Trailers: Grand Theft Auto V - Online Trailer

Grand Theft Auto V - Online Trailer

Because it's more fun when everyone is killing hookers with baseball bats.

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GodDAMN this just looks too good to be true. Online bank robberies, fragfests, renting apartments, races, golf... fucking GOLF?! Let me go to a casino and play poker with in-game money with my buddies, or hell in my apartment, and it'd be perfect. They would be really stupid not to make a version of this for the PS4/XBone later on... I'd buy it twice just to see how much better they can make it look. That or the PC version, not sure.

My jaw doesn't drop very often. Well played, Rockstar, well played.

It seems almost too ambitious though. At the very least, i predict a few patches down the line. Still hyped as hell though.

Meanwhile, no PC release. So, uh, screw us long-term fans, right? Right.

Been waiting for a multiplayer mode in GTA for a long time. balance has always been a concern though: how do you design the online mode so that people dont constantly create carnages and stuffs ? do you limit a player's capabilities in online mode until he's played enough ? and by then give big punishment for getting caught an die ? what about when you go offline, what about if mike bought this flat you wanted to buy, are those instances ?

Back then i imagined the gameplay would be around being part or creating a "gang/mafia", buying security bots like you'd hire AI soldiers in Arma engines, have a social interractino like in EVE and i'd be a mix of making good business and gaining influence.

8 GTA games later, 3d and new mecanics later, what is it gonna be ? Impatient to play it online on PC. they can't possibly have an online version AND keep it away from PC. consoles online is not yet at THAT level of importance, is it ? (for a posible MMO GTA)

That lady sounds way too white bread to be talking about "forming a crew".


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