitles, but thanks for the rest of your feedback.

Great work guys. Mike Nelson would be so proud. Of course, Kevin Murphy's turning over in his yet-unfilled grave. Keep it up! I'll be there.

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