Escapist News Now: Xbox One Lineup

Xbox One Lineup

Microsoft has announced the complete game lineup for the Xbox One.

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Andrea, despite what Microsoft would like you to believe, Titanfall isn't actually an Xbox One exclusive. It'll also be available on PC.

oh wow, a NEW Halo game? snore

oh wow, a NEW Halo game? snore

Living up to your avatar image, I see! To be honest I'm cagey about the new breed of Halo games - Halo 4 managed to be simultaneously utterly safe and generic and also hugely disappointing, which is kind of a feat, and Spartan Assault represents the cheapest, shittiest tie-in since Halo Wars.

Also, can anybody think of a single reason this game is being called Halo Xbox One? Is there a conceivable chance that this game isn't Halo 5?

The rest of the lineup - next gen really hasn't impressed me so far. I've yet to see anything that is a) not pre-rendered and b) not possible on current gen systems.


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